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True Life in God Magazine

En tidskrift som utkommer fyra gånger per år. Endast på engelska.

True Life in God Color Magazine

Subscription Information

The True Life in God magazine is available on subscription.
(4 issues per year - shipped by airmail to anywhere in the world)


(Special subscription rate for 5 copies of each issue.
Details and all other queries from

View a TLIG anniversary edition of the magazine HERE

Launched in September 2006

There were many people requesting for the TLIG magazine to be reprinted. With this request we have decided to launch one that will contain a good amount of our activities, color photos and as well a great deal of spiritual teachings. This magazine can have a powerful impact if you offer it to people who have not yet read the messages. You can subscribe them as well and offer this magazine as a gift to your loved ones, to friends, to priests etc.

Our intention is that this magazine becomes similar to the "Acts of the Apostles," evangelizing the Word of God and expanding the Kingdom of God to this world that does not know the love of God. It will reflect our apostolic work and God's great gift of True Life in God for our generation.

In Christ,


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TLIG Magazine

Senaste nytt
Nyheter från Sant Liv i Gud världen över

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Håll dig uppdaterad på de senaste nyheterna och aktiviteterna inom Sant Liv i Gud, i Sverige och internationellt.

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TLIG Magazine
Fylld med SLIG-verksamhet från hela världen, och andlig undervisning kring olika teman.

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