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Creating Regional Chapters to Help Evangelization and Prayer Groups


More in depth

1. Defined the geographic areas.

First we looked at the map of the USA. Then we drew some lines to break up 6 somewhat equal regions. We decided on 6 regions based on a few things. The USA could have had many more regions but we needed to be realistic. Too many regions would have been too hard to manage. At least initially. We decided to go in steps. Six was a nice feasible number and lent itself well to the way the USA is laid out.

After the lines on the map were drawn, we looked closer at the States that were in those areas. We obtained the population statistics on each of those States and did a little math. We did not want any one region to have an unbalanced number of people in it. All that stuff we found on the Internet with a Google search.

Another factor that weighed in was the amount of current TLIG activity in those regions. Areas that were already working hard and where there were a fair amount of prayer groups could take on a bit more than an area that was starting from scratch.

2. Identified potential people to take responsibility of those regions.

Now that we had our regions defined, we needed to find people in those areas to take on the responsibility. We brainstormed to come up with a list of people in each region that were responsible, active readers and workers in TLIG. We wanted two or three people, minimum, to take the responsibility.

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