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The 27 Answers

So, you've studied the 27 Questions and you want to know how well you answered? Here are Vassula's answers to the questions.

  1. What is the first step for us to do so that the Holy Spirit invades our soul with His light?
  2. A: Purity in the soul is essential. So the first step for us to do is to REPENT. True REPENTANCE burns like a fire within the soul. REPENTANCE allows the Holy Spirit to descend upon you to complete His divine action, "shattering all impurities and imperfections that confront Him... in order to prepare you for this perfect union, He needs to purify us..." During this period of REPENTANCE with tears in your eyes and with great remorse seeing what a wretch you are in front of God you start becoming a docile instrument for God. REPENTING with all your heart leads the eyes of your soul to realize your unworthiness and thus you humble yourself. One cannot call upon the Holy Spirit to invade him since the Holy Spirit shuns away from sin and will not come upon a crafty soul in debt to sin. "The humbler you get to be, the easier My Spirit will find its way in you." To conclude: REPENTANCE is the gate that leads souls from darkness into light.

  3. Many of the souls today are arid like a desert, so how would our soul be transfigured to look like to glorify God?
  4. A: We can only be transfigured by the Holy Spirit when He will find the necessary space within us and after dying to ourselves. When we die to our ego and passions and become totally detached the Holy Spirit can invade you and possess you transfiguring you so that your mind becomes the mind of Christ. "My Holy Spirit, can transfigure your soul from a desert into a garden, where I can have My rest in you. My Holy Spirit can transfigure your soul into a palace, where I can be King and reign over you. My Holy Spirit can transfigure your soul into a paradise where in this paradise I will be glorified."

  5. What are the two steps to take that the Father taught us in the beginning, of how to approach Him, that will make Him stand up from His Throne, put aside His crown and run to us?
  6. A: The first two steps that the Father is asking us to take are: to become INTIMATE with Him and the second step is to put into practise the "FEAR OF THE LORD". The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, it is the crown of Wisdom. To fear the Lord is avoidance of all evil. "Come and inherit what lasts for ever by allowing My Spirit to enlighten your mind and your body with His divine light., allowing Him to animate your soul in the intimacy we desire of you in Us..." "Come and approach Me and get to know Me and you will learn to love Me, for this you have to become intimate with Me. Nevertheless, never forget that I AM HOLY."

  7. How does Jesus describe the Father? Only a few words are needed.
  8. A: Jesus describes the Father as thus: "My Father is King, yet so motherly, He is Judge, yet so tender and loving, He is the Alpha and the Omega yet so meek."

  9. How are we described by God as coming from the Father?
  10. A: We are described as His SEED but not only as His seed. He reminds us that we are of ROYAL DESCENT and that we descend from Sovereignty. "Sons and daughters! You are the offspring of the Most High! You descend from Sovereignty and Splendour! You belong to Us, you belong to heaven! You are of royal descent, you are blessed in Our Image, so allow Me to clothe you in My splendour. Open your heart and I shall save you." In other passages God reminds us that we are the bone of His Bone the flesh of His Flesh.

  11. What is it that the Father above all asks from us?
  12. A: The Father asks from us our will and our heart and to abandon ourselves to Him so that His Will may be done in us. "Once I have your consent, My Will shall be done in you." "I do not come by force upon you with My Holy Spirit to violate your liberty, nor do I come to condemn you. I come to you out of My Mercy to give you freely the fullest knowledge of My Will."

  13. What is the Will of the Father?
  14. A: Our Lady said: "I came to remind you all that a true apostle of God is the one who does the Will of God. To love is to do the Will of God." (Here are two beautiful passages one can choose or take both). "Love is above all. To love is to do My Will. It is your entry key to My Kingdom in heaven. If you claim you are living in Me but have no love, then you cannot say you are living in Me: a true life in Me, is to be living the same kind of life as Christ lived." It is not he who says to Me: "Lord! Lord! Who will enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but the person who does the WILL OF MY FATHER in heaven. So speak with love and I shall hear you! Give with love and I shall know you. Pray with love and the doors of My Kingdom shall open to you to receive you! Act with love so that I may tell you one day: "You are Mine, you are seed! Come to your Father!" Another quotation: "Love is above all. TO LOVE IS TO DO MY WILL. It is your entry key to My Kingdom in Heaven."

  15. What does the term, "to walk with God" mean?
  16. A: The term to "walk with God" means when you are totally united to God and under His divine Will. "Learn that anyone of you who turns to Me with the sole desire to please Me, with all My heart, yes, with all My Heart I will grant him My favours. I will reveal My Image of Goodness so that they end their journey with Me."

  17. What is the biggest service one can render to God?
  18. A: The biggest service one can render God is to bring one soul back to Him. Having realized the value of each soul, you will go through fire to gain souls for God. To gain souls for God surpasses all sorts of services you could render God, for God prizes one soul more than anything else. So God asks us to evangelise: "Go and evangelise with love for Love."

  19. What is the unceasing prayer?
  20. A: The unceasing prayer is when your spirit is completely absorbed in God becoming sensitive of God's presence. In these moments you do not need anymore words to express yourself to God because all your being becomes a vivid flame enflamed with love for God. It is the contemplative prayer. Your soul will be enveloped by God and you will be permanently dwelling in God. Your soul will be thirsting for God all day long. "And I, for My part, will stir their love to long for Me, I will rouse their thirst to seek My Heart alone..."

  21. What is the meaning of "True life in God?"
  22. A: "True Life in God" means to dwell in the love of God and in God. God's aim is to draw everyone towards Him, to Himself and in Him. The soul cannot live without God, but it takes its life from God. "Come and I shall show you, if you are willing what "True life in God" means. I tell you solemnly, that anyone who lives in love, lives in Me, your God, and I live in him."

  23. Can you explain what is the prayer of the heart?
  24. A: The prayer of the heart is a simple conversation with God coming from our heart. A prayer coming from the heart vibrates with truthfulness and God hears it. "Your answer to your problems can be found in a constant prayer. Let this be your weapon. Pray with your heart; converse with God in this way. Satan flees every time you invoke God with love."

  25. Can you explain what equality of love means, when Jesus asks us to give equality of love?
  26. A: God said: "Your God desires equality of love from you". "Receive more of Me, allowing to receive more of you. My wish is to give more of Myself to you, so that you can give more of yourself to Me. I will be obtaining in this way all that belongs to Me already." "No one can ever reach on earth that height of My love....I only demand what belongs to Me already..." So the more we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit by repenting and emptying ourselves from our passions, vices, sins and iniquities, the more space we give to the Holy Spirit of love to pour Himself in us.

  27. What is the meaning of being "gods by participation"?
  28. A: To be gods by participation means to become an adoptive son and daughter to the Most High. Through His divine union with us God draws us into a filial love. "I am He who brought you into a filial love with Our Divinity to lead a divine life and become another child, by adoption, of the Father." "Like a true son and daughter of God, you would become in this elevated state of grace a perfect image of the triune God and all your undertakings will be done without any flaw, since they would be divine and according to Our Mind and Our Will.

  29. Can we be deified or divinised while we are still here on earth?
  30. A: Yes we can be divinised or deified while here on earth. That does not mean that we take the nature of God but are given the image of God. "Through the Holy Communion (Holy Eucharist) I sanctify all who receive Me, deifying them to become the flesh of My Flesh, the bone of My Bone. By partaking Me, I, who am Divine, you and I become one single body, spiritually united. We become kin, for I can turn you into gods by participation; through My Divinity I deify men... have you not heard: "you too are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you." (Ps 82:6) Again, it means to take the image of God but not the nature of God.

  31. What do we have to do so that we are deified or divinised?
  32. A: To be deified or divinised by God means that a soul, after having gone through a purification and abandonment to God, will have the imprint of the Divine Image of God sealed in it and will become a child by grace to God. God then will be looking at His own reflection in that soul. God tells us why, He says: "Your spirit will be immersed in Our Divinity." "You are called to be transfigured in Us and be one with Us." So our new self will be dressed with Christ after having died to our old self. The Angels will say: "Look! He has Yahweh's spring in him! The Lord now can rejoice in him and gaze admiringly on His Own reflection." There is another passage where the Holy Spirit says: "I am the vivifying substance of your soul and He who brought you into a filial love with Our Divinity to LEAD A DIVINE LIFE and become another child, by adoption, of the Father."

  33. What does the term "rule with God" mean and can one, while still on earth, rule with Him?
  34. A: To rule with God means to govern with God. We have to allow God to build us up to become a child of God "who" He says, "being Our offspring, as any offspring, would have the right as well to share and give its opinion. Even to govern with his Father; (for) in the tranquillity of My Breath in you, you will see things through Our Light and the way We see them....Let Me call you as well, son or daughter of the Most High and you will rule with Us." St. Paul said: "The one who is joined to God becomes one spirit with Him." 1 Co 6.:17) Another beautiful passage the Holy Spirit says to us: "I am the Sovereign Master of your soul but your Friend as well, giving you access to free speech, allowing you to express your opinion, your thoughts and your free will which I have restored to you..."

  35. Can you explain what the second Pentecost means?
  36. A: To explain the second Pentecost is to explain Ap. 21 as well. The Second Pentecost has already started and is individual. Whosoever from being spiritually dead is raised by grace and is put aflame by the Holy Spirit, for God, becoming zealous for the House of God, has already received this second Pentecost within him. It is a resurrection by the power of the Holy Spirit, a renewal and a total transformation. The Holy Spirit is like fire: "The inner power of My Church is the Holy Spirit, the Fire which enlivens you, purifies you and makes out of your spirit columns of fire, ardent braziers of love, living torches of light to proclaim without fear My Word." "There will be a second Pentecost so that My Kingdom on earth (the Church) will be restored."

  37. Can you explain the meaning of the New Heavens and the New Earth as well as the New Jerusalem?
  38. A: The New Heavens and the New Earth is when in a metaphoric way a person himself becomes the new heavens, the new earth and the new Jerusalem, coming out from God out of heaven, like a beautiful bride all dressed for her Bridegroom. There is an entire explanation that one can make a whole conference only on that subject, given on the 3rd April 1995. Here are just a few quotations: "The New Heavens will be when My Holy Spirit will be poured out to you all from above from the highest heaven to make a heaven out of your soul so that in this New Heaven I may be glorified." "Let My Holy Spirit make a New Earth to prosper in you your soil, so that your first earth, that was the devil's property wears away. Then once again My Glory will shine in you and all the divine seeds sown in you by My Holy Spirit will sprout and grow in My Divine Light."

  39. Jesus speaks of the treasures of His Sacred Heart, so what is the greatest treasure one can obtain from God? In the messages He speaks of some but emphasizes one in particular.
  40. A: The greatest treasure of Jesus' Sacred Heart is the Knowledge of God, in which the treasure of intimacy follows immediately; they are almost linked in one. The treasure of knowing and understanding God is the prodigy of prodigies. We know that the most important thing in our spiritual journey is to do God's Will and walk with Him, but to do this we must be able to understand and know God. It is only through the Holy Spirit that one can know God. This treasure is obtained by grace through a holy contemplation. Quotation: "It is good to do good works for Me and follow some devotions as well as acts of love, thanksgivings and acts of reparation, but I would be greatly disappointed that you would die before having known Me. I would be greatly distressed were you to die now before having understood Me. Many of you are busy with your daily chores, which please Me, if they are done with love and they are according to My Mind, but all of this would be incomplete if you do not open to grace and acknowledge Me in My intimacy. So come and accept My familiar companionship and I, in My good pleasure, I will take you into the mysteries and the hidden secrets of Our Heart. You and Us will become inseparably united in Our Love for ever and ever."

  41. Choose 5 lines that is given to us on describing the Holy Spirit or His action in us and the Church.
  42. A: There are many passages. I've chosen this: "The Holy Spirit will be the light of your eyes, the motive of your being, the movement of your heart, the utterance of your speech, your laughter and your joy. He will be the kingly adornment of your soul, the watchman of your spirit, He will be your brother, your sister and your faithful friend. He will be your festivity, your banquet, the hidden treasure, the pearl, your hymn to the Hymn, your amen to the Amen, the promised land and the foundation of all virtues on which He will inscribe His Holy Name."

  43. What does the Cross represent to you? Jesus describes it.
  44. A: This theme again can be extended into a whole conference. The Lord says: "To embrace Me is to embrace My Cross. In this embrace you are bathed in My Light. The way, and I would say again, the only way to a union of divine Love with Me is when you voluntarily embrace with love My Cross which you know bears its sufferings but its joys as well, which lead you where your soul would be exalted: to Calvary." One would ask, how can one bear all of this? It will be only when our soul will be overflowing with rivers of divine Love and will be thirsty to serve God and to draw as many souls to God.

  45. Jesus speaks of two keys that will unite the Church. What are those two keys?
  46. A: The two keys that will unite the Church are humility and love. "Humility and love are the keys to unity. It is not the eloquence of speech nor the lengthy discourse that will lead them to unity. (So) bow down that you may see My Will. Lower your voice so tht you hear salvation speaking to you from the heights of Glory." Here is another passage: "Some will say: 'but we have always kept the law of the Church and obeyed it...' it is not enough to keep the law of the Church and obey it. I need humility and love and the conversion of your hearts to be the foundation of your unity."

  47. What is the unity Jesus repeats in His messages? What is unity for you?
  48. A: The unity that Jesus speaks of is a spiritual unity of the heart. The Lord says: "The real Christian is the one who is inwardly a Christian, and the real Unity is and will be in the heart. Unity will not be of the letter but of the spirit." Our Lady says: "I implore my children to unite in heart and voice and rebuild My Son's primitive Church in their heart. I am saying My Son's primitive Church, since that Church was constructed on love, simplicity, humility and faith...I mean you to reconstruct a new edifice inside your heart....etc" The second part of the question, which was what is unity for you, my answer will be this of a child's: unity for me is when we do not differentiate ourselves with one another, but gather together and pray with one heart. Nevertheless, I will become a warrior and walk fearlessly to defend the Truth and the Tradition of the Church, the Eucharist, our Blessed Mother and the rest of the Sacraments of the Church. I will not sell the Truth or live a false ecumenism.

  49. Give me just 5 line on how Jesus describes our Blessed Mother.
  50. A: These lines come from Emmanuel's Song in TLIG. Jesus says about our Blessed Mother: "She is the Queen of Heaven. She is My Mother and your Mother - the loveliest of Women; beautiful as Heaven, radian as My Glory, unique in Her perfection, the delight of My Soul. She is the Woman with the twelve stars of Her Head for a crown; the Vessel of My Glory, a reflection of My Eternal Light. She is the One whose presence in My Courts outshines all the constellations put together. etc

  51. What is the greatest virtue of all?
  52. A: LOVE is the greatest virtue. From love sprouts all the other virtues. It is the root of the tree of virtues. We will all be judged in the Judgment Day according to the measure of the love we had here on earth. I chose of the many messages on the importance of love this one. The Father says: "Tell Me, of what use is a fruit tree which would never produce its fruit? Or, of what use is a harp without ist strings? In other words, of what use are to Me your praises when said without love? Of what use are your sacrifices were they to be offered without love? Your goal then should be love, for it is on love in the end that you will be judged and not on your eloquence of speech or on your knowledge, or on any of your sacrifices, or on the gifts that I, in My benevolence offered you; you will be judged on the measure of your love."

  53. Last but not least: what is the first thing God asks from all of us to do?
  54. A: The first thing God asks from a soul is to make peace with Him and live holy. To make peace with God is to return to God's favour and intimacy after a period of estrangement and rebellion through sin and transgression. Thus you will be abandoning yourself to God, offering your heart to Him as a token of your love. Once He has your heart, a transforming union of divine love follows. Quote: "Submissiveness seduces Me; stern as it might appear, it is the opening for Me to enter in your heart and do My Will."

If you answered well (Praised be God!) and you've watched your share of videos of Vassula's talks and you feel you are ready to start witnessing, please contact the Evangelisation Team () for next steps.

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