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Ecumenical Gathering on Christian Unity in Namur, Belgium

"United by Christ"

4-7 December, 2009

Mrs. Emmanuelle Martin and her organizing team, inspired by our Lord's desire to Unite His Church, organized a two day Ecumenical Gathering on the subject of Christian Unity. The meeting was held in Namur, Belgium. She invited speakers from four different Christian denominations (the Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical and the Pentecostal Church), to worship together and speak about the importance of Unity among Christians.

The Speakers, apart from Vassula who represented the Greek Orthodox Church, were Brother Remi Schappacher, a brother in the order of the Dominicans in the Convent of Nancy, Protestant Evangelical Pastor, Carlos Payan and Rev. Debbie Kendrick from the Pentecost Community in Ashland, Virginia, USA.

"I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment." (1 Cor 1:10)

December 4th, 2009

Early in the morning we departed from Athens and arrived around 12pm in Belgium where Magdalena Baeten (Wetteren) and Frank De Mulder warmly welcomed us and took us to our hotel. Magdalena who was also a member of the organizing committee gave a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates to Vassula and thanked her for accepting the invitation.

It took us around an hour to arrive to our hotel - "Les Tanneurs" - a restored 17th-century building, with old stone walls, brick ceilings and stone archways.

Magdalene informed us that we would be able to check in only at 2.00pm and therefore she made arrangements for us to have lunch with her and Frank at the hotel's restaurant.

She also informed us that around 4 o'clock a reporter would come to interview Vassula, and late in the afternoon we would go to the residence of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Namur, H.E. Msgr. Andre-Mutien Leonard, who invited all the speakers for dinner.

After a pleasant lunch with Magdalena and Frank we went to our rooms to rest for a while.

Obstacles and problems are always typical with Vassula's missions because the evil forces cannot stand prophecy and especially any efforts for reconciliation and unity among Christians. So it was not unexpected that when Vassula settled into her room to prepare for the interview there was constant drilling and banging due to some construction in the room next door. After various efforts to find a quiet place, I finally encouraged Vassula to switch rooms with me.

At 4.00pm sharp, the reporter with a photographer and a video cameraman were at our Hotel. Both Vassula and I were already drained with the problem that we faced at the hotel, nevertheless, Vassula, with a welcome smile and always alert when she is called to witness about her mission, went with the reporters to have the interview.

The reporter, Mrs. Anick Benoist, was from an International News Agency called AFP TV, that broadcasts not only in Belgium, but collaborates with BBC and CNN and as well with other well known French TV channels.

Vassula with Mrs. Anick Benoist, reporter from an International News Agency called AFP TV
Vassula with Mrs. Anick Benoist, reporter from an International News Agency called AFP TV

The interview lasted for at least 50 minutes and Vassula talked about her mission, how her guardian angel Daniel appeared to her. She talked about the purification she went through and how Jesus approached her. Vassula covered a wide range of topics of the messages and of course talked about our Lords desire for Unity in His Church. She explained why God speaks in our days, and that God intervenes every single time when things are not going right. She talked about our generation, how "fastidious" we have become and that we live in days of great apostasy. She discussed about the message she received 10 years before the shocking events in New York on 9/11 and about the Tsunami. She mentioned that people in our days during Christmas time promote a Happy Holiday Season instead of celebrating the birth of Christ. All afflictions, disasters, everything that the earth is suffering, come from us, from our sins.

To the reporter's question whether Vassula is a healer, Vassula said that she is not, that she does not have the gift of healing, however, when God wants He uses her and there are people that have been healed. Vassula mentioned the story of Moses from India, and the story of a little girl in Africa who was named after Vassula.

I believe that the reporter and her companions were really impressed by what Vassula said. After her interview the photographer took some pictures of Vassula.

Around 6.00pm Pascal with Pierrere came and picked us up from the hotel to take us to the Bishop's house. We were also very happy to meet many TLIG friends who traveled from France, Netherlands, Germany and England to come and hear Vassula.

The organizers and speakers of the event at the residence of Bishop Andre-Mutien Leonard.
The organizers and speakers of the event at the residence of Bishop Andre-Mutien Leonard.

On our way to the Bishop's residence, Vassula told me that it was not the first time that she was placed in a room that some kind of construction was "accidentally" taking place. This has happened to her at least on 4 different missions. Vassula told me that this was the devil who does anything to destruct her and the mission.

At the Bishops residence we were the first to arrive and Bishop Leonard welcomed us warmly. A few minutes later the other speakers also arrived and the Bishop with his pleasant personality and great hospitality made the atmosphere relaxing and joyful.

During dinner the speakers had the opportunity meet each other and share a few things about themselves. Carlos told us that he was a Catholic but as his parents where communists he also became a communist and later in his life he was converted through an Evangelical and since then he has been serving the Evangelical Church. The last two years he has been interested for the Unity of the Churches. Brother Remi Schappacher also shared his thoughts about Unity and Debbie shared the special relationship that she had with our Virgin Mary and her unique experience at Medjugorje. Vassula was quiet and started talking about her mission only when she was addressed. I had the impression that those who did not know much about Vassula were captured by what Vassula was saying and eagerly wanted to find out more about her and what God says in our days.

Msgr. Andre-Mutien Leonard informed Vassula that he had a lot of pressure from people not to go to this Ecumenical gathering because of her. The Bishop said that he was even threatened, and people warned him not to let Vassula speak.

Both Carlos and Rev. Remi also said that they were advised not to attend this conference because of Vassula. Carlos said that he ignored the people who pressured him not to be there even though he put his reputation at risk since he is very well known in the Evangelical community, especially in France.

It was so sad to know that there are people who do not want unity. The words of our Lord came into my mind:

I shall show you to the world as a sign of unity; you are contradicted and rejected but you know now why: because unity is unwelcomed, as Love is unwelcomed in many hearts; sincerity is missing (18 February 1993)

Our day ended pleasantly at the Bishop House, with lots of laughter and fruitful discussions about spiritual matters.

December 5th, 2009

Early in the morning Pascal and Pierre came by our hotel to pick us up and take us to the Namur Expo where the Ecumenical gathering took place.

The conference started with a warm welcome from the organizers. Then Msgr Leonard who blessed this gathering gave a wonderful speech that moved all of us.

He said "I do not know if you feel as I do, but I find that this is marvellous, simply marvellous that we are here today. And that we are here, comes from being reminded because of Someone, not by something. We are gathered together not by some ideas and not only by values, but by a Person absolutely unique in the history of the world. Nowhere is there to be found someone like Jesus.

And he goes on, " today we are happy to be here in spite of our differences, thanks to our differences, united in Christ, united in Him who is the Saviour of the world".

Msgr. Leonard ended his speech by telling us that he received letters by people telling him not to attend this Ecumenical Gathering. Nevertheless he was not only present but he thanked the Lord for bringing us together and he prayed that the Holy Spirit will open our hearts to welcome all that God wants to give us through this meeting.

After this wonderful introduction, our first speaker was Pastor, Carlos Payan who, with his vivid and pleasant personality, captured our attention. Very much touched by Msgr. Leonard's speech he said that he is a Protestant Evangelical and since he became an Evangelical, he "was taught" not to "like" the Catholics. He was anti-Catholic and he said that sometimes Catholic bishops are difficult to be around, but today Bishop Leonard showed him what a Bishop he is. Pastor Carlos told us that about two years ago he decided to love the Catholics. Today, he said he will do the same for the Orthodox. Carlos said that he wants to love all his brothers without conditions. Jesus does not put conditions. God put us together to work for unity because none of us has the fullness of Christ because we have to bring Christ together. Love is a decision. Christ wants us to love each other and the problem is always the other. The others don't pray like us, the others don't do things like us. But Jesus said love one another, forgive one another. As his parents where communists he also became a communist, but at the age of 31 someone talked to him about Jesus and he gave his life to God. He didn't choose the Church, it was Christ he chose.

Protestant Evangelical Pastor, Carlos Payan, speaking at the event
Protestant Evangelical Pastor, Carlos Payan, speaking at the event

He talked about the conversion of the heart and that God loves us as we are, and the more we get to know God the more we will be captured by the simplicity that is in Christ. Anything that is complicated is from Satan. God loves everyone. He gave His one and only Son to save us. (John 3:16) Christianity is the gathering of people who follow Christ, and who do not do their own will but the will of Christ and this has costs.

Carlos said that Christ is calling us from all around, there are so many different denominations, and we are not only political power but spiritual power. "We are not here just to have a good day, we are here because we are Christocentric. We speak the same language and share the same love for Christ. Christ is calling us to detach ourselves; we have to know Christ who is love. The closer we get to Jesus He sees all our faults. We can get unity. We have to repent to be friends with Jesus, we have to love our neighbor and brothers as ourselves. Friends cannot be divided because of His mother. Carlos ended his speech by practicing the keys of unity which are love and humility. He said: "I love Catholics, Msgr Leonard you know you are bigger than me. By meeting Vassula I feel that I want to know more about the treasures in you. I want to know you because I know you have what I want. I am smaller, I want to learn."

After this very touching speech the choir sang songs of praise and then Emmanuelle addressed to the public the greetings of the Mgr. Severios Hazail Soumi, from the Syriaque Orthodox Archbishop of Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Children who sing in Syriaque Aramaic
Children who sing in Syriaque Aramaic, sent by Mgr. Severios Hazail Soumi, from the Syriaque Orthodox Archbishop of Belgium, France and Luxembourg. He said that he was sorry that he was not able to be present due to some other obligations, but he was happy that his flock (he was referring to the children of the choir of his church) were amongst us to live unity together.

He said that he was sorry that he was not able to be present due to some other obligations, but he was happy that his flock (he was referring to the children of the choir of his church) were amongst us to live unity together. "These children", he said, "that you will hear sing songs in Syriaque Aramaic are the seed of my church and the future of my church. Unity is necessary to confront the battles in this world because Christ can shine upon them. We have to have the proof of unity and reconciliation. Today I am happy that you gather together because this is the building of unity. Let us not put barriers."

The children from the Armenian Choir sang beautiful songs of praise, which moved all of us.

Vassula was the next speaker and she opened her speech with Christ's question: "Which house is more important? Your house or My house? Vassula said that when Jesus first asked her this, she was devastated. She did not know what to do, she never went to catechism and knew nothing about theology. God told her to remain nothing so that He could show His glory and power through her. Vassula said that what Pastor Carlos mentioned in his speech, to die to yourself, is correct. We have to die to ourselves for the Holy Spirit to breath in us.

We cannot serve God without loving Him. We learn how to love God by being intimate with Him, we have to approach him with intimacy but not forget that He is Holy.

Vassula speaking at the Ecumenical Conference in Namur 2009
Vassula speaking at the Ecumenical Conference in Namur 2009

Unity of the Churches is not a question of paper and it cannot be done in an intellectual way. Like signing a treaty. It can be done only with the grace of the Holy Spirit. If we really want Unity we have to bend. We have to die to our ego. Humility and love is the key to Unity. When we are not united it means we do not have humility and love.

Vassula said that the fist thing that the Lord wants from us is to unify the date of Easter. This is the will of the Lord. The Lord promised that if we unite the date of Easter He will bring unity in full power with the Holy Spirit.

...go now and meet your Brother and unite the dates of Easter, then I shall give you the gift of love and restore your sight. I do not want you to perish in your own folly; double indeed is My grief; double is My groaning. Go now and alleviate My pain, brother, go and glorify Me by unifying the dates of Easter.
(December 7, 1994)

The world is undertaking so many catastrophes because of our huge apostasy. Because of apostasy we get into natural distractions. These are the signs of the end of times. Apostasy, egoism, prejudice. We do not live the Bible we don't know the Scriptures as the Lord wants us to know them.

The Lord sends people to change the world. Christ was persecuted and we have to take the same way as Christ. We are a scandal for the rest of the world.

Some will say, "but we try for Unity." The Lord says it is not enough to observe. He needs humility and love.

Vassula also spoke about the devotion of the Sacred Heart. When she speaks to the Orthodox about the Sacred Heart they accuse her that she is Catholic, because the Orthodox Church does not have the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. God also said to Vassula that for His sake he wants her to learn to pray the rosary. Lately there is so much fanaticism Vassula said. She is an Orthodox but there is fanaticism among the churches. Jesus has a lot of patience but the Father will say "this is enough". He is expecting that we will evangelize for Unity. We have to break down the barriers of intolerance and arrogance. We have to allow God to burn in our hearts anything that is not in accordance to His Will to take us to the desert and to remind us in the silence of the desert all our fears. This is the purification we have to go through, and it is called the "day of the Lord." We have to repent, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us. Then He will be our master, our teacher and we will do the will of God and we will walk with God. Every step towards Unity the whole Church rejoices.

Jesus says in the messages that the anger of His Father diminishes whenever gatherings happen in His Name and it is a blessing for those who take part to these gatherings and help for the unity of the Churches.

Vassula ended her speech by saying, "We divided ourselves in our own will. Let us ask God to help us rebuild His Church."

Vassula's speech was very powerful. When the Lord speaks through his servant, His words penetrate into peoples hearts. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. People applauded Vassula with enthusiasm.

After Vassulas speech we had a break and I went and got some sandwiches for Vassula and Maria (Vassula's niece) who came from Switzerland to be at this gathering. We didn't know there was a special place for the speakers to have their lunch so we were in there in the meeting hall. During that time, many people approached Vassula asking questions and requesting their book to be signed. What many people forget is that Vassula, although given a very special charism by the Lord, is human like the rest of us and gets very tired after delivering speeches. She needs her rest, so I tried to find a quiet place to finish our lunch and that is when I discovered there was quiet lounge where we could finish our lunch.

Also during her lunch break, Vassula was asked by a reporter who works for a Syriaque TV channel in Belgium (SUROYOTV) whether he could interview her for 10 minutes, and Vassula gladly accepted to say a few words about her mission and Gods desire for the Unity of His Church.

Vassula being interviewed by a reporter from Syriaque TV channel in Belgium, SUROYOTV
Vassula being interviewed by a reporter from Syriaque TV channel in Belgium, SUROYOTV

When we went to the speakers lounge, Emmanuelle informed us that some protestants where kind of disturbed that Vassula talked about our Virgin Mother and the rosary.

After our lunch break the gathering commenced with songs of praise and worship. Then, Fr. Syhrain Dehaye who was accompanying Brother Remi Schappacher talked about the pedagogy and the strategies our Lord uses to open our hearts, and the strategies the evil one uses to close our hearts. Goodness restores and brings what we have destroyed. God wants us to open our hearts and love one another. (Thessalonians 3:12)

The next speaker Brother Remi Schappacher spoke about the healing of our heart through Jesus Christ and about the mercy of God. By looking Christ's passion, we know that His heart was crushed, and he felt abandoned, He experienced what we have experienced when we are rejected or when we are going through tribulations. However, goodness restores and can bring together what has been destroyed and brings love. People should not render evil with evil. God teaches us to bless our enemies. It is beautiful when God says to us be one soul, one body, one heart, one feeling. Brother Remi also talked about the importance of intimacy with God and that when we suffer we can find healing and comfort in Jesus' Heart. Brother Remi told us to invite Jesus without fear to heal us and to rest surely that our heart is in His hand.

I really liked his speech and it really nice to see that God has one language and that is love.

Brother Remi Schappacher from the order of the Dominicans in the Convent of Nancy
Brother Remi Schappacher from the order of the Dominicans in the Convent of Nancy

After some songs of praise, the next to speaker was Debbie Kendrick a Pentecostal who lives Unity in her own home as her daughter married a Catholic. Debbie's theme was about "The Glory of God" and the importance of praising. She brought as an example Paul and Silas (Acts16:25) who while being in prison and after praying and singing the doors of prison opened. She said that God is looking for worshippers and not for workers or sufferers. She said "sing when you are rejected, when you feel lonely." Glory brings His Unity. It is true that praising is important and it is an act of love and appreciation towards our Lord, but God also talks about His cross, His sufferings.

Speaker Debbie Kendrick from the Pentecost Community in Ashland, Virginia, USA with her son in law
Speaker Debbie Kendrick from the Pentecost Community in Ashland (Virginia, USA) with her son in law

In the messages our Lord says: I want you to be a living crucifix, a memory of Myself. Did you not know that the gift of suffering comes out of My Infinite generosity and out of My Infinite Love? Do not hesitate to embrace My Cross, let your arms grasp My Cross with fervor and I will lead you into the path of Life. (May 23, 1990)

In 2 Co. 7:10-11 God says: "to suffer in God's way means changing for the better" because it leads to repentance and then to the embracement of the Cross.

After Debbie's speech we had a 25 minute break and this time we went with Vassula to the lounge that was reserved for the speakers. Mando, a very good friend and one of the first True Life in God readers introduced me to a reporter Mr. Olivier Alberici Editor of the "L' Appel Du Ciel", and asked me whether he could interview Vassula. The only free time that Vassula had was during the break, so Vassula invited him to the lounge. Olivier Alberici interviewed Vassula for about 15 minutes.

Vassula giving an interview for reporter Mr. Olivier Alberici, Editor of the L' Appel Du Ciel magazine
Vassula giving an interview for reporter Mr. Olivier Alberici, Editor of the "L' Appel Du Ciel" magazine

Vassula was next to speak after the break and she told me that she will mention what our Lord says in the messages about His cross, and this was how she began her speech: "Jesus says: When you embrace Me, you embrace My Cross"

She then continued on the theme of her topic, and said that unity and reconciliation is not only a call for the Christians but it also a call for all creation. Vassula said that she has spoke about the messages not only to Christians but to Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus.

The Holy Spirit does everything. This transformation, the message of Unity, is for everyone. Unity must dominate the whole life of the Church. The shepherds, if they are sincere, must ask themselves if they are doing the will of God. We all know that the divider is Satan.

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and absorb it, it is written. God shows no favoritism. Salvation is granted to everyone. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Then in that case, why don't we all celebrate under one alter? Whoever does not do it comes to a sin and it is a scandal. We cannot still say that we are divided. The will of God is that we are united and we can prove it around one altar.

Vassula speaking at the Ecumenical Conference in Namur 2009
Vassula speaking at the Ecumenical Conference in Namur 2009

"Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin". (James 4:17)

It is good speaking about Unity but we have to put Unity into action. But God, Vassula said, is tired to listen to dialogs without going one step forward. It is good that the lay people are trying but the clergy must take one step forward. We have to put aside our prejudices, to revive that flickering flame so it can become a living God. God wants each soul to die to its ego and preserve Christ in them.

The Scriptures say, humble yourself so that the Holy Spirit can lift you. The word of Christ was always simple.

Christ is faithful to his promise ... to grant to all, peace. When the Church is united then we will have peace. It is because of our division that attracts evil.

Vassula again talked about our Virgin Mary, and her position in Heaven. She said that she is the Queen of Heaven and our Lady brings us to her son.

Vassula also spoke about the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? Most of the messages are teachings of the Holy Spirit because we know Him least. The messages are teaching us how to love God and how to get to know Him. Jesus is always next to us, He is always with us and one way to remember always His presence is to use the phrase "we, us".

Vassula ended her speech by reading the prayer that Jesus gave us on 28 November 2009.

After Vassula's speech we had a 25 minute break.

During our second break Carlos asked Vassula "where does God mention in the Bible that our Virgin Mary is called Queen of Heaven". Vassula explained to him that it is not written in the Bible, however our Virgin Mary has many names, and many titles. One of them is Queen of Heaven. She also told him: Which is stronger, "Mother of God" or "Queen of Heaven". Carlos was amazed by Vassula's answer and seemed content.

Vassula is not a preacher. She does not interpret the Bible as she thinks. She is taught directly from God, word by word, and whatever God tells her, He tells us as well. Vassula is just an instrument He uses. Therefore Vassula will not make a statement in order to please others, but only if it is not consistent with the Scriptures and the teachings she receives from God. Even if it becomes unpleasant for others to hear she will transmit exactly what God tells her. When the Lord speaks the gravity of His words are very strong.

Carlos was the last speaker of this day and gave a wonderful speech. With his outgoing and expressive personality he said it is Jesus' command for us to live in Unity on this earth. Unity of the Church is not a need because it is popular. However, when you want to help others and talk to them about unity, you face problems. People will bring obstacles, but we can cloth ourselves with love and be generous to each other.

How can we love God if our heart is of stone? We have to tear our hearts not our clothes. We will find out that life is the love of God. Unity, restoration and reconciliation in our lives depends on our openness to the heart of God.

The Ecumenical gathering ended with songs of praises and with a healing service. All speakers were asked to pray over people.

Fr. Vincent who was also present at this meeting made an announcement and informed the audience about the online petition website for the one date of Easter and encouraged people to sign their name as well.

December 6th, 2009

Pascal and Pierre came early in the morning and picked us up to take us to the conference room.

The meeting opened with songs of praise and Gerard Bryon, one of the members of the choir, said that Vassula brought us to "another dimension".

After some time of praise and singing the first speaker of the day Brother Remi Schappacher spoke about the Glory of God and the importance of Unity. Jesus says in the Bible "love one another as I love you." (John 3, 10:12)

If we look closer he said we will see that we are divided in our own Churches, in our own sayings. Yesterday we spoke about three big branches that are divided, but there are all type of branches coming from the same tree, but they are still fighting. When we love our brothers, when we have recosiled with them, then we see that the branches are doing better. In History and in the Bible we see brothers that were enemies. It is difficult to reconcile, so Christ says I am your brother.

It is difficult to find a unified family. Brother Remi brought as an example the relationship that Cain and Abel had and Jacob and Isaac. Brother Remi said that St. John Chrysostom's said that "what was lacking between Cain and Abel was humility and gentleness". We can confront each other and come together as we come closer to God.

In this wall of separation we always have the question, who was the first to put the wall, but it is better to look what God does, and when we think that it is impossible to love our brother, God does it on the cross, and then the wall has fallen. It is God who tears and makes this wall fall.

Him who loves his brother accomplishes the law fully. In this work of Unity I believe we can elevate all doors of adoration. We can love God together simply by raising our heart, mind and voices and that will give us a desire to seek for the will of our Lord. "May they be one in Us, as You are in Me and I am in You, so that the world may believe it was you who sent Me." (Jn 17,21)

Brother Remi said that Patriarch Athinagoras of Constantinople wished Unity and above all loved Pope Paul VI. Two men from different churches who loved each other and they sent gifts to each other especially during Easter. Unity is not a human reality but the essence of God. So that we can participate the love of His father that we be one as He is one.

In 1919 Metropolitan Dorotheos set also an example of Unity and sent a letter calling all to be around one altar, and to love each other. We have to go further into our faith and work for unity and bring mutual agreement to bring the gift of peace, to love one another.

Brother Remi's speech was indeed very strong and it is wonderful to see a young brother as him work for unity.

After some songs of praise Debbie spoke about the Glory of God and at some point focused on the gift of tongues and preached that everyone can receive the gift of speaking in tongues. Even though Debbie has good intentions, it is not scriptural to preach that all people can speak in tongues. Vassula told me that speaking in tongues is a gift and it is given when God wants to give it and it comes suddenly. It is not taught, and not everybody has that gift.

Vassula was scheduled to speak after our lunch break, and she spoke about the Second Pentecost. When God sees all this apostasy He will not stay behind. God will not say "I gave my Bible, my teachings, they have enough". God is a loving Father. He is King. We come from this kingdom; we are noble we are not just anyone, we belong to this majesty. So we have to keep this image in us and never make it dirty. Searching for reconciliation and unity must be our main concern and the Church, it must be our priority. This is the aim of Christ. It is our obligation to save the credibility of the Church. Christ has been asking for years to unify the dates of Easter. If this is done He will do the rest and bring us to complete unity. Have you not heard that I shall settle for one date? (October 24, 1994J

Obviously many have not taken seriously those words of God. How false and incorrupt can someone be? Our division is a sin. If we say we are the chosen people of the Lord we must fight it with love. We are all responsible.

We all eagerly want unity, because the division is a mistake and a scandal.

How is it possible that people of all the Church keep on offending Christ? To live in humility with love, it is not a question of sentimentalism. It is also to disarm the devil. He is the one that keeps us separated. For so many centuries now Christians are divided. What is blocking the Church? The Lord is saying that they cannot agree to reconcile or forgive because love and humility are missing. We cannot pretend that we have not heard or understood. Is it possible that some of the authorities in the Church cannot see those signs? What is this happening? It is because they lost their sense of the supernatural and believe only in the natural.

The supernatural is when God penetrates in the depths of our spirits and brings us into conversion, repentance and permanent prayer.

Charity transforms the person and opens our spiritual eyes to recognize when God gives signs and our spiritual ears to hear the calls for everyone to repentance and love - the root and base of unity. If the Church does not live in full unity this is because everything is expressed in dialogue and without charity.

How can we pretend to say there is Christ if we do not reconcile with each other. We daily live the sin of division. We have two choices. The 1st belongs to God and goes to God ... real humility and reconciliation and unity. The 2nd belongs to Satan ... hate, pride, not forgiving, no charity.

It's not so difficult to choose but we will have accounts to give to our Lord the day of judgment; for our lack of charity, for each word that we will pronounce to each other.

"Raise your voice in My House and ask My shepherds: Is there anyone willing to work with vigor and love to rebuild this tottering House? Is there anyone in there who is willing to defend this House? Is there anyone who understands now what I am saying? Is there anyone in the Lord's House who is disposed to expand the Kingdom of God?" (October 20, 1998)

Vassula closed her speech by thanking the people for coming to this Ecumenical Gathering; Jesus blesses all the people from the USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc, and everyone who works for unity.

She also prayed the prayer of reconciliation and repentance and she asked the audience to repeat the prayer after her.

As you understand the Heavens were open and a lot of graces where poured out at this Ecumenical gathering. It was so touching to see people of all ages cry, and kneel while saying this prayer. Two organizers, one who was Flemish and one who was Belgium went onto the stage. The organizer from Belgium, very much touched by Vassula's speech and from God's prayer, in front of all, asked the Flemish Organizer to forgive all the Belgians for the hatred that existed for so many years between them. The Flemish organizer then did the same. God touched the heart of a lot of people that evening, and I am sure that families, friends and relatives who had problems reconciled that day. The Presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong.

Two organizers, Belgian and Flemish, ask forgiveness of each other for the hatred that existed between their people for so many years

Carlos was the next speaker and said we cannot do anything about the history but what we can do is change the future. John Paul II offered a historical healing. Carlos said that he received from Bishop Leonard, love, gentleness and lots of humor. Little things in our lives make great things later. John Paul II embraced the Protestant Church (...).

Proverbs Chapter 18. Through our mouth our body is refreshed. Death and life is in the power of our tongue. You have the strength to live or die according to what you say. If we speak poorly of others, that is not good. How do we speak of the Orthodox and the Evangelicals? We are all here but in the crowd we do not know who is Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant. For years the whole history of Europe is just to beat one another, it is time for this to stop. We hurt with our tongues too. I am a defender of Christ. I have learned to love whom He loves. As in our families we ask for forgiveness. The same has to be done by the (Church) leaders.

Carlos said, "We think that we are always the right ones. But I had to bend". When he started having intercommunion with Catholics his flock thought that he would become a Catholic. It is easier to marry a Muslim than a Catholic with a Protestant. The more we are united the more people will come back to Church. It is not the lay people who have the problem. It is the leaders. We cannot change the past but we can live the future in a different way. Carlos ended his speech by asking the audience: By being here these two days can you take the decision before God and as much as possible decide not to criticize or destroy the Church anymore and in any way. Of course the audience shouted "yes!"

This beautiful gathering in Namur, Belgium ended with a Eucharistic Liturgy lead by Bishop Leonard and Mgr Jousten. At least 15 priests where present.

Msgr Leonard blessed this gathering and thanked Vassula and all the other speakers for being there. Inspired by the speeches and from our Lord's desire to have one date of Easter, he suggested that we have to do something about it and asked whether the organizers have a big piece of paper so that everyone present could sign for the one date of Easter, as we did in our last Pilgrimage in Greece. Bishop Leonard suggested that Vassula address a small message to the Vatican which will be handed along with the paper with all the signatures. Glory to God!

The meeting ended with songs and praises, and the organizers thanked the people who were present and Emmanuelle announced that people from at least 15 countries where present. Let us hope and pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit this gathering will touch the heart of many people, so that they become fervent servants to declare Gods desire for Unity, and spread God's message.

December 7th, 2009

Emmanuelle picked us up from the hotel in the morning to take us to the airport. She told us that first day of the Ecumenical gathering at least 2000 people were present and the second day, even more people came from Germany. She also said that most of the people who registered to this Ecumenical Gathering were people who were interested to learn about True Life in God and people who know about the messages.

It was also really encouraging to learn that all the TLIG books in French were sold and there was an interest from people to hold prayer groups in Belgium.

This Ecumenical meeting was a success, and I was very happy to see how God uses people from different Christian denominations and from different vineyards, for His wonderful plan of Unity.

The speakers spoke well about unity, and their desire to serve God with whatever cost and to spread the good news of unity, peace and reconciliation was evident. It was a pleasure meeting them all, and a blessing that they as well work for Unity.

Let us hope that the seeds of Unity that were placed in this Gathering will be spread not only through out Europe but all over the world.


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"Enhet, Kärlekens Dygd"
Denna bok med utdrag ur budskapen visar för oss vad Gud säger oss, idag, att enhet mellan Kristna är väsentlig för att bringa fred, kärlek och försoning till världen.

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20 augusti 2004


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