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Beth Myriams of Uruguay


Beth Myriam, Montevideo


This is the front of the house

Beth Myriam Montevideo is located in “Cordon” neighbourhood just one block away from Pereira Rossell Hospital, the largest Pediatric and Maternity state hospital in the city and also serving the whole country. Because it is a state hospital and assistance is free, most of the needy children and mothers go there.

People having lunch
Children eating

This BM serves lunch to day-patients travelling from faraway locations and up-country locations to receive medical care or specialized treatments (oncology, cardiology, physiotherapy, psychiatry) who spend long hours at the hospital, often until late afternoon. These patients usually are so poor they can’t afford even a hamburger, least of all a proper lunch, and they spend the day on bread and “ mate”, the national hot beverage resembling hot tea. Now, they are happy to come to our Beth Myriam, where not only are they served a proper hot lunch but also they can relax and rest for a while. Lunch consists of a hot dish of beef or chicken with vegetables and rice or pasta and sweet or fruit. Food is very nutritious and well balanced, cooked with love and in prayer which makes it quite unique. “ Your food is delicious” all of them say.

Also, we are serving lunch to many parents whose babies are hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. Because it is the largest in the country, all the serious cases are assisted here. Desperate parents come searching not only food but our prayers and comforting words.

Part of the 150 children from Shanty Town eating the 'guiso'
Ana and volunteers doing the vegetables for 150 children

Lately, our BM team has undertaken another charity. Twice a week we cook big pots of “ guiso” the national stew, and take it to the slums to be distributed among 185 children. The mere sight of these children eagerly eating their dish of “guiso”, which represents for many the only nutritious food they will get that day, compensates all the efforts and hard work.

These four children and their mothers receive love, care and accommodation at the BM, therefore are growing healthy and happy

Contact information

Address: Montevideo, Uruguay
Responsible: Ana Lizaralde

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