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An Introduction to Vassula

Japan, August 1999

My name is Perez Valera. I am a Jesuit priest. I was asked by a friend one day in October, 1997: What do you think of Vassula? This was the first time I heard the name "Vassula". I had no idea of the person at that time. To be able to answer him, I began reading My Angel Daniel and Vol. I of True Life In God. No doubt, I read them in a prayerful spirit.

In less than one month I was convinced that the person who wrote the book must be authentic. And consequently, I realized that the main author of the messages was not Vassula but Jesus Himself. Thus I answered to my friend who had asked me. But then I also thought I had better not express my opinion to others. I would keep it to myself. But soon I had to change my attitude: we Jesuits make our own retreat once a year, some of you may know. So I made mine in January, I used Vassula's messages as my text.

After 10 days of prayer, I realized that I had to take the responsibility, and assert Vassula's authenticity before Japan and the whole church. This is why I wrote the Preface for Volume II of True Life In God.

Later, I met Vassula in Jerusalem. Having had all kinds of unforgettable experiences, I received several signs in regard to her authenticity. Also, I experienced the joy of having found an elder sister in the spiritual sense. Back in Japan I have had the chance to look after those using her manual in their prayer groups. Today I am asked to give an introduction. I have done my best to summarize the essence of her messages. It is a short text. ... impossible to get bored. So, listen carefully. All right?

Welcoming Vassula to Tokyo, I have been asked to introduce her to you before we listen to her. It is a great honor for me to do this.

15 years ago, Vassula was losing her soul. That is, steeped in worldly life, she was enjoying earthly pleasures, and living a superficial life. She also did not realize that her heart craved for higher more precious things. But one day, she received the surprising visit of a surprising guest. That is, Vassula met with the one who is Light Himself, ...the Creator of heaven and all things. As time went by, this conviction became more profound. And through the new found contact, she began to recover her lost soul.

But her experience is meaningful for us too, because we can learn from her. That is, we do many things spontaneously, but we exercise our highest spontaneity, when we love with our whole being, with our whole strength. However, though it may sound paradoxical, it is only through the gift of grace that we can exercise our highest spontaneity. I would like now to dwell a bit on this point, central to Vassula's messages.

Man has the ability to enjoy Nature and its beauty and this is through his ability to see. The same thing can be said about music or dancing. We enjoy music through our ability to listen, dancing through the natural movements of our body. We have then the ability of doing many things spontaneously, using the faculties naturally given to us. But we also have a spontaneity that is different from all these spontaneities. Let us think for a moment on this. Most of us probably think that it is natural for the heart to love. For instance, we naturally love our country, our parents, or our friends. We are also drawn to the green of the leaves, the whisper of the stars, to the sparkle of dewdrops. But this is not all. For we can also love with an unrestricted love, without any reserve, condition, limitation, in virtue of a gift bestowed on us by a Person who transcends our human world. This love is focused on the One who is the source of our being and our life. To love in this way is to exercise our spontaneity to its highest degree. I am convinced that such love is the common element giving life to all the authentic religious traditions of the world.

It seems to me that Vassula has received the gift to love in this way. And to this day, all her efforts have been directed to cooperate fully with the Love. The ten volumes of True Life In God record her response to this Grace. They reveal how this Grace is not only for her personally --- they are also a gift for the whole of humankind.

Vassula is visiting us now to convey this message to Japan. Her visit is not for her own interest or by her own will. This is the nucleus of the message she is trying to communicate us. Open your hearts to love the One who is the Source of your being. You can love Him, in virtue of the grace He is offering you. If you love this way, you will be able to recover your life as I recovered mine.

Vassula came to Japan, being urged by the One Who wishes to hand over to each one of the Japanese people a detailed account of His message, through True Life In God.

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