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We are called to become gods by participation

by Vassula

I want to welcome in the love of God, everyone here. Our Lord is good and He never ceases to surprise me, leaving me ever so often speechless and in awe each time He has shown me the power of His Arm. I am still struck with awe by His Presence in our days; for He is visiting His people, there is no doubt of this fact.

He is coming to their rescue and this is by His tender mercy. Can anyone measure the magnificence of God and His inexpressible grandeur? Once more, God is trying to remind mankind of His acts of power and His majestic glory of His Sovereignty. Man should be blind not to see all of this. Always true to His promises, He sends us, as He promised, His Holy Spirit in such an outpour that even the dead are raised to life. He is acting in His Promise, so why are some of us surprised and look upon all of this with disbelief, and with rolling eyes?

Through His loving words that are like a balm, He heals the broken hearts, binding up their wounds. What has man to say on this? Our Lord is filling us with knowledge and understanding revealing to us good and evil. What more can one ask? The Most High has established His Divine School in our hearts and as a light it shines from within and without. The Almighty stoops in our days from His Throne to show us the magnificence of His works. And as He set knowledge before us, He sets His Throne within us, adorning our soul majestically with His Presence. Holy is His Name.

So what is man to assess God? and yet many of them do. How can it be possible for any man to fathom the Greatness of God and His Marvels? and yet some think they can; these people are too ready to show their shallowness of mind. This is why the Holy Spirit conceals His Treasures from them and keeps them for the lowly.

Today I am going to remind you the Power of the Holy Spirit, since this outpour of the Holy Spirit has already begun. It is called the second Pentecost. Each soul that was spiritually dead and came suddenly back to a life in Christ, that soul has received within her a second Pentecost. Aflame with the fire of the Holy Spirit, who gives her zeal, this soul has been raised to become an apostle, an apostle for these end of times to go out and proclaim the Word of God.

It is through the Power of the Holy Spirit that we are united again in the Holy Land. Let us then open our hearts to grace and obtain His Peace that can guide our feet into the way of peace, reconciliation and unity. Let us open ourselves to the Holy Spirit to allow Him to invade us and straighten our winding ways that have led us into this shameful division, that have led us into marshlands. Let the Holy Spirit from today be our Torch to guide us into sanctity and be the ointment of our eyes to enable us to see God's Will and His Glory.

From the beginning our Lord taught us that there is no other way for us to live than in the Holy Spirit. We have learnt that the Holy Spirit is the vivifying substance of our soul, for without Him we are spiritually dead and are like the scattered dry bones in Ezekiel's vision. But the Power of the Holy Spirit can bring back to life those dry and scattered bones, by breathing in them a resurrection breath.

We are but a pinch of sinful dust if we are without the Holy Spirit, but God has adorned us with the Holy Spirit, placing His Throne inside us, to converse with us and listen to us as a friend. We are all called to a true metanoia, then to a true abandonment to God; we are called to die to ourselves so that we bring forth the fruit of dispassion.

Having obtained the fruit of dispassion, we shall be reborn through the Holy Spirit who can then begin His divine work in us as a Master but also as an intimate Friend. He will instruct us of all those things that are invisible to the eye but which are eternal. He, who is God, will converse with the gods born of Him by grace, manifesting the sweet love He has on His sons and daughters, englobing them in His Arms and drawing them into a divine union of love. As children of God, the Holy Spirit will teach us to know the Lord through His Sublime Light, and that is with a different understanding and perception than what we learn with our minds on the things of this earth.

In a message the Holy Spirit says to us: "I am He who brought you into a filial love with Our Divinity to lead a divine life and become another child, by adoption, of the Father." 3.3.99

Scriptures say that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, and that the fear of the Lord is the crown of Wisdom, we know too that our Lord had said that Wisdom is given to mere children. In other words Wisdom will be given to a contrite heart and without malice. So anyone who approaches the Lord with simplicity and a pure heart the Holy Spirit will not shy away from that heart, but will come and befriend that soul, instructing her with Wisdom in an invisible way and in silence;  people will ask: "from where has this one obtained all this knowledge and instructions on heavenly matters?"

This knowledge and instructions can only come through the Holy Spirit who can immerse that soul in His limpid springs that flow from God's Mouth, (and that means, God's Word) God's Word that will teach us Wisdom, penetrating us into a deeper understanding of God since we would have germinated in those limpid springs of God. And as Moses whom He had enveloped by a cloud, we would be enveloped in a holy contemplation during which our soul and mind would be lifted in the Divine but as well in the Triune Life.

In a message Jesus says to us: Remain small, truly small, allowing the power of action of the Holy Spirit to be even more efficacious." 3.3.99

The more effaced we will be the greater the works of the Holy Spirit will be in us.

When we would have obtained the fruit of dispassion, our soul will no more desire to cling on earthly things, but will have one sole desire, and that is: to love God and neighbour and to serve God, knowing that by serving God will not go without suffering and persecution. Many people wonder how come the martyred saints never feared when they faced death. Again it is through the Holy Spirit that they have obtained the grace of losing the fear of suffering because their soul had tasted the sweetness of God.

The sweetness of the grace of the Holy Spirit surpasses all the delights of the world, because it transforms the soul into a paradise. We are all called to perfection and to be the holy dwelling of God without blemish; we are all called to reach a divine state of perfect love, we are called to obtain the legacy of being the sons and daughters of the Most High. From God's side the doors are always kept opened, so it is up to us to decide whether we want to enter that door or not.

Today, our Lord has prepared for this generation and for future generations a Hymn of Love, which He Himself was pleased to name: "True Life in God". Many people have benefited from these divine messages and have grown spiritually to know how to obtain and possess God.

Who could have covered us with such treasures? Who could have given us such tranquility by offering us rest in His Arms? Who could have told us what it is like to be a child by grace, as the Word is Son by nature? And who could have been calling us to participate in this Salvific Plan, in spite of our awesome wretchedness and in spite of our so miserable incapacity; And who could be so generous as to invite us knowing our unworthiness to enter in the Triune life? Only God who is Sovereign Master of our soul but our Friend as well, is giving us this access to Eternity, only He is the One and only, who can draw us into deification.

I have mentioned before that God's Presence is so very manifest in our days and we have to be blind not to see it. How would we know of this? We would know it by the joy and peace our soul obtains, the tranquility in which He puts the soul to rest. Our Lord asked me one day:"Tell Me, is there in the world or around you anything that can give your soul more exquisite and amourous delights than being with Me, just Me, alone? What does My Presence give you?" Then, while I was searching for words to express myself, I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me, and He opened my mouth to utter these words:"Your Presence gives me a foretaste of the Beatitude Vision. It gives me a contemplation of Your glory; Your Presence gives me an indwelling delight, that which is given to the saints with merits. I have none. It gives me an intellectual awareness that in Your transcended Light, You, the Godhead, who fill all things without being contained by their limits can dwell in me, can dwell in us. I find in Your Presence, joy, light, sighs of longing, longing to penetrate even more in contemplation so that I may see what no eye has seen and hear what no ear has heard." 3.3.99

My friends, God is offering Himself to us ceaselessly and without reserve too. But in return God wants us to offer ouselves to Him in the same way, without reserve. God wants from us equality of love.So let us give ourselves entirely to the Holy Spirit so that we hear Him tell us these words, these are quoted from the messages:

I have revealed My gifts and My treasures to you and I adorned you with My Presence, it pleased Me to possess you and pour in you My Wisdom so that your soul shines forth in splendour. I have immersed you in Our limpid springs, to revive you. It is a trifle for Me to cover you with My Wealth. Have you not heard that God never ceases to give Himself to all of you? Even as I am ceaselessly giving Myself to everyone so will it be with you when I would have prepared you to meet your Bridegroom. You would be giving yourself to the Lover of Mankind, becoming one spirit with the Divine.

Like a true son and daughter of God, you would become in this elevated state of grace a perfect image of the Triune God and all you would be undertaking will be done without any flaw, since they would be divine and according to Our Mind and Our Will. Even your movements will be changed into Ours. Every gesture, every step you will take in your life will be in Our Love and they will keep amplifying by grace.

It is I, who can bring you into this filial love and into this Divine union, expanding your heart to receive more of Us so that We receive more of you, to give Ourselves more to you so that you give yourself more to Us. In this cycle you will be giving Us all that belongs to Us already. This is My triumph in you, the triumph of having brought you, after you had given Me your free will, into a perfect union of Divine Love with Us. See how good it is to surrender? How could I have fulfilled My actions otherwise? Sovereign and Master I am now in your soul, but as I have told you once before, I am not only a Sovereign Master, but your Friend and Beloved as well. I have built you up to become a child of God who being Our offspring, as any offspring, would have the right as well to share and give its opinion. Even to govern with His Father. In the tranquility of My Breath in you, you will see things through Our Light and the way We see them. So I am telling everyone:

Be rich in poverty and I will turn a favourable Eye on you; let Me call you as well, son or daughter of the Most High, and you will rule with Us. Allow Me to set you on your feet and enable you to breathe in Me; allow Me to set My Throne in you so that you too can say to others: "I have found rest." Have you no desire to see your Father? do you not languish to meet God? If you do, then I must give you birth, yes, you have to be reborn by Me to see your Father. No child was known to have ever seen his father before being born. Happy the man who meditates on the Freedom I can give; this Freedom will carry you as a bridegroom who carries His Bride, into perfecting your union with Us. The transfiguration of love imprinted on your soul will be such that henceforth nothing will be able to separate you from Us." 3.3.99

So let me remind you, brothers and sisters, that if we have been engaged by God Himself to work for His Interests, we should remember that in so doing He has given us the honour as well to be engaged to His Cross so that we may absorb all Its phases. He asks us to embrace It with love never forgetting Its victory.

Let us be aware of what God is offering us and let us open our ear to the Voice of Holy Wisdom who is calling us to become heralds of the Most High. Do not let us be like a drowsy man, who, besotted with sleep, when you are trying to rouse up, after having explained to him certain things, will ask you when you have finished: "What is it all about?" Do not let your heart be like a broken jar that will not hold any of God's given Knowledge. But let us be vigilant to God's word of Knowledge so that we may go about perfuming the world with His sweet odour.

A video of this talk can be viewed HERE

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