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Take Up the Sickle and Reap

by Vassula

Take Up the Sickle and Reap Vigorously a Harvest You Never Prepared Yourself

In the very beginning of this revelation, back in May 1987, Christ came to me and said:

"Were you to serve Me, I would reveal in you nothing but passion".

Not having understood, I asked:


Ignoring my ignorance, Our Lord went on to say:

"Yes, passion".

Then facing me, He asked the question:

"Will you serve me?"

This question came to me like a thunderbolt on my head.

My friends, don't you ever believe that I took the humble attitude of Our Blessed Mother, Who said to God Her immediate Fiat and the Magnificat, nor did I take the attitude of the saints, but I took the attitude of a coward, by remaining silent with a quaking fear and distrust. This pathetic attitude of mine gave Jesus such a piercing pain in His Heart that it was like seeing myself adding one more thorn in His Heart. Jesus, not concealing his disappointment, said to me:

"I can abide in you, in spite of your awesome weakness".

And He left.

The rest of the day was empty, and it was as though my life was trickling away with every hour that went by. At night-time my soul was already regretting; my mind was saying: How is it possible that you, who are no better than dust and ashes, had an opinion? How did you, mere dust, provoke and challenge His Majesty?.

And this went on all night. So I decided to gather the little courage left in me and go forward and face the Lord and bring back to Him His own question. And so I did. I called timidly to the Lord; He answered me and said:

"Peace be with you".

And I responded in my total pitiful ignorance:

With you too. Do you want me to serve you?

And He, if I may say so, jumped with joy and it was as if He breathed again, and said:

"I do! I want it very much, Vassula. Come, I will show you how and where you can serve Me; Work as now, be as you are. I need servants who are able to serve Me where love is needed most. Work hard though, for where you are, you are among evil unbelievers. You are in the vile depths of sin. You are going to serve Your God where darkness prevails: you will have no rest. You will serve Me where every good is deformed into evil. Yes, serve Me among those that pierce My heart. Serve Me among My scourgers, among My condemners. Serve Me among those that re-crucify Me and spit on Me. Oh Vassula, how I suffer! Come and console Me. Strive and suffer with Me, share My Cross".(24.5.1987)

And so, from there on, our Creator instructed me and He became my personal Educator. He implanted Me in His Flesh making me part of Him for all Eternity.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to remind you, as well, that you are blessed by having believed in His Message.

You are blessed for going out of your way to serve others.

You are blessed for multiplying the talent our Lord has given you with trust.

You are blessed when, guided by the Holy Spirit, you are able to bring one soul back to God. This is the supreme service you can render to God, for God prizes one soul more than anything else.

You are blessed if you have accepted to become peacemakers for unity and sow seeds which will bear fruit in purity.

You are blessed if you have given away your motives and interests for Christ' Motives and Interests.

And, you are blessed if you have sought what is least sought in this world, and carry It with love, and that is the Cross.

And you, you who have engaged yourselves in the Beth Myriam projects to feed the poor are blessed, for Our Lord said that "what you do to the least of your brethren, you do it to Me".

So let me say a few words on the Beth Myriam projects that have as aim, not only to give retreats and spiritual food, but to give as well the necessities of life to the poor: a meal per day.

It is God's Will and there is no doubt about it today that God has put His Powerful Hand in this project, but I implore every one to depend more on the Holy Spirit, Who is only willing to be our Guide and the Lamp to our feet. On our own, we could do nothing, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can multiply our talent. If at any time, dear friends, one will start relying on his own strength, even though his performance shows zeal, it will not be too long before he falls, finding out that he was only chasing the wind.

When these projects are done with love and humility, and are done by not putting too much of ourselves in it, and that is, relying on our strength, God facilitates the opening of these houses, without much of goings and doings from our part. Today, we have already in full function, two of these houses in Venezuela and one in Bangladesh, which is in full function thanks to Mr. Duleep, and there will be one in the States, Israel, Colombia and Peru soon. Hopefully, they will cover the world one day with God' Grace. These works of charity are to prove our faith in the Lord. Scriptures say: "If good works do not go with your faith, your faith is quite dead" (James, 2:17).

So let us consider this project more in our lives.

Dear friends of God, do you remember how last time we gathered here in the Holy Land and we talked about how to cultivate the Messages of True Life in God, we were given direct instructions by God, and this you know very well that all of this work does not belong to me, and I cannot pull out a banner and go about saying in a microphone: "This is all my work, this is all my doing, see how many books I produced, and see in how many nations they had spread!" Hey, wait a minute there! God will tell me. Did I hear you say that this is your work?

So, let us put things straight and engrave in our mind that all the work of True Life in God is His Divine Work of Mercy and it is manifest because God shows His Power through this Work, and nobody, not even all hell put together, will be able to undo His Divine Work, because the Holy Spirit' Power is greater. So, by telling you this, I want to urge you, brothers and sisters, to go on making even greater progress in humility and love, to enable the Holy Spirit to accomplish His Work in you and through you.

Well, I tell you, if you say that your life has changed and the cause of it are these Messages, then how could some of you take the attitude of anarchists? How is it that we find still among our own groups, spitefulness, bitterness, backbiting, accusations, judgments, endless quarrels, rivalry, etc. Tell me, are all these from God? It shows that these people have still not penetrated into the Message of Reconciliation and Love, nor have they repented fully and particles of darkness still remain inside them.

Satan is eager to discredit God' Holy Work, he is eager to put you all one against the other so that people will say: But this is no good fruit, it is rotten. I am asking: Are you going to side up with Satan or with God? Why do you still allow Satan to use you as his destructive weapon? Don't you realize that by giving in to his ruses, you have allowed him to turn you into his toy? Hasn't Jesus said: By the love they have for one another, you will tell that these are truly Mine; So let us make an effort for the sake of God's love and try to grow perfect and be united.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the virtue of humility. Why should He refuse you this virtue if you ask it with conviction and sincerity? And He will give it to you. Then, when we will be reduced to nothing, in this extreme humility, the Holy Spirit can do the greatest works ever inside us and through us, as well. This is why the Holy Spirit insists that we do not act as dictators on the titles that some of you have taken to form an Association. By becoming a dictator, you will be playing with fire.

I do not mean, by any means, to discourage you, because I know how much effort you have been putting in this work, for spreading it and making known these Messages and I praise the Lord for giving us so many people who are willing, and eager, and zealous, to put in the sickle and reap in this rich harvest, that none of us prepared, because the One who prepared it is our Father in Heaven, and we all are His laborers.

So even as we are now called, in spite of our awesome wretchedness, for an apostolate work, we have to remain united. Jesus is calling us to go out and christianize this de-christianized society. It is our duty, therefore, towards God, to pass on to others what we have obtained from Him.

Jesus says that if you say you have faith, without evangelizing, it is in vain. To evangelize is also an act of charity, because you do it for the salvation of souls. To evangelize is to serve God and neighbor. To serve, as I said, is considered also an act of charity, because you would be giving yourselves to others, you would be sacrificing yourselves for others. Even as you pray for others, this too, is an act of charity, because to pray for another is also to shed blood for others. Jesus said to us in Scriptures: "Anyone who finds his life will lose it; anyone who loses his life for My sake will find it". (Matthew 10:39)

What Jesus here is asking, is to give more of yourself to others, give your life to others without reserve. Don't be like those that draw their life upon themselves, so that they are the sole benefactors.

I know that many of you have been called to evangelize from these Messages and I know too, in doing so, you have obtained the fruits. Yet, I shall repeat a warning for those who have tendencies to bring up subjects which have nothing to do with the Messages. To be very careful when they witness. Keep the Messages in their purity, using passages from the Scriptures as well, if you wish. Do not try to explain prophecies, if they are still sealed, and the Holy Spirit has not given us the light to understand them. We can go very wrong by trying to give our wrong opinion and we put in jeopardy the whole Message. I am saying this because I know that some have tried to do it, and they went very wrong and it took me ages to repair that mistake.

In all truth, I dare say, that since fourteen years God has been my only Guide, my Instructor and Teacher, but my Friend as well, overlooking the pathetic sinner that I am. Not even fearing that He might be cheapening His Works he conversed with me. He spoke and I believed. God has yielded His Royal Sceptre to what did not exist. In many of His Messages He makes it clear that what He has given, He is giving it to you as well: all is given for the benefit of the Church, for the benefit of His people, and for the benefit of the future generations to come.

We all know that when God manifests Himself it is not for telling us merely: "Hello and how do you do?". When the world has turned itself into chaos and has turned away from God' love, endangering even the whole cosmos from its wickedness, and when within His Own House, His Own have turned against Him, was He ever known to keep quiet and leave everything in Satan' hands? Never! As a loving Father that He is, He is mindful of His children, and so he comes out of His Infinite Mercy to call us back to Himself, and put some sense into our heads.

We are now in the fourteenth year of these Messages and I am asking you all, if it is possible, that you give it a moment of meditation tonight, when you will retreat in your rooms. Meditate on how we have received so many unmerited graces, from the bountiful Mercy and Goodness of God. And how the King of kings brought us into His Royal Household, in spite of our sinfulness and pitiful condition. And of how He summoned us by name, treating us with royal prodigality. Meditate upon His Generous Hand who invites you as you are, because of His excessive and exuberant love He has for you, to taste Him, to taste His sweet Love. Let your nothingness win His favor.

Have you not noticed how God has revealed to you heaven and earth and all the marvels that are under heaven, by having called you and commissioned you? So praise His Holy Name, praise our Lord and God, and hymn His Love Hymn everywhere you go, perfuming with His Odor this cold world. Be one.

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