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You Are All So Very Precious To Me

November 5-9, 1991

(England - Manchester)

(Just before going to the meeting in St Augustine's Church the devil attacked me with the aim of spoiling the meeting. I prayed to St. Michael twice and I prayed two decades of the Rosary, to Rosa Mystica. (The devil's grip released.) - Our blessed Mother then gives me this message.)

I am with you, My child; do not fear, I will not leave you an inch from My sight; work in peace, Vassula; I love you, pray now and go in peace and remember I am with you;

November 6, 1991


(Before going to Strangeways Prison to read to them their message.)

My child all the strength you will receive will come from Me; show, My child, what the Lord says to the world; show them how My Eyelids run with weeping; let My people pray for those who do not invoke My Name and I shall cure them; the impossible will become possible; the desert will turn into a garden and the rubble into an altar for Me, your God; tell My children to pray; pray with their heart and I shall listen;

I call all those who are crushed with pain to offer Me their pain and rest in My Heart; I shall help them carry their cross;

so, My Vassula, feel My Presence; see Me with the eyes of your soul; speak to Me and allow Me to use you to glorify Me;

November 8, 1991

(England - Manchester)

peace be with you;

My purpose for descending in this way is for your salvation; what I have commenced and blessed I shall finish; tell My children that when I speak to them, using you as a means, I mean Salvation, I mean Peace, I do not mean destruction; but the devil means destruction, for what he means kills; Faithful love leans all the way down from heaven to reach you and offer you His Heart; you are all so very precious to Me; the Holy One is revealing His Face:

I call each one of you without any distinctions; you are all Mine and you all belong to Me and your life is in My Hands perpetually; do not be like those who seem to talk about Unity but yet draw a sword for the ones who practise it; come to Me as one family and we shall all sup together, I and you, you and I; I am allowing everyone to hear My Voice;

I bless you all; adorn Me with prayers from your heart;

November 9, 1991



I Am; little one, be blessed;

there still are a few more things I wish to write through you; so allow Me to use you; think, daughter, what you have earned as Knowledge from Me; I will reinforce My temple1 so that its structure becomes solidly strong and will remain unscathed from any blow that may come upon it; I shall increase in you and not decrease; let My Spirit rest in you; the Holy One gives you His Peace;

1 Jesus means me.



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