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The Great Return

by Vassula

The Action of the Holy Spirit
The Renewal of the Creation
The Great Return

You are probably all aware of the quantity of messages given to us on the Holy Spirit, in True Life in God. Maybe it is because we have neglected the Holy Spirit so much....

The Lord teaches us through the messages that there is no other way for the soul to live than in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a living breath that breathes in us a true resurrection in our withered soul for a True Life in God. Without the Holy Spirit we are spiritually dead. In the Holy Spirit we move, we breathe and we live just like the fishes which move, breathe and live in water. Were we to withdraw the fish from the water from which it draws its life, it will die and dry up. And so it is the same with us in the Holy Spirit. This is why we are called to be joined to the One who is the True Life, and the Giver of Life Who is the Holy Spirit, the One who generates us, renews us and revives us in Christ.

"The interior power within you is My Holy Spirit in whom you breathe and move, never ceasing to be. The interior charm, grandeur, eloquence and beauty within you, is My Holy Spirit. The interior light of your soul, is My Holy Spirit that renders your soul imperishable, full of grace, My heaven, My resting place and the perfect dwelling for Me, your God. The intercessor within you who lifts your spirit in a cloud and brings you in communion with My Saints and My angels, is My Holy Spirit... 9.1.96

Yes, because in the Holy Spirit all heaven beholds the earth, and hears our prayers and carries them to God. I have been saying many times which I learnt from the messages that we can only know God by the Holy Spirit and this does not come from our intelligence nor our minds. This is why, God invites us to befriend the Holy Spirit to get to know Him and when we do, we would realize that He is the Tree of Life within us, we would realize that He is ALL. Our life will change then into a permanent festival of joy, because the presence of the Holy Spirit inside your soul is joy.

"The Holy Spirit will be the light of your eyes, the motive of your being, the movement of your heart, the utterance of your speech, your laughter and your joy, He will be the kingly adornment of your soul, the watchman of your spirit, He will be your hymn to the Hymn, your amen to the Amen." 9.1.96

The Lord gave us the Holy Spirit, and we heard the Theme of Love of the Lord, and so we forget the earth for sweetness of the love of God. The Lord's love is an ardent flame of love that allows no carnal or earthly thought to penetrate within you. He who has experienced this love thirsts for it tirelessly, day and night, and is drawn towards it. In a passage here the Lord explains this in a few words: "The inner power of My Church is the Holy Spirit, the Fire which enlivens you, purifies you and makes out of your spirit columns of fire, ardent braziers of love, living torches of light to proclaim without fear My Word..." 15.4.91

The Lord loves us and though He created us from dust He adorned us with the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit we are but a sinful speck of dust floating in this vast universe. This is why the Lord tells us: "The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit that transfigures, uplifts and turns you into real copies of Myself..."15.4.91

The Lord instructs us by the Holy Spirit and with His most pure Body and Blood, and all who follow after the Lord are in the likeness of their Lord and Father. The Holy Spirit has made us kin with the Lord. The sign within you of this is the peace of God you would experience and the love you would have for all people. So without God there is no peace in the soul nor love. We have a message here that shows us how we are kin of the Lord: "My Holy Spirit will be your brother, your sister and your faithful friend." 9.1.96

The Holy Spirit does not reveal Himself to those with intellectual pride but He reveals Himself to the simple and to the poor in spirit. For the Holy Spirit says: "I will make you rich through your poverty; strong through your weakness, zealous and faithful through your wretchedness; a living altar for Our Trinitarian Holiness through your nothingness." 9.1.96

The Holy Spirit has given us to know the essence of eternal life. We know in part: the Holy Spirit is eternal life. The soul lives in the love of God, in the humility and meekness of the Holy Spirit; but we must give the Holy Spirit space in our souls, we have to, not only open up, but we have to die to our passions and especially to ourselves that obstruct the passage to the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is eternal life. The Holy Spirit says: "Liberty and love is to be found in Me. I am like a rich soil; come and sow your seeds in Me and your harvest will be: Eternal life, and paradise will be your home." 9.1.96

The soul is like a bride, and the Lord the Bridegroom; and they love each other, and yearn for one another. The Lord in His love longs for the soul, and grieves if there is no place in her for the Holy Spirit; while the soul, having come to know the Lord, yearns after Him, for in Him lie her life and her joy. The Lord in our days tells us how eager the Holy Spirit is to make us His wedded one.

The Holy Spirit like a Bridegroom, appears in your days to court you, seduce you and wed you." 9.1.96

And like a Bridegroom, the Holy Spirit will adorn His bride with His gifts: "I will fill you with a variety of gifts from My Holy Spirit. Come and win the friendship of My Holy Spirit to become collaborators with Him, for He will graciously initiate you into Our mysteries by opening your mind and your eyes to understand and perceive the Imperceptible, yet graciously offered to you at no cost." 9.1.96

In these days God is sending the Holy Spirit upon us as never before in history to renew us and open our minds, to dust away the mould that has encrusted itself in us, so that we would be able to understand and know God and be turned into another paradise. "Without My Holy Spirit even My disciples never fully understood Me, nor My teachings. But on that day I returned to the Father, I sent the Paraclete to them so that He reminds them of everything. I am all prepared now to come to you, but you have still not understood how and in which way..."

In many messages our Lord speaks of a renewal that is about to come by the Holy Spirit and that it will come by fire: "So when you will see the sky dissolve into flames and the elements melt in the heat, know that this is the sign of the beginning of My Promise, and of the New Heavens and the New Earth, the renewal of My Church, the revival of My Church, the revival of your hearts." 19.12.90

Then in another passage, the Lord explains to us Chapter 21 of the Apocalypse; what the New Heavens and the New Earth mean. I am only taking a few lines out of a long text. Here our Lord compares our soul into an earth and a heaven. This is what He says: "Allow My Holy Spirit to cultivate your soil and make a terrestrial Eden in you. Let My Holy Spirit make a new earth to prosper in your soil so that your first earth, that was the devil's property, wears away, then once again My glory will shine in you and all the divine seeds sown in you by My Holy Spirit will sprout and grow in My divine Light..."

As for the new heavens:"My Holy Spirit, consort of My Throne will shine in your darkness like a splendid sun in the sky, because the word will be given to you to express thoughts and speech as I would wish you to think and speak. Everything expressed will be in accordance to My Image and Thought... and the paths of those who received My Holy Spirit will be straightened so will their darkness and gloom too be enlightened and restored into blazing stars illuminating their darkness for ever and ever..."

"Learn that only the seeds sown by the Holy Spirit in you can yield fruits in abundance - without these divine seeds your soul will remain a desert, uncultivated and a land of drought! So say these words: "Lord, give us Your Kingdom, so that we may obtain incorruptibility and the deity to have Eternal Life." 27.2.95

When the Lord speaks here about the Kingdom, He means that this Kingdom is His Holy Spirit: so, the words could be: "Lord, give us Your Holy Spirit, so that we may obtain incorruptibility and the deity to have Eternal Life:

And finally as for the New Jerusalem, as we are the city of God, we will be renewed in the Holy Spirit.

The Great Return

But what is again the Hope of the message? The Hope is that we can be sure that our Lord will pour out His Holy Spirit to all mankind and will bring us to unite completely and that His Return is imminent... Because it is imminent, the Lord sends before Him His Holy Spirit to prepare us and the Bride of the Spirit who is our Blessed Mother to prepare the way for Jesus. In spite that both of Them are persecuted with frenzy and chased away, do not fear, God will execute His Plan as foreseen by Him, because the reign of the Kingdom of God is at hand and in this reign His Will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven.

"My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven, and under My Hallowed Name many nations shall come from far away, from all the ends of the earth to dwell close to My Holy Name, extolling My greatness by the divinity I would give you back." 19.12.90

When Jesus talks about His return, He also makes it obvious that it is not the end of the world. So how could His Return be explained? When I raised the question to Jesus on how is He to come, Jesus then only told me this: "Love will return as love." The Spirit of the Lord is love and so for me it meant that the Holy Spirit will renew us as never before in history in a second generalized pentecost and teach us to live in the love of God. So then it was only a question of the Holy Spirit as a great return. Here is a typical message about His Great Return:

"My return is imminent and I am giving you constant signs to prepare you. Love is on the path of return, I am on My way to you.

Tell Me, when a king enters into a city, will there be no preparations to receive him? The whole city will be in turmoil and the king will send before him his elect and his imperial court to prepare a way for him and make his paths straight. He will send his messengers to announce his coming. He will ask them to shout with a loud voice: "Here is your King, your King is coming..."

This is why, before My Return, I am sending you before Me, the Arch of Alliance, I am sending you the Woman of the Apocalypse, the second Eve, who will crush the serpent's head with her heel. I am sending you before Me My Mother, to open a broad highway and level it in this desert and make your peace with Me, your King, before My Great Return.. I am sending you My angels to remind you of My Holiness, My magnificence and My splendour. I am sending you My mouthpieces to shout and proclaim on the rooftops of your houses the wedding of My Holy Spirit...Soon, very soon now I shall tear the heavens open and come down in full force!" 10.10.90

Now lately, the Lord has been opening my mind to understand further things on His Return. I came to understand that not only, would it be that the Holy Spirit would purify us and unite us as One Body and that we would be living under the Divine Will of God, remaining indissolubly united with Him, and that His glorious reign of the Kingdom on earth will be with us soon, when He had said that "His Holy Spirit of Grace is being sent out to the four corners of the earth to teach us to be holy and raise us up again into divine beings and that the earth shall turn into a copy of heaven and thus His Will shall be done, and that the prayer that He had taught us to pray would be fulfilled." 22.4.90

Well, not only would it be that way, but lately God made me understand a deeper meaning on His Return.

In the beginning I thought I should keep this understanding to myself and I was very hesitant to share it with you today or with anyone, but every time I think of it, my heart bounces with joy, and this joy I recognize being the presence of the Holy Spirit. So I decided to share what I know so far. But before I express myself I would like to prepare you with some texts from the 4 gospels that are taken after the Resurrection:

(Matthew) "Meanwhile the eleven disciples set out for Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had arranged to meet them. When they saw Him they fell down before Him, though some hesitated. Jesus came up and spoke to them..."

(Mark) "Having risen in the morning on the first day of the week, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene.... After this, He showed Himself under another form to two of them as they were on their way into the country... Lastly He showed Himself to the Eleven themselves while they were at table..."

(Then He appeared to the two on the road to Emmaus and we know that He appeared to Peter. Then He appeared to the Eleven:)

(Luke) "They were still talking about all this when He himself stood among them and said to them, "Peace be with you!" In a state of alarm and fright, they thought they were seeing a ghost. But He said, "Why are you so agitated, and why are these doubts rising in your hearts? Look at My Hands and Feet; yes, it is I indeed. Touch Me and see for yourselves; a ghost has no flesh and bones as you can see I have.... So He said to them, "Have you anything here to eat?" And they offered him a piece of grilled fish, which He took and ate before their eyes."

(John) (While the doors were closed) Jesus came and stood among His disciples; showing His wounds and calling St. Thomas to touch His side wound, so that he believes. Later on Jesus showed Himself again to the disciples. It was by the Sea of Tiberias. There, He also had prepared a fire for the fish. He had a meal with His disciples again."

The Holy Spirit reveals to me, but just barely, that Our Lord's Return might be very similar to the texts we just shared. It might be in a way that He has done before. After His Resurrection He appeared for many days with His glorious Body to different people. So to my understanding, His Great Return could be in a similar way, but more powerful, thus the manner of the Great Return would be nothing new or extravagant either.

We hear many theologians say that the Mystical Body, which is the Church, is going through a tribulation which could be compared to the Passion of Christ; the Lord Himself told us that it is that way; we know that after the Passion there is the Resurrection, and after the Resurrection Christ's Appearances; so, could it be that the Great Return of which Jesus is announcing comes in this manner? Would He be appearing with His glorious Body, here and there, a Body which can consume food and yet can appear and disappear? As the Host is multiplied so could He be everywhere and at the same time and everyone would be able to see Him without falling into ecstasy.

I wanted to share this with you, but remember: the Holy Spirit just barely made me approach the fringes of what He means on His Great Return. "The time is almost up now. I am coming to your help. I am coming to your oppressed; by the road that I came on I will return. I am coming, therefore be ready to welcome Me O children!" 22.7.92

"Beloved ones, stay vigilant and awake and you will hear My Footsteps. The Word now is very near you and on His way of Return." 19.12.90

And we will end by sharing two messages from our Blessed Mother: "Ecclesia will revive! Courage! There is a baptism to come and what a great baptism that will be! Jesus will baptize the earth with Fire - until then I shall keep appearing. So now is the time of repentance; now is the time of reconciliation...God is asking every soul to repent. Let it be known that without earnest prayers you will not be able to see the Kingdom of God - His reign on earth is at hand..." 23.4.93

"The hour is near when a Light will shine from above and Our Two Hearts, like Two Lamps shining near each other will revive this world, bringing it from darkness to light. Those Two Hearts the world combatted will prevail in the end! and the kingdoms of the world will pass away and will be replace by My Son's Kingdom.. this is all very near you now! When you leave from here leave with the Lord's peace and My peace." Ecclesia will revive. Amen. 29.11.92

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