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Pray to the Lord and He Will Heal You

(22 July 1990)

The power of prayer and its healing effects

Fr. Vincent Cosatti
Fr. Vincent Cosatti

This is a vast subject and 45 minutes is not nearly long enough to offer a complete overview of it. So I intend to present a only a few important and fundamental aspects of prayer for healing. I will refer to certain authors who have been very active and influential in this area in recent years. Father Emiliano Tardif, in particular, is someone who, as you know, said of Vassula and True Life in God, “I believe she is a sincere and authentic mystic: it is certainly the Lord who who speaks to her. True Life in God is full of treasures”.  So it is by holding on to this treasure in the messages that I will attempt to show that the combination of prayer and healing is a fundamental theme of our spiritual life and consequently is at the heart of the Hymn of Love of True Life in God, and one of its preferred themes. In the message of May 1, 1989, the Lord says, in fact:

I have come to you, to heal you and console you; I have come to bring you Peace and Love;

And a little further on he adds:

ah, beloved ones, I have come to heal your sores, your wounds and your infirmities, all which were so savagely inflicted upon you in this darkness; no, beloved ones, your sores are not past healing, your injuries are curable, for I-Am-With-You and ever so near you;

We define woundedness as an attack on our personal integrity, it prevents us from fully enjoying the life that God gives us and from carrying out the work He entrusts to us. According to Biblical anthropology, the unity or integrity of the person consists of a harmonious interaction between the three constituent levels of his or her being: spirit, soul and body. Any assault against this integrity constitutes a wound which we experience as a suffering.

May the God of peace make you perfect and holy; and may your spirit, life and body be kept blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” » (1Th 5:23)

Although Paul differentiates between the spirit, the soul and the body, as if the spirit were different from the soul, most of the great mystics, like St Therese of Lisieux or St Francis de Sales, for example, do not separate the spirit from the soul, but consider the spirit in some way the high point of the soul. Having said this, it is in these three ‘areas’ that we can experience failings and therefore have need of healing. The spirit is what distinguishes us from animals and makes us spiritual beings, capable of faith, hope and love.

Let us ask ourselves first of all which illnesses we are to be healed of, and let us consider then which are the instruments that have the power to restore our health.

Physical illnesses are innumerable, there are thousands and thousands of them, small and large, simple and complicated, serious and trivial.

As for the sicknesses of the soul, these include all our disordered tendencies, the world of emotions, our fears and anxieties, the various bonds that incapacitate and imprison us, bonds from our recent or remote past, bonds of bad habits, voluntary or involuntary bonds, our failures of love, the traumas of childhood, of birth, of adolescence, all the different kinds of dependencies, aggressiveness, self-absorption, insensitivity, hostility, escapism, complexes, and so on.

And finally there is the sickness of spirit. They can be summed up as sins against faith, hope and love, or living as if God did not exist, despair, and hatred.

God’s Visitation

For over a century, since the beginning of the charismatic renewal, starting with Protestants and then Catholics, the phenomenon of healing has continued to increase. Sight has been restored in an instant to the blind, perfect hearing has returned to the deaf, the lame have left their crutches and their walking sticks behind, the sick have risen from their hospital beds completely cured. In brief, the signs that Jesus identified for John the Baptist seem to be repeated again on a grand scale:

“Go back and tell John what you hear and see; the blind see again, and the lame walk, those suffering from virulent skin-diseases are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life and the good news is proclaimed to the poor;” (Mt 11:4-5) These signs were very abundant at the start of the apostolic ministry. The Acts of the Apostles tell us that, “any signs and wonders were worked among the people at the hands of the apostles […] so that the sick were even taken out into the streets and laid on beds and sleeping-mats in the hope that at least the shadow of Peter might fall across some of them as he went past. People even came crowding in from the towns round about Jerusalem, bringing with them their sick and those tormented by unclean spirits, and all of them were cured.” (Acts 5:14-16)

The charisms of healing are even more present in the West were even more present in the 4th century but largely disappeared in the following century. But then throughout the centuries miracle-working saints have sprung up manifesting the gift of healing. People like St Anthony of Padua and St Roch.

It is undeniable that the Spirit of the Lord is currently visiting His people  in a very special way, often independently of the personal holiness of individuals. It is surprising that the Church does not always realize it:

City! whom I came to visit to proclaim My Love through you to all of you, and to heal your sick inhabitants (May 13, 1991)

how is it that My Holy Spirit cannot be noticed among so many of you? the deep and the earth tremble at My visitation. (December 23, 1993)

What has been and what is still our response to this visitation? Is the Church not committing the same mistake as those who 2000 years ago did not recognize the visitation of the Messiah? “If you too had only recognised on this day the way to peace! But in fact it is hidden from your eyes!” (Lk 19:42) and we know what calamity was the consequence of such blindness.      

what I once said to Jerusalem I tell it to you now with sorrow: “if you in your turn had only understood the Splendour of My Message of Peace! but, alas, it is hidden from your eyes!” if you in your turn had only grasped the Splendour of My Holy Spirit, bestowing blessing upon blessing on all of you ... but, alas, you neither see nor hear the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father sends in My Name, teaching you and reminding you of all the truths I have given you, because the prince of this world is using your freedom for your own downfall;  (June 27, 1991)

The deeper our understanding of the ministry of healing the more we must realize that God’s designs go far beyond the miracles themselves. Its main aim is to bring us to a greater love, a more intimate union with Him. Because however important the healing may be, we must never forget that the essential is to find ourselves one day near the Father to sing God’s praises for all eternity.

For those who still doubt, the Lord affirms and promises his desire to heal us:

I want to heal your poor soul, I want to rest your weary soul. (October 10, 1989)

I want to heal your disloyalty, I want to heal your apostasy and give you all a pure heart. (July 15, 1996)

And Jesus’ ministry of healing is still active in our time:

My Blood was shed for your salvation; I was on earth in flesh; I lived among sinners, healing the sick and raising the dead; I have not forsaken you; for I am still among you, healing you; come to Me to be healed, I will raise your souls to Me (February 2, 1987)

How will God go about healing us? The answer is very simple: through our prayer. “Pray to the Lord and He will heal you.” (July 22, 1990) So let us look at the conditions of this prayer.

1) The gift of faith

Faith is purely a gift from God. Nobody can receive this inestimable gift, this unshakeable conviction without God’s grace. The same is true of Love and Hope. Faith is the condition sine qua non of healing. Why? Because it is essential for humility and love: it acknowledges and proclaims the supremacy and omnipotence of God. It is this openness to God’s freely given gift that manifests our love of God.

In the miracles that we find in the gospels[1]  faith is present in very different people. One of the most beautiful examples is the woman with the flux of blood for twelve years, who touches the fringe of Jesus’s robe and is healed immediately. Jesus felt a power of healing go out from Him. And He said to the woman “My daughter,' he said, 'your faith has restored you to health” (Mk 5:34). Faith may be that of the minister, as the example of the man with the withered hand shows us. There is nothing that tells us that this man had faith. The miracle of healing or liberation is sometimes obtained not through the faith of the person concerned, but indirectly, by the intermediary of others, as we see in the healing of the paraletic: “Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralytic, 'My child, your sins are forgiven… I order you: get up, pick up your stretcher, and go off home.' ” (Mk 2:5.11)

if you believe and offer Me your will, surrendering to Me, I will enter in your heart and heal you. (August 18, 1988)

At the beginning of the Catechisme of the Catholic Church, it affirms that “We begin our profession of faith by saying: ‘I believe’ or ‘We believe’.[2] But there are also other terms to express the dynamic of faith. In fact, the Catechism goes on to say “The desire for God is written in the human heart, because man is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself [3] the response to this attraction which is communion and intimate dialogue with God is a way of expressing our faith. That is why St John the Divine often uses the expression "coming to Jesus" to express faith. “No one who comes to me will ever hunger; no one who believes in me will ever thirst.” (Jn 6:35) Similarly in True Life in God :

approach Me; I will embellish you and purify you; I will heal all your wounds; I will restore you, My child. (April 7, 1988)

come to Me when the fever of this world rises against you and burns you; come quickly to Me, your Abba, and I will heal your blisters (September 19, 1991)

And so it follows that living in faith means to live in intimacy, to come to God with confidence, as a child, a brother or a friend, with an open and free heart:

daughter, every soul can be freed but only when they themselves will open and be willing; I have given each soul this freedom and their will belongs to them only; now if a soul is adamant not to open herself to Me, how will I enter in her heart? I am the Lord and God, but I have given you all your freedom and your will; if you believe and offer Me your will, surrendering to Me, I will enter in your heart and heal you; I will not enter by force; I am at their door and waiting for them to open it and welcome Me in. (August 18, 1988)

Faith implies trust. To believe is to trust in God the only source of Grace. Emiliano Tardif used to say “one of the dangers of the ministry of healing is putting one’s trust in the person who apparently has a particular power to heal. This is a serious error in fact, because only Jesus is health to the sick. It is Jesus who has all the power; people are only channels fo His grace.” And he gives us this image that it would be good to have present each time someone prays for healing: “When someone lays hands on a sick person, they are like a pair of gloves with Jesus’ hands in them. It is Jesus who acts though them.”

This is what one incident in the Acts of the Apostles teaches us (Acts 3:1ff). Peter and John had just healed a cripple when the crowd “was astonished and perplexed at what had happened to him.” So Peter addressed the people, saying : “Men of Israel, why are you so surprised at this? Why are you staring at us as though we had made this man walk by our own power or holiness?

Let us then keep our gaze fixed on Jesus Christ alone. “I, Yahweh, am your Healer” (March 4, 1994) “Cut off from me you can do nothing.” (Jn 15:5)

yes, you see, Vassula, you seem now to understand Me better; if I give to you, who is indeed the most wretched of My creatures, what would I then not give to those who truly merit My graces, those who honour Me and those who sacrifice for Me! ask, beloved ones, and I will give you, believe in what you ask, have confidence and trust Me, do not be like Peter who lost his confidence while walking on the water; have faith in Me! be confident! believe! (November 21, 1987)

If 3,000 souls were converted to the faith after hearing ond single sermon of Peter’s, do you not believe that God is able to the same work in our day? If we do not believe that everything is possible for God, then of course it cannot happen.

Almost one hundred messages contain the words “Trust Me”, it is to let us know how fundamental this is if we want to work in the interests of God’s Plan.

I have said not to worry about tomorrow; do not worry, trust Me; I wish you would understand, that by leaving Me space to breathe in you, I would feel free to do My Work. (December 27, 1988)

2) Humility

The preceding paragraph may be extended if we remember that for trust to be present, the heart must necessarily be humble, that is to say self-effacing, dead to self. This is also a favourite theme of True Life in God. The "Great Miracle" (January 10, 1990) of Unity can only come about by using the keys of love and humility:

since you allow Me to efface you, My wonder takes place. (June 15, 1994)

the humble man’s prayer pierces the clouds, Scriptures say. [Sir 35:17] (April 24, 2000)

Humility is not the same as timidity. Some do not dare to pray for healing of the sick, because they think that they do not have much to offer them. And it is quite true that they will not have anything to offer the sick if they think that it is through their own power that the illness might be healed. Let us repeat it often: “Cut off from me you can do nothing !” I know your ineffable weakness and that without Me you cannot raise your little finger.” (October 30, 1990

On the other hand, it is false humility not to pray for one’s own healing. Some people say, in effect, that since God is their Father, He knows all their needs. Of course God knows everything we need, but Jesus taught us to say to Him: ‘Give us this day our daily bread’. If sickness were God’s will, we should not even have the ‘right’ to take a headache tablet. Sickness does not come from God. He wants us to have the humility of little children. St John Vanney, the Curé of Ars said, “We must be like a little two-year-old child in the hands of the Holy Spirit”. Because at that age, we are not asking questions, we are not always asking why.

God is gentle and humble. He does not coerce, He does not compel us to be His instruments of healing. We see that in the ‘permissions’ that the Lord and His Holy Mother ask of us:

let Me use you beloved for healing souls. (February 15, 1987)

leave Me free to act in you, and through you manifest My Word thus healing My children. (March 17, 1987)

And finally let us observe that a lack of humility would consist in thinking that “If it is the Lord alone who can heal directly, we must throw away all medicines and stop all treatments”. These people say they want to heal “by faith”. But that is an error and an imprudence that shows a lack of wisdom. Rather let us accept that God heals as He chooses. In Ecclesiasticus, we read: “Healing itself comes from the Most High, like a gift received from a king.” (Sir 38:2) Et encore : ”My child, when you are ill, do not rebel, but pray to the Lord and he will heal you. Renounce your faults, keep your hands unsoiled, and cleanse your heart from all sin.” (Sir 38:9-10) Enfin : “Then let the doctor take over -- the Lord created him too -- do not let him leave you, for you need him. There are times when good health depends on doctors.” (Sir 38:12-13). Sometimes it is enough to accept to undergo an operation. And then we must just ask the Lord to guide the hand of the surgeon.[4]

3) Forgiveness

Repentance is closesly linked to healing:

I have the power to cure you, so come and repent! (August 5, 1990)

Effectively, our sins can block God’s action. This is what, among others, the healing of the paralytic shows us. Jesus says to hime in fact: “My child, your sins are forgiven.” (Mk 2: 5) Jesus begins by forgiving his sins. Then he heals him of his physical illness. First he eliminates the sin and then he heals the body. Sin is often the cause of illness. But never, ever say to someone that he is ill because of his sins. That is not right! Someone who is ill has enough to bear though the illness itself without accusing him of sin as well.

- if you listen carefully and bring no objections to Me, no rivals and no doubts, if you come and admit you are a sinner and show no hesitation to repentance, I shall heal you

To be reconciled with God is therefore an essential pre-condition. But so is being reconciled with our brother or sister. Now, as you all know very well, being capable of forgiveness is not an easy thing! A friend was telling me one day that he was incapable of utter the verse of the Lord’s Prayer that says “as we forgive those who trespass against us” He was not able to say it because he remained deeply hurt by various disputes from the past. It seemed to him that in uttering these words, he was lying to God.

But actually, what is forgiveness? As the word suggests, it is first of all a GIFT. Through the GIFT of Mercy that I receive, I become capable in turn to pass it on to another. A lady was telling me one day that she had only been able to access 70% of forgiveness and there remained 30% that she was still unable to give!  Seeing as I can only pass on what I have already received, I must first ask for it humbly from God. All God asks of me is to decide to forgive. Beyond all feelings and resentments, bitterness and sorrow, I decide to forgive all those who have done me harm. With serenity, I ask the Lord to show me clearly the people who are waiting for my forgiveness, even if they have already died. There is true liberation that happens when we succeed in giving our forgiveness. Forgiveness opens the Kingdom of Heaven, as much for the one who is doing the forgiving as for the one who receives the forgiveness.

Each and every one of us is invited to pray for the sick. The gift of healing is offered to all the baptized. Let us not wait to have received the charism of healing before we start praying for the sick.

My Love heals; count on Me and on no one else; pray more and ask for more from Me; why do you shy away from Me? come to Me, child, and you will obtain. (February 20, 1996)

Reflections on how to pray

There are many aspects to prayer, and these are some important features.

1)    Perseverance in prayer

peace be with you all; glorify Me; lean on Me; strive and do not weary bearing My Cross, healing My children. (May 2, 1987)

My Vassula, by persevering, the devil weakens; evil diminishes. (June 2, 1988)

You will surely remember how the parable of the importunate widow shows that we must “to pray continually and never lose heart. (Lk 18:1) We too must be persistent… "pester" the Lord, "badger " Him. This was Vassula’s attitude when she was interceding for an aquaintance:

come to Me with all your problems, offer them to Me and rest; come and lean on Me; I am your Consoler and I will console you, giving you My Peace; come to your Gentle Saviour, and I will heal your wounds; never weary of invoking Me and praying to Me. (December 28, 1988)

2) By laying on of hands

This gesture very often accompanies the accounts of healing in Scripture. It is enough to remind ourselves, for example, when the chief of the synagogue, Jairus, prayed to Jesus with insistance: “My little daughter is desperately sick. Do come and lay your hands on her that she may be saved and may live.” (Mk 5:23)

lay your hands upon these people and bless them: “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit;” you will honour Me and glorify Me. (April 18, 1992)

rise! rise and lay your hands on the sick and I will heal them. (June 3, 1993)

during My Instructions to you I will teach you to lay hands on your brothers and sisters so that their spirit falls in My embrace; the dead are going to be raised; I shall lift them, though not all. (November 9, 1994)

3) Through love and sacrifice

Even our daily actions and especially the most painful of them, united with the sufferings of Christ, can become a source of grace:

Vassula, I have revived the spirit of many while your spirit was in search of Mine [His semi-silence towards me and His Presence after escaping me for several days. This semi-silence and His hiding was excruciating for my soul.]. I have healed and performed miracles on account of your ordeal; I have taken pleasure to offer your expiations to the Father in this way and with your atonement I gained the godless. (September 30, 1993)

Even when we do not realize it, love can work real miracles:

today I have taken the essence of your love to Me, to use it for healing a soul. (April 5, 1987)

beloved, augment your love to Me thus healing souls. (July 24, 1987)

Another way of participating in the healing of the souls in purgatory. We often offer masses for their intention, which is very well, but the Lord reveals that our love helps them too:

having you exposed in Hades many souls are healing; I have taught you to love Me; love Me, your love for Me is healing them;2 I use your love as a remedy to cure them; heal them Vassula, heal them. (February 10, 1987)

I will use your love for Me to heal many souls who are bound to be engulfed in Satan’s flames; you and I are going to help these souls; all you have to do is love Me fervently; there will be times where I will come to you entrusting you with My Cross. (February 16, 1987)

4) Through the Sacraments

Without really delving deeper into this theme, it is still important to emphasise that all the sacraments have healing effects, on the body, the soul and the spirit. Especially the Sacraments of Reconciliation (see the paragraph above that deas with the subject of forgiveness), the sacrament of the sick and the Eucharist:

come near Me and listen to what I want to tell the church in Rhodos: …  those who will not drink from My Wounds shall waste away, they shall pine away and dry; I Am your Salvation, so why does this nation fear to drink Me and eat Me? they cry for help but then no one comes to drink Me and eat Me and get healed; have I not said that through My Wounds you shall be healed? (July 30, 1990)

5) Through the messages

Through reading the messages of True Life in God, the Lord heals us. This healing is compared to a blossoming.

Vassula, My Word[God means His Message] will grow tall as the cedars, its branches will spread like open arms, reaching many nations, feeding the poor, healing your wounds and your sick, cleaning your stains and healing your wretchedness, soothing you, lifting you to My breast, loving you and teaching you again how to love one another and how to love Me; My arms will deliver you from evil, for you are all Mine, beloved. (January 10, 1987)


The passages of True Life in God that speak of the relationship between healing and prayer are much more numerous than those that have been quoted here. Each time there is a shade of difference. I have put them in an appendix so that you can mediate further on them.

One thing is certain: prayer made in faith always bears fruit. For some it is immediate and extraordinary; for others it happens after a certain period of time. Healing is not the only proofs of God’s love. “He may choose one to be a witness of his power, and another to be a witness of his patience, his love or his spirit of sacrifice. Let us seek first the Kingdom ogf Heaven. Let us bear witness to God’s love in our own life circumstances, whether it is by the witness of our joy in the midst of suffering or by the witness of our physical healing. […] let us accept all the physical healings that the Lord wants to give. Let us accept them as a sign of His love. Let us also accept the suffering as a participation in the salvation of His people. And let us thank the Lord for all the blessings that he unceasingly showers upon us.” (Emiliano Tardif)

Why does the Lord not heal everyone? This question appears very often when this topic comes up. We might reply, mysterium fidei. Our ways are not necessarily His Ways: do not trouble your soul seeking to understand My Ways, for in doing this you only allow yourself to be drawn into winding ways that never end; know that My Ways are not your ways and the difference of this is, I tell you, immense! accept what I give you in Peace (June 21, 1989) Sometimes sickness can build our character. Sometimes we are called to a particular mission of reparation. The way we discern in this type of situation is to ask ourselves whether the fruits of the spirit are evident. In other words, when the Lord is present in a particular situation and is answering our prayer, even if physical healing does not happen, we should be able to discern God’s work. For example, we can experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, that the world cannot give, we can see love, joy, patience, longsuffering, goodness, generosity, faith, humility and chastity,  which are the fruits of the Spirit, the fruits of God’s work that we read about in chapter 5 of the letter to the Galatians. When we see these things happening, we must step back and ask ourselves: "Has this person been called by the Lord to live with their illness and to serve Him through it?”[5]

These are the signs that will be associated with believers: in my name they will cast out devils; they will have the gift of tongues; they will pick up snakes in their hands and be unharmed should they drink deadly poison; they will lay their hands on the sick, who will recover.” (Mk 16:17-18) 

Let us be simple, let us be humble and let us trust only in the power of the Name of Jesus:

ah daughter .... soul of My preference, will I ever refuse you if you ask in My Name? never! (April 5, 1993)

Jesus has promised us in effect , “Whatever you ask in my name I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” (Jn 14:13) Prayer is very powerful, brotherly unity is very powerful, the Name of Jesus and His presence among us is infinitely powerful. He assures us that where two or three disciples of Christ come together in His Name, He will be among them. (Mt 18: 20) and He will pray with us, and the Father will not refuse anything to those who pray with Him. Many are not answered because they pray alone, or for illegitimate reasons, or through pride or with sin in their hearts. Let us be pure in the intentions of our hearts so that Hi may be with us and thus be able to answer our prayer.

God wants our healing, the harmony of our whole being and above all He wants all that happens to us makes us grow towards greater love. And love will then become a source of healing for others, because often it is enough to look at a soul with a gaze of true love in order to conquer them. Often souls are not bad in the way we think they are. They are simply revolted, or sick, or ashamed. Revolted by what the world has to offer them. Sick because Satan has crushed them. Ashamed to be ill. They want to be healed, but they are ashamed to confess their illnesses. Let us give them what they have not experienced: holy love. Let us go out to meet them. Let us persuade them to open up without shame. They are closed flowers. But if Love warms them, they will open up.

let My people pray for those who do not invoke My Name and I shall cure them; the impossible will become possible; the desert will turn into a garden and the rubble into an altar for Me, your God; tell My children to pray; pray with their heart and I shall listen. (November  6, 1991)


today I am calling the sick telling them: My child, do not be depressed; I, your Holy Mother love you, but pray to the Lord and He will heal you; cleanse your heart from all impurities by repenting, then open your hearts to God and He will shower you with His Love; pray without cease; do not slumber, pray with your heart and be like roses in the days of spring, like a bouquet offered to the Most High; let your prayers be like blended incense reaching His Throne; let Me remind you what the Most High is longing for: your heart, offer Him your heart and allow Him to be your Guide on the road I am preparing for you. (July 22, 1990)

Vassula healing at birth

 Paraskeví is my second name. Paraskeví in Greek means Friday. This name, which is a common name in Greece, was added by my mother in honour of Saint Paraskeví, who is the saint for healing eyes. When I was born, my eyelids were stuck together. My mother was not sure if I had any eyes. She prayed to Saint Paraskeví making a vow to call me with her name. After three days my eyes opened. (Note 7 of August 8, 1994) 

 (I was attacked ‘in writing’ by evil again. It was like cats which jumped on my back, I was “fed up” with them, it seemed like “all hell broke loose”; they annoyed me so I said to one of them: “In the name of Jesus Christ leave and be thrown in fire.” It left. There were several of these and one by one was treated the same way as the first one with the same words. Jesus told me: "Ask in My Name and it shall be done, but you must have faith in what you ask, work in this way, pray and ask, pray in My Name; work in My Name, ask in My Name, revive My Name, be My reflection, synchronise with Me, lift your head towards Me, believe in what you ask;"

He told me that the demons fear me, I’m a menace to them. Later on I realised where I was, I felt my feet in wet and slimy mud, and in a flash I recognised the surroundings of hell. It was just a flash. I then understood why so much evil interference was there today in writing. Jesus said when I asked about this: “Could it have been anywhere else?” We were together passing at the gates of hell, healing souls, wrenching them away from Satan’s gates. “Vassula, allow Me to use you in this way too; This is part of your work too;”) (June 3, 1987)

how I desire you to reach the zenith of Love and hear you cry out the cry of Love: “Abba!” then ... only then, My Wounds will begin to heal… (February 9, 1989)

allow your hearts to open, allow the Lord to enter your hearts, how else would He heal you? (March 3, 1989)

think of what I had to suffer to accomplish My Work and through My Wounds healed you all. (December 23, 1989)

I am curing all your diseases and wiping away with My Blood all the traces of venom, to redeem you all from the Pit. (October 17, 1990)

today I am asking the sick like I asked the sick man at the pool of Bethzatha, (Jn 5:1-9): “do you want to be well again?” I can heal you instantly, and all Heaven shall rejoice and celebrate! My gift is free, so come to Me as you are; I shall heal you, soul, so that you can share My Kingdom and live in Me your God. (November 11, 1990)

daughter, when you strain working for Me, I use your efforts and your fatigue to heal other souls. (November 27, 1990)

“and their fruit will be good to eat and the leaves medicinal” (Ek 47:12); like a tree, you shall be, renewed by My Holy Spirit that never fails you and your leaves shall be medicinal; yes, your witnessing shall cure the sick, converting nation after nation, but not on your own; it will not be you speaking, but My Holy Spirit who lives in you; (January 24, 1991)

hope My Vassula, hope ... your King will abandon no one; He shall come with healing ointment in His Hand and cure you one by one. (June 12, 1991)

pray more than ever before and I will supply the wretched, I will heal the blind and teach each one of you My Law from the stranger to your own; Love loves you. (October 29, 1991)

My Spirit is like a River and wherever this River flows, everyone teeming in it, (Ek 47:9), sick, lame, blind, all will be healed and will become witnesses of the Most High. (February 11, 1992)

do not be afraid and do not ever imagine that I am going to lead you to Me without My Cross; be concerned on what I am concerned; ask Me to cure the rest of you; ask My graces; ask My blessings .... ask the Father to relent. (March 4, 1992)

I will heal all the disloyalty in your nation and your King will give you rest. (July 3, 1992)

all their accusations will drain away like water running to waste! rise! rise and lay your hands on the sick and I will heal them; speak! and the utterance of My Words in your mouth will make their spirit fall in My embrace; [Slain in the Spirit] (June 3, 1993)

Vassula, I have been sent by God to cure many of you, but My calls have not been honoured nor highly placed. (December 6, 1993)

your apostasy has coarsened your hearts and Isaiah’s prophecy to this day stands and is being fulfilled: “you will listen and listen again, but not understand, see and see again, but not perceive; for the heart of this nation has grown coarse, their ears are dull of hearing, and they have shut their eyes, for fear they should see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heart and be converted and be healed by Me”[Isa 6:9-10; Mat 13:14]". (May 31, 1994)

Jesus tells you, generation, that you have still not recovered from your illness, you certainly have not recovered from your apostasy.  (June 3, 1994)

I have raised you to be My witness and through your mouth heal the broken hearts, raise the dead and be a menace to My enemy. (June 22, 1994)

I shall continue to feed this generation on the heritage of My Father in Heaven; the Bread that cures you comes from above. (August 10, 1994)

there is so much healing left to be done… (August 18, 1994)

My intentions are to rekindle this dying flame and make them change their mind so that once healed they would acknowledge Me as the Supreme High Priest, the Christ, and the King of kings. (March 21, 1995)

Pethi Mou[In Greek: “My child”], he Almighty’s designs are so profound in His Message that many will be healed. (May 12, 1995)

Love will efface your stains and blemishes; Love heals, it amends; Love brings good fruit, fruit that lasts... (June 16, 1995)

I shall show My great Love to Wretchedness, and heal their wounds[Wounds on our soul from sin]. (April 4, 1997)

healing itself comes from Wisdom... (August 5, 2000)

I will heal your guilt since you desire it and I will flow in you as a river, refreshing your aridity and sterility. (February-April 2003)

he plague of this generation is called Rationalism, and Rationalism is Deadly; Rationalism descends from the Prince of Darkness, and all those that live in Darkness have this disease, among other diseases. (September 29, 1989)

no one should say that I am only after holy people; I am known to go and find the sick and wretched; their wretchedness attracts Me, their incapacity to reach Me makes Me all the more eager to pull them up to Me and press them to My Heart; I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour and I come to save and not to condemn. (December 7, 1989)

have you not yet understood that My Heart is sick with Love? (April 3, 1990)

My Compassion for the wretched and the sick is Great and beyond human understanding; ask and it shall be given to you; I open My Mouth panting eagerly for your prayers. (April 30, 1990)

go to the poor now! go to the blind! some you will find dead but do not worry, I shall raise them; I have lifted you all and I shall lift many more; so go out to the poor and the sick and make sure to fill My House! let those who were first invited to My banquet yet refused to come be astonished to see the blind with their sight and the poor, rich with My Knowledge! and the dead, raised back to life! (August 17, 1990)

if you rely on My Love, I shall bring you to the Room of She who conceived Me, to nurse you back to health (July 06, 1991)

I am; fear not, soon everything will come to light and all those who rejected you, refusing to believe in My Message, will pray to the Father for forgiveness; Vassula, had they been ‘blind’ I would have healed them, but they are claiming they can ‘see’. (September 5, 1988)

Father all Merciful,

let those who hear and hear again

yet never understand,

hear Your Voice this time

and understand that it is You, the Holy of Holies;

open the eyes of those who see and see,

yet never perceive,

to see with their eyes this time

Your Holy Face and Your Glory,

place Your Finger on their heart

so that their heart may open

and understand Your Faithfulness,

I pray and ask you all these things, Righteous Father,

so that all the nations be converted and be healed

through the Wounds of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ;

 (May 15, 1990 + July 8, 1990)

Jesus my only love,

I pray for those whom You love

but know not how to love You,

may they be purified and healed

so that they too be exempt from all evil;

(August 8, 1993)

pray, pray, pray, but do it with love; open your hearts and I will heal them; repay evil with love, seek good and Goodness from above will answer you and turn you into Our likeness. (May 30, 1995)

I will heal you spiritually. (Dn, June 8, 1986)

Jesus healed you from your guilt; He healed you from leading a false life; I desired so much that Jesus would heal you; Glory be to God! (July 29, 1986)

see, your limbs are healed, you can walk again, see, your sight is back; I healed you; I have healed your shame and your sins are washed away by Me; use your limbs to walk to Me; your eyes to see Me, your faith to meet Me. (September 20, 1986)

I lifted you to Me, your little hands clutched on Me; I felt relieved to see Me child needing Me; I took you back home and healed you with all My Love; I gave you water to quench your thirst; I nourished you and I slowly nursed you back to health; I am your Healer; I am your Redeemer; I will always be; I will never leave you; I love you. (October 12, 1986)

I am your hope of cure; so stand up and use your limbs to walk with Me, your eyes to see the Way, your ears to hear My Call, your heart to understand that I am Father; I heal; I will heal your eyes that you have cast out. (October 26, 1986)

your love for Me heals and saves many lost souls, on the way to perdition. (February 18, 1987)

My word will be like a cedar, spreading out its branches like arms, healing your wickedness, feeding your misery and delivering you from evil. (February 19, 1987)

loving Me fervently repairs and so those souls in Purgatory are healed,1 snatched from the purifying fires and can finally come to Me; Vassula, do you know how much they suffer while in Purgatory? their desire to see Me but being unable to? how much they depend on you! ah Vassula, will you help them? (July 22, 1987)

beloved, augment your love to Me thus healing souls; love Me and free them; now you have guided five souls back to Me, satisfy Me by giving Me souls; I want to redeem all those wretched souls who are near Satan's doors, I love you all so much! (July 24, 1987)

Era of Wretchedness, I will revive you! I will pour into your dead hearts My Sap which will heal you! (March 10, 1988)

My Holy Spirit is like a sap flowing inside you keeping you alive. (June 11, 1993)

think, Vassula, I healed you so that the world may see that I am still among you; Vassula, I healed you to use you; thrusting you out of My arms, yes, out of My arms into the world, as My Net; daughter, allow Me to use you in this way; I pull My Net now and then in, and I delight to find My Net with some catch. (April 12, 1988)

heal My Body, soothen It; My Five Wounds are wide open, see? love Me, adorn Me, embellish Me, remind them of the first Christians who loved Me more than their own life. (June 30, 1987)

keep in mind the End of Times; keep in mind how His Message will heal His Body and unite It. (St. Mary, February 3, 1988)

allow My Son to lead you and heal you, purifying you, allow yourselves to be healed by Jesus; receive this grace My Son is offering you. (St. Mary, September 26, 1988)

My child, I am calling all of you, I am seeking each one of you, allow Me to enter your hearts and I will heal each one of you. (September 27, 1988)

I call and cry out with great agony to you all, to return to Me and repent; I cry out in this wilderness, but My Voice sounds like an echo, echoing into a void ... if only you would hear Me and open your hearts that I heal you! (October 5, 1988)

I call you all day long, stretching out My Hands to you, to raise you and heal you, but you, instead, ignore Me and reject Me. (November 15, 1988)

My Love for you all is so Great, that I, who am the Holy of Holies, the Eternal One and Sovereign of all My Creation, bends all the way down to you to be able to reach you and heal your infirmities. (November 21, 1988)

beloved children, do not come in these gatherings to look only for signs, if I come all the way from Heaven to your doorstep it is to bring you the Peace of the Lord and My Peace. (November 3, 1990)

many of you read and re-read this prophetic revelation with eyes but never see, because when you read, you read with the sole interest of finding extraordinary signs or indications on prodigies and portents, instead of calling the Holy Spirit to endow upon you a spirit of discernment and perception to penetrate rather into the Mystery of Christ and into the Mystery of His Resurrection and enable your soul to progress spiritually to reach the promised land .... (April 4, 1997)


[1] Almost a fifth of the Gospels relate Jesus’ healing ministry. That proves how much importance Jesus attached to healing during his public life.

[2] CCC 26

[3] CCC 27

[4] Michael Scanlan, How to Pray for Healing

[5] Michael Scanlan How to Pray for Healing 

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