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Beth Myriam of Venezuela

Casa de Maria El Tigre


BM El Tigre, Venezuela site

Beth Myriam El Tigre is located in “San Francisco de Asisi” neighbourhood in El Tigre city, in Anzoategui State, 600 km away from Caracas Capital City, in the Eastern region of Venezuela. It is a poor neighbourhood, surrounded by many poorer ones. Children fed at the BM come from all these districts.

Feeding the children

This BM was established on August 2, 2003 as a response to Our Lord Jesus Christ in TLIG Messages dictated to Vassula, and have fed children non-stop ever since. Activities are carried out on two motorhomes specially set up for this purpose. From Monday to Friday lunch is served to 58 children attending some nearby schools. BM Volunteers contact the schools teachers and request them to send “the poorest of the poor school children” to eat at the BM. The menu is designed by a nutrition expert, and varies according to donations received, but always bearing in mind that the objective is to serve a well-balanced meal which must include the main food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fat.

The stove and the sink in BM El Tigre

Beside feeding, BM offers the children two annual events: Children’s Day celebration in July and Christmas day celebration in December. Parties are thrown and children are given presents sent by generous donors. At Christmas, children are also given new clothes in order to follow a Venezuelan tradition to wear new garments during that festivity.

Children´s Day Celebration, July 2010

Also, the BM cares for the mothers and offers free specific training courses to those who are willing to take them. Currently, sewing lessons are being taught to 10 women who are also supplied with all the necessary materials for free.

Sewing lessons
Mothers showing the final work of sewing lessons

Before that, some mothers and children were taught orchard management techniques so that they could grow their own vegetables in their yards. Moreover, this course proved to be very useful since it has enabled them to start the BM Orchard Project which now supplies the BM kitchen with some vegetables.

Contact information

Address: Venezuela
Responsible: Aurora Manzano

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