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Vassula Visits South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho

Maseru, Lesotho

On Sunday, 9th November, the talk given by Vassula at the Convention Centre of the Maseru Sun Hotel was attended by about 600 people who had come from the surrounding districts. People of all ages, especially young people, both men and women, had filled the hall from very early and were singing hymns of praise while they waited for her talk to begin. Fr. Emil Tsasane introduced Vassula to the audience saying: "We are happy that Vassula comes regularly to visit us and bring us news, I would say heavenly news... The word of God is continually expressed to each of us in many different ways every day, so we are happy to welcome you, Vassula." Then, Evelyn spoke of her acquaintance with Vassula years before when Vassula had stayed with her family in Lesotho.

Vassula speaks at the Convention Centre of the Maseru Sun Hotel
Vassula speaks at the Convention Centre of the Maseru Sun Hotel

Vassula thanked Evelyn saying she was a real disciple of TLIG; she thanked the members of the prayer group for their great organisation, those who had dedicated time to hearing the Message of God and, of course, she thanked God and "Mother Mary" for this gathering. She spoke, as ever, with simplicity and love for Our Lord and, in her talk, she emphasized how all of us can be transfigured and become truly the sons and daughters of the Most High, how Jesus wants us to pray and the power of prayer, how the most important virtue is love, how to repent and do God's will and, of course, the importance of reconciliation and unity. At the end of the meeting, Vassula prayed the prayer of Healing and Deliverance. Glory be to God.

Here are 3 peoples' testimonies who were eager to tell us what, or how they experienced Vassula's visit:

"I had met Vassula the last time when she was here in the year 2000, and I noted down everything she said that time and, probably, she has repeated some of the things she says, but what I like most is that she is teaching us of how develop intimacy with our Lord. That is very great because, last time, she was saying that "whenever I do anything. I have to invite the Lord. Jesus let us wake up, let us prepare the food, let us pray together." It was wonderful and she is still continues to tell us to do that. It is very difficult because, sometimes, we get very angry and we forget that we have invited Him to be with us all the time. I wish to have money to invite her next time to come because there are people living in the countryside, who have not seen her or heard what she said, but the message she has proclaimed is wonderful, wonderful message..."

"I liked when she talked about forgiveness, because forgiveness is very great and, if we do not forgive each other, it means we are deciding ourselves how to see God's 10 commandments. So I like that the most because I had some problems in my life of forgiving other people, because they had hurt me so much in the past and I have still to remember to continuously ask myself, should I forgive this, because maybe sometimes is repeated and repeated, but our Lord says, we must forgive each other a hundred times a million times, so I liked it because I've been practicing and praying for that grace for me to help that I should forgive, so that I can be forgiven. So, I liked it so much. I am just praying to have the faith and all the likes. God bless you. We love her and we thank the Lord for sending her to us. "

"I think this meeting was great, because right now, I am looking for a job and I always feel like, sometimes, I am bitter you know. It is likes God is taking too long to answer me and now I feel that I know that I have to take my time, to see what He has for me. But I am in a hurry because I feel like, I need to earn a living, and should not get devoted all our heart into material things and I think because God is love, if we love one another, God loves us ..."

In the afternoon, Fr. Emil Tsasane started the Mass saying: "We thank God for the spiritual food He gave us today by sending Vassula here to Maseru, Lesotho, to speak to us and with the Messages to refresh us."

On the afternoon of Monday, 10th November, we left Lesotho for Johannesburg. Vassula thanked Evelyn, Esther and the prayer group team for collaborating with God's Salvific Plan.

With the TLIG prayer group from Maseru, Lesotho
With the TLIG prayer group from Maseru, Lesotho

Winnie and Gracinda were waiting for us at Johannesburg Airport and we went immediately to the Cathedral for a meeting with the organisers and prayer group members (there are 7 prayer groups in Johannesburg, 4 in Pretoria and 1 in Cape Town). Vassula talked about her mission in Swaziland and Lesotho and discussed the possibility of having the TLIG Messages printed in Lesotho in order to deal with the lack of TLIG books in Lesotho and Swaziland and in other countries in Africa. She also told them that, in future, focus should also be placed on other places in South Africa such as Durban and Cape Town so as to spread and disseminate the messages.

Discussing ideas to further spread the Messages in Africa
Discussing ideas to further spread the Messages in Africa
We say our final goodbyes here with some of prayer groups members from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town
We say our final goodbyes here with some of prayer groups members from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town

On the morning of Tuesday, 11th November, we said our good bye to Metropolitan Seraphim, thanking him for his hospitality and his invaluable help in organising Vassula's talks in spite of the difficulties and adverse reaction he had to deal with. Emmanuel, Gracinda and Winnie, were with us for the duration of our stay in Johannesburg and had lovingly and responsibly taken care of all the organisational details, doing everything possible to help Vassula with her mission.

In all the African countries we visited, we were impressed with the simplicity and open-ness of the people. They love Our Lord and Our Lady, they take their strength from God and praise Him through hymns sung in their deep, melodic voices and rhythmic dancing. They are thirsty to learn about God and know Him better. Materially, they are poor but their hearts are rich with praise, thanking God at every moment. With gratitude, clergy, nuns and lay people received Vassula who had travelled from afar to bring them spiritual food, the Messages of True Life in God.

With the power of the Holy Spirit, may the TLIG prayer groups increase and produce new disciples to further spread the Messages in Africa.

In Christ,
G. Vlaserou

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