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Beth Myriams of Brazil


Beth Myriam Joao Pessoa


João Pessoa BM is being organized and the building is being restored. After the restoration is over, there will be a weekly meeting with children, teenagers and their mothers when they will learn about illegal drugs and their consequences.

Besides that, each month, kids meet at João Pessoa BM to play, eat, and get to know Jesus Christ and His Church. In December, a bazaar is made to raise money, which is used to prepare the Christmas supper served to the needy. There are other special activities on St. John’s Day (June 24th) and on Children’s Day (October 12th).

All Brazilian Beth Myriams thank the local donors, specially Mrs. Amorim, member of a TLIG Prayer Group. She has donated 126,000 US dollars to help to support the BMs of Brazil and Uruguay.


Address: Joao Pessoa
Responsible: Jansen Coutinho , Cidinha
Email: ,

Beth Myriam
Beth Myriams σε όλο τον κόσμο
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