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Beth Myriams of Mexico

Beth Myriam, La Casa de Maria, Monterrey


In Monterrey, near the hospital

Monterrey is located in the northeast of Mexico, 200km from the United States border. It is the 3rd largest city in Mexico with a population of 4 million people.

December, 2009
The Beth Myriam (Casa de Maria) in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico, has been working for almost 4 years with the help of the people of the different Prayer Groups established in the city. We have been Giving food and spiritual help to the most needed.

Since the beginning, we have been receiving relatives of the sick people from the nearby Regional Hospital No. 25 of IMSS and also poor people that live in the surrounding areas.

Seeing all the needs from the people attending, and asking Our Lord with prayers, it was on October 25th 2008 that we could move to a bigger place with more space for the lunch area, the kitchen and for an oratory that is very helpful.

This past Year, on January 2009, Vassula recently visited Casa de Maria; we felt a lot of joy with her visit and very happy when she told us that Our Mother, the Virgin Mary was the one leading this Beth Myriam, she encouraged us to continue and to put more chairs and tables in the lunch area, because we will have more people coming, since that day, the number of people attending has been continuing growing.

Currently, on Thursdays, we serve breakfasts, and have a prayer session with all the people attending. Total on Thursdays, we serve around 170 meals, including 40 for take out. On Friday’s we are serving around 250 full breakfasts plus the take outs for people not being able to come because they have to stay close to their relatives in the Hospital. Saturdays, we serve around 280 complete hot lunches, this day is when a lot of people come to the hospital for special treatments (e.g. dialysis, chemotherapies).

On all of the three days of the week that we open and following Vassula’s recommendation, we serve nutritious food like yoghurt, salads, chicken, meat and vegetables, everybody takes dessert, juices, coffee and milk.

“La Casa de Maria” in Monterrey started in 2006
More space in the Dining Room

In October 2008, work began to enlarge the Dining/Prayer room. Everything was done in a week's time, allowing the feeding of the needy to go on uninterrupted, helping them with not only food but with prayers and spiritual help. With much joy, the Beth Myriam caregivers feel the presence of Our Blessed Mother and the loving help of Our Lord, giving them the strength to continue their beautiful work. The poor are thankful to receive the care and the love of God through the generosity of the BM caregivers.

Since January 2009 with the help of your donations we have been able to do a lot of improvements to the BM, some of them are the following:
1. A new professional stove
2. Big freezer (used, but in very good conditions)
3. Installation of two extraction hoods in the kitchen; one was a donation from one of the persons that help in the prayer Groups.
4. Two air conditioning units (2 tons each), they are new and we had them at cost from a local dealer wanting to help Us. This has helped a lot because Monterrey weather is extreme on summer, with temperatures more than 100 F almost every day.
5. We also had to install an alarm system because of problems with steals in the neighbourhood
6. Installation of a kitchen sink with drawers because the one we had was in very bad shape and useless.
7. Three new tables, chairs and kitchen drawers

A new professional stove
...and a new freezer

A Testimony from a lady who comes to the Beth Myriam:
“What would happen to us who come from faraway places with neither money nor relatives in this city? But God comes to show us His love when we arrive at Casa de Maria, and we are greeted with love, with no distinction of color, religion or social class. It is for us a balm of Love, we feel that God is real. These deeds don't come from the human heart but from God's Heart. Thank you all, thank you Casa de Maria, may God bless you.”

Praying together in the Beth Myriam
The BM caregivers of the TLIG Monterrey Prayer Group

Contact information

Address: Monterrey, NL Mexico
Responsible: Lupita Magaña de Duran, Jessica Ruiz, Irma Vidrio de Jauregui
Tel: 52-81-83 151045
Email: ,

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