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Advisor to the King of Jordan Addresses Vassula and TLIG Pilgrims

The Royal Hashemite Court: Mr. Akel Biltaji, Advisor to his Majesty King Abdullah II addresses Vassula and TLIG Pilgrims in Amman, Jordan, May 2005

Mr. Akel Biltaji

I am advised to receive you Vassula and I hope you accept.

Your Eminence, Bishop Abu El-Assal, Bishops, Reverends, brothers and sisters:

My name is Akel Biltaji. I am here on behalf of his Majesty King Abdullah the II. We welcome you to Jordan!

This is where it all began... This is the cradle of faith; walking and following the steps of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus and Mohammed. This is where Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Love in one God.

This trip from what I understand from you, Vassula, is all about love, reconciliation, tolerance, and patience, that is exactly what is needed here. This land where Moses asked us all to come, this land where the Heavens opened and declared at the baptism of Jesus: "this is my beloved Son of whom I am very well pleased...

We welcome you and we want you to take back with you our message: the message of Islam; we want also to reach out. Islam is love. May the most compassionate and merciful God hear us. Islam is mercy. To be a Moslem we must recognize the others. I cannot be a Moslem if I'm not a Christian and if I'm not a Jew. So this is how we, in this part of the world, believe.

In the spirit that is now in each and everyone of us, may the Lord see whether in a monastery, a mosque, sanctuary, or a synagogue, see the spirit that you (Vassula) bring with you and that I can see on their faces, the smiles, the love, from 38 countries . Politicians could not do this... Religion did that. That is why we have to always hold on to our values....

I belong to a group, like Bishop Riah (Anglican Bishop.) We are the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. He is our teacher. Mohammed is our teacher. Moses is our teacher. We need them all. That is why this week I will be in Nazareth, my city...

Right from the Heart of Jordan in Amman, and on behalf of his Majesty, thank you for opening our hearts and our minds and eyes. We have a full moon for you tonight so you can sleep at night. We wish you a happy Pilgrimage and God bless you.

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