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Union of Divine Love in the Holy Trinity

by Vassula

To be bonded to God and obtain a union of divine love in God, we must decide for God and die to ourselves and our passions, putting them all behind us so that we leave the Holy Spirit free to flutter within us, and invade entirely our soul. In other words, we should allow the Holy Spirit to captivate us with His charms and possess us. Once we allow the Holy Spirit to act in us, He will transfigure our soul into an Eden.

"Allow My Spirit to breathe and dwell in the depths of your soul. Leave Me free to shatter all impurities and imperfections that confront Me. In order to prepare you for this perfect union, I need to purify you and adorn your soul. I would have to bend my bow and set you as a target for My arrow. Oh! What will I not do for you!

Allow My Spirit to augment in you and My divine fire roar in your soul. You will be molten under the action of My divine fire. Do not lament then when I come to you like a hammer shattering your imperfections; do not ask your Holy One: "What is He doing?" I am on my way to the inner room: my Dwelling place, and persistent blocks will not stop Me from proceeding. I shall burst them all with a tempest. I shall devour these rivals... Every little impurity will be seiged by My purity and annihilated, and My light shall continue to glow inside you, and My Spirit shall flow in your spirit like a river..." 20.1.92

Each one of us has a mission on this earth. It could be small or big and different from one another, but no one can fulfil worthily his mission given to him by the Holy Spirit unless he cultivates his friendship and his intimacy with the Holy Trinity. If at any time one will start to rely on his own strength, even though his performance shows zeal, it will not be too long before he falls, finding out that he was only chasing the wind.

Today the Lord is giving Himself to us and His nearness is intimacy. Intimacy is the key to the Knowledge of God. Of what use will it be to us to talk about God without having met God and known God face to face, on an intimate level? Therefore, when God in His infinite Mercy leans all the way to us and adapts even Himself to us, we, on our side, we should submit ourselves to Him. We have to open the door of our heart to grace and without any hesitation, fall in our Father's Arms, recognizing that we are indeed His seed, the bone of His Bone and the flesh of His Flesh, yes, His very own. "Submissiveness seduces Me; stern as it might appear, it is the opening for me to enter in your heart and do My Will." 19.6.95

God today more than ever manifests Himself to us in an intimate way to taste His sweetness and to share in His Light His divine Works; it is by His grace that we obtain this sharing for our perfection and our sanctification.

The Holy Trinity desires that we surrender to Them and become Their instrument for Their designs, and while they would be orienting us into a contemplative life and at the same time allowing us to discover the Divine we would be transfigured by Their sweet love. United to the Holy Trinity and transfigured in Them, our soul will no longer be able to separate itself from Them; Their love will possess us while we too captivated by their heavenly beauty, captivated by Their charms will desire to possess Them.

The soul that has come to know the Lord in the Holy Spirit is transfixed by the love of God and so cannot take away its mind from God. This is exactly where Jesus is leading us: He is leading us to live an unceasing life of prayer. God is pleased with the soul that opens to divine grace. In the messages God says that "He would like to have every living creature on earth drawn towards Him and live in His utter fullness to be able to possess Him as much as He too would wish to possess them." 9.1.96

When the soul would be enraptured by the love of God she would accompany God everywhere His merciful love draws her. God prepares the soul for a mission and after having been cuddled for a while in the beginning in the Arms of the Trinity, Christ will come and ask you to follow Him out in the world. So you would leave your comfort and turn back to the world and find in the Church the fullness of its object: God and neighbour. When in the beginning Jesus Christ approached me, it was intimacy in privacy all the time. Then came a time when He asked: "Will you serve Me?" This frightened me and it took me a day to respond to Him. When I finally did, saying "yes" to Him, Jesus said:

"Work and serve Me as now, be as you are. I need servants who are able to serve Me where love is needed most. Work hard though, for where you are, you are among evil, unbelievers. You are in the vile depths of sin. You are going to serve your God where darkness prevails; you will have no rest. You will serve Me where every good is deformed into evil. Yes, serve Me among wretchedness, among wickedness and the iniquities of the world, serve Me among godless people, among those that mock Me, among those that pierce My Heart; serve Me among My scourgers, among My condemners; serve Me among those that recrucify Me and spit on Me..." 24.5.87

So what Christ laid out for me as a mission and an act of charity I had to take it and embrace it. This act of charity is to give myself for this mission with many sacrifices. Charity cannot but share in the works and immolation of Christ for His Church, otherwise it would be too egoistical to receive and not give. My formation from the beginning carried with it charismatic graces, turning my soul like a vast fire of love. To accompany this, God gave me freely without any merit, spiritual wealth and strength. In a message God said:

"Let Me renew your strength in My Heart by filling your heart with My Peace. We shall appear together again when the time comes. My victories, conquering souls will be hailed at every one of My steps, and you, fastened to Me, will run and not grow weary, will talk and not get thirsty, you will stand and never tire; you will advance with Me..." 6.5.97

This is for all of us now since we are sharing this Noble Theme which He named True Life in God and which brought us today together. To serve our Lord one has to remember to serve Him with love. This is what Christ tells us:

"It is good to do good works for Me and follow some devotions as well as acts of love, thanksgivings and acts of reparation, but I would be greatly disappointed that you would die before having known Me. I would be greatly distressed were you to die now before having understood Me. Many of you are busy with your daily chores which please Me if they are done with love and they are according to My Mind, but all of this would be incomplete if you do not open to grace and acknowledge Me in My intimacy. So come and accept My familiar companionship and I, in My good pleasure, I will take you into the mysteries and the hidden secrets of Our Heart. You and Us will become inseparably united in Our Love for ever and ever." 2.ll.97

If we want to truly progress spiritually, and follow the Way to become united with God, we must know that the more effaced we become for God, the more completely we would be united to God and the greater His works will be in us. God does not want to find any rival within us. Humility is when we are nothing. When we will be reduced to nothing, in this extreme humility, spiritual union will be worked between the soul and God, which in this life is the greatest and the highest state attainable. The road to this union of love is when you will embrace with love the Cross which you know It will lead you to Calvary:

"Anyone who is united with Me takes the same road I had taken - the road to Calvary; anyone who follows the Supreme Victim becomes part of the Victim " 30.5.93

"I, the Lord, am showing you the steps I have taken for My Passion. Since you are serving Me, you must follow Me. What do you want Me to say: "Follow Me but not in My Footprints?" This cannot be -whoever serves Me, will follow My blood-stained Footprints..." 3.6.93 "The humbler you get to be, the easier My Spirit will find its way in you..."

God is trying to stir our love and raise us all into leading a contemplative life resting in the nuptial chamber of His Heart. In a message Jesus says:

"I will rouse their thirst to seek My Heart alone; as a king who sits on his royal throne, dressed in all his robes of state, glittering with gold and precious stones, with a scepter in his right hand, I will take it as My prime and personal concern to preserve My Throne in your heart, so that your heart will continue to be adorned with the wealth of your King and Lord. This wealth of knowing Me in My triune glory. The wealth of fearing Me and the wealth of shunning every kind of sin and finally, the wealth of doing My Divine Will and what is pleasing to Me, your God." 6.5.97

Even if one receives extraordinary favours there is no comparison and no one should hesitate to prefer the prayer of union rather than the extraordinary favours, there must be no hesitation: one must orientate the favours to the prayer union and even sacrifice them if it is necessary; so you see that perfect union with God is all that matters, for union with God is the only good that we can desire and ask for absolutely.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus invites us over and over again in His call of True Life in God, to share the riches of His Heart; from all these divine riches, the greatest and most elevated divine richness is the possession of God Himself.

On the other hand, give your freedom to God and offer yourselves as the slaves to God. I remember I had said to God one day: "let me be the auxiliary slave to serve you;" because I considered the slave to be a level higher than the auxiliary slave. One has to become the slave of God and be branded with His sign, which is the sign of the Cross, in token that we have given Him our freedom. Then He can sell you as slaves to the whole world, as He Himself was sold; slaves have no rest, this is why He had told me once "... and you would have no rest..."

A soul would never accept the conditions of slavery if she were not touched by the Holy Spirit who has made known to her the love of God which would be returning back to God. Listen to this message:

"I, Yahweh, can adorn your spirit, lavishly offering you a flow of My Divine Love so that you, in your turn return to Me this flow of Love, then wait and see, the day I will draw you into the nuptial chamber of My Heart, like a rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse, you will blossom to declare the greatness of My Name, calling Me: "My Father." 25.9.97

When the soul will be overflowing with Rivers of divine love, she will become thirsty as God for souls. In her thirst to draw men to know the Lord, the soul voluntarily thrusts herself into the world to draw all sinners to conversion and to love God. Thus, these souls testify in their manner that in order to love, one must serve with love, and that in serving with love, one arrives at the perfection of love.

Miracles done in the name of our Lord are not the "green" light to heaven nor do they prove that we know God or that God knows us. Heaven is gained by those who love, for they will be doing the divine Will of God. And in the Judgment Day, we will all be judged according to the measure of our love.

Remember what Jesus said: "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the Will of my Father in heaven shall enter the kingdom of heaven." Mt 7: 21

That means if our action is done without love, it counts for nothing. If whatever we do will be done without us being moved and animated by love, we would most likely hear the Judge's Voice tell us: "Go away, I do not know you." God the Father says:

"My Works would be sterile were I not to perfect you in your love. Of what use would have been your works to Me and what sort of honour would it have been for Me, were they to be offered without you freely giving Me your entire heart first." 25.9.97

God invites us to pray and ask the Spirit of Counsel to seek for Counsel, this is what He said:

"Seek Love, all you, the humble of the earth who obey My Commandments; ask for My Spirit of Counsel to make you desire integrity, humility, loyalty and goodness so that your step will not fail you to do wrong. Unfailingly, My Spirit of Counsel will make His law known to you and counsel you saying:

Do not equal anyone to God. Serve the cause of right, lift the oppressed. Do no harm to anyone, but love and help one another; do not afflict or harass the widow or show harshness to the orphan. Practice goodness and do not be like the villains and the wicked who ruin their souls by ruining the helpless. Never rebel towards your God but bow your head and bend your knee in His Holy Presence. Never substitute His Perpetual Sacrifice, not even for all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour." 17.6.95

God is urging us to follow Him and perfect our union with the Three Divine Persons, for in perfecting our union with the Holy Trinity, our thoughts, our acts, our sayings will be in total harmony with the Divine Will of God since everything will be regulated and ordered by Love. In that divine union all that belongs to the Trinity will belong to the one united with Them. When the soul has given herself up to the Will of God, the mind then contains nothing else save God, and our life will be turned into an unceasing prayer and we would stand before God with a pure mind.

"And although you will still be among men, your mind will be in heaven; and although your body will be moving among men, your soul and mind will be as an angel's, walking in the courts of Our Kingdom, walking among angels. I will teach you to live in us, move in us and breathe in Us. I shall teach you that We are Life and in Us you will never cease to be." 25.10.94

We know that it is by the Holy Spirit that we came to know the love of God, which is a consuming love, since the Holy Spirit is the one who instructs the soul. We should then, with fervency, ask the Lord to grant us to know Him by His Holy Spirit as He gave to His disciples the Holy Spirit and they knew Him.

"So long as you hang on to this world, you will never understand that it is in My Holy Spirit that your body could be captivated so that your thoughts would turn into noble thoughts, then in that nobility of thought, you will be ready to do My Will..." 25.2.98

When we surrender ourselves to our Lord, the Holy Spirit of Love will operate in silence in our soul to transfigure it into a heaven so that in that heaven the Holy Trinity will be glorified. And in that heaven again, that is within us, the prayer of the Our Father will be fulfilled. For in that state of Spring, having been renewed, by Spring Himself, the reign of God's Kingdom on earth and His Will shall be as it is in heaven.

"And My Kingdom shall come, because My Throne shall descend from above into My Holy City and I shall reign among the remnant left, who will see Me face to face. Love shall return as Love and My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven because you will be one, worshipping Me around one Tabernacle with love in your heart and a Fire burning inside you. I shall accomplish My priestly prayer; Your souls shall be rooted in Me, in Love, in Unity and filled up with the utter fullness of My Spirit" 19.12.90

God the Father says in a recent message: "I will adorn this earth in Spring, My Spring. What is the Spring of Yahweh? My Spring will be when the whole of My creation would be shining with a brilliant light. Your image of the dark would be no more, for I, your Bridegroom and the kindest of fathers, will be shining on you..." 25.2.98

God says that one day our generation will cry out to the Holy Trinity these words:

"Adorable Trinity!
hold our eyes captive on the One Heart
and supply our soul with what it lacks;
anoint us O Holy and Divine Trinity,
pouring Your oil on us so that we remain
indissolubly united with You in Your Will;
Prepare us for Your glorious Reign
of the Kingdom on earth
in which Your Will shall be the essence
of our daily life and
the emblem on our forehead,
and Love the banner above our heads." Amen

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