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Jakarta, Indonesia

17-19 March 2016

«Your generation is privileged to hear My Voice» 
                                                    (TLIG, October 6, 1993)

When Indri Makki, organizer and translator of the TLIG messages into the Indonesian language, learned about Vassula’s mission in Japan and Philippines, she decided to invite Vassula and host the TLIG event in Jakarta. Indri decided through her discernment during the Christmas season, to proceed to organize and host the TLIG event, despite economic difficulties and recent terrorist attacks at the center of Jakarta. God came to her help giving her the strength and the grace that was needed to go forward. In December, there were only two volunteers willing to handle the work. Through an email blast, more volunteers came, and by the time the event needed to be promoted and publicized in February, there were about 20-25 volunteers working rapidly and fully committed. Publicity was given through flyers, radio and internet media.

On March 17 we flew out from Manila for Jakarta for the next mission. At the airport, Lisa, who had travelled from the USA to help with organizing, Sakti, Fr. Deshio, Fr. Andy and Beatriz, were waiting for us, happy and excited for Vassula’s visit to Indonesia after almost 20 years.  All of them were familiar to the TLIG Messages and have been for many years. They welcomed Vassula with flowers.   After the customary photographs had been taken, we departed for the hotel. Their enthusiasm for this mission to Jakarta was really great! 

Welcome at Jakarta’s airport

The next day, on the morning of March 18, Vassula met Indri and some of the volunteers who organized the event… There was great expectation and joy among the volunteers. It is the joy given by the Holy Spirit, the joy that man feels when working for the glory of God!

At the entrance of the Hall, there were volunteers serving the public, providing informative material.

Vassula’s speech had been scheduled for the afternoon at the conference Hall “Sasana Prakarti”, in the center of Jakarta. All the organizers were wearing like t-shirts with the face of Jesus and the phrase “True Life in God” in Indonesian imprinted on it. At the entrance of the building, there were volunteers serving the public, providing informative material and registering the details of those interested in receiving information on TLIG activities and Vassula’s mission. The 1st TLIG volume, newly printed, which included the CDF as well as DVDs of Vassula’s speeches, was laid out on a table inside the hall. On the stage, there was a large banner.   At the left and at the right of the banner were two screens projecting the messages and photographs from Vassula’s missions.   Later on, it showed a projection of Vassula’s speech. There were about 400-500 people in the Hall, all who received the Lord’s message with a warm applause! In the first row, a Buddhist monk was sitting next to Indri and the catholic priests. He was Indri’s cousin, who accepted the invitation and came to the event. Father Andy Gunardi who had also attended Vassula’s speech in Manila, went onto the stage and made a short introduction about the Messages of True Life in God.

The 1st TLIG volume, newly printed, which included the CDF as well as DVDs of Vassula’s speeches, was laid out on a table inside the hall.

Indri, translator of the TLIG messages with some friends who attended the event.

Vassula thanked them for their nice welcome, saying that she was glad to be returning to Indonesia after many years… She thanked TLIG friends and organizers for the preparations they had made in order to spread the Message to the glory of God.

Vassula giving her witness

She began her speech with “Our Father” in Aramaic. Vassula said yet again that “the TLIG Messages are derived out of God’s Mercy. She reminded people that God has an ardent desire to save us from liberalism, materialism, corruption and the utter lack of respect for life. Vassula emphasized that the TLIG messages teach us how to love, but prior to that we need to learn to repent. She reminded us what God says to us in the TLIG messages: “Now is the time of repentance; renounce your sin and find favor in God.” She spoke about the warnings and prophecies given by God in the messages all these years… however, mankind does not listen to them; Today, Vassula said “the name of Jesus provokes and annoys… People do not want to hear His name. In our time, the Church is under attack. The western world has been apostatized”. While listening to Vassula speak, I remembered the message Christ’ had given about His prophets on November 30, 1998:

“My prophets’ words, that come with My direct intervention are like a sword, to drive the apostatized to repentance, giving Me honor and glory; their words flare like a torch in the darkness of your soul;”

The audience

Vassula also spoke about the 26 Beth Myriams scattered all over the world, stressing that believing in God requires deeds and God requires deeds from us. The Lord needs sacrificial love; a form of sacrificial love is to help the poor. To love is to do God’s Will, she said. Almost in all her witnessing talks Vassula emphasizes that when people receive graces, they have to give back: they have to get out of their comfort zone and go out to serve the Lord. They have to become the new apostles and with the help of the Holy Spirit spread the messages, so the whole world will taste the love and the sweetness of Christ.  Go out and witness a Resurrected Christ, she said!

Vassula continued her speech saying: “God brought me here to your country to revive His Messages in your heart… Jesus inspires people, everything is led by Him. I am a postman with a letter of love from God the Father. I have to distribute it. This revelation comes from Jesus Christ, because He is my teacher. All the messages come from Him. Love loves you!”

Vassula read out the prayer given by Yahweh on February 13, 2016 and then concluded her speech with the Prayer for Healing and Deliverance.

At the end of the speech, two little girls went onto the stage and offered Vassula a nice bunch of flowers. We later learned that one of girls is called Vassula; she had been given this name by her father, after he had read the TLIG messages.

Vassula receiving flowers from 2 little girls, one of them is called Vassula

Photo with the organizers of Vassula’s speech in Jakarta

The usual tension that normally exists prior to the speech presentation disappeared from the faces of the organizers, turning their demeanor into joy and enthusiasm.  The people, happy and thirsty for spiritual food went to the TLIG bookstands.   Of course, the wish of the people, especially those who had worked with zeal and love for this event, was to have the usual commemorative photos taken with Vassula and have their books signed by her.  The above photo speaks a thousand words. 

Signing the books

As the attendants rushed out to buy books, I saw two young men sitting at the last rows. I approached and asked them their impression about what they had heard. Willingly they replied: It was the most spiritual speech we have heard and we want to learn more about the TLIG messages!

Then, at a private hall inside the premises, we dined with the friends who had organized the event. Vassula had the opportunity to give some advice on spreading the Messages. She said: “Today, we planted seeds again, but they will die again if we do not water them. You have to fertilize the soil. You need to keep in touch with these people. You need to start prayer groups. This is what Jesus asks. Let us pray that what we did has been successful. Jesus says: “Do your best and I will do the rest”. She went on to ask them how they had heard about the messages, whether they have read them and what they think about them.

  • The first friend said she had no idea about the existence of the messages. Then a friend of hers, who was enthusiastic, talked to her about the TLIG books.   When she was asked to help with the organizing of the event, she readily said yes! “I feel so blessed to be here and to have listened to your speech”, she told Vassula.
  • Lisa, who is from Indonesia and lives in the USA, shared with us her testimony: “It was around the year 1992 when I started reading the book My Angel Daniel . After that I started to read the TLIG books from the beginning.  I moved to Jakarta where I began my first job and I was wondering how I could find more TLIG books. After looking at the back of one of the books, I found out that Indri’s office (translator of the messages in the Indonesian language) was located in the same building as my office. I started to give out the books.  What really impacted my life, upon reading the books, is that I felt Jesus being really alive; I long to listen to what God says to me.  He heals. The TLIG messages give answers; they guide me and heal me. I know God knows me;  He cares and loves me…”
Leonardo writing his testimony
  • Then it was Leonardo’s turn to speak: “I began to explore the TLIG Messages in the year 2000, when my brother gave me a book. At that time during the nineties, I was longing for God because I felt no existence of Him. I had never before felt God. The problems that existed around the world affected me very much. I was wondering… when there is war, where is God? When there is injustice, where is God? I thought that way, at that time. So, when my brother gave me a TLIG book written in the Indonesian language, I said, this is it! This is what I have been looking for… I really had decided to bring God into my life, but I did not know how to approach Him. I had undergone catechism from the Catholic Church because I am Catholic, but it was boring… I mean the material was presented to me in a boring way, honestly speaking. When I read volume one, oh my God, this is what I was looking for. I wept, automatically, I wept; why I wept, I do not know why! God touched me; maybe the Holy Spirit touched me! By reading these Messages one encounters an inner spirit; God is so meek; God is very humble; God is loving and so on. Through the Messages I also began to understand the role of the Church, the unity of the church ... After three years of reading the messages, my friends and I went to the Orthodox Church of Jakarta, near here. However those friends who were from the Orthodox Church rejected the messages of TLIG. They replied, yes, we know Vassula Ryden; she is problematic and might be a heretic in the Greek Orthodox Church… I tried to defend Vassula and the Messages. I asked why? You have to see the fruits, the good fruits. I told them about my friends and me; we love God; we desire God. However, they did not want to hear anything… Then, out of the inspiration I had derived by reading the Messages, I began to write a blog with the name ‘May all be one’, in the Indonesian language. Jesus says ‘Orthodox, Catholic, Protestants, you all belong to Me… you are one in My eyes’. I always remember that. There is also a phrase in the TLIG Messages that I have kept in memory until now: ‘Come as you are… Come as you are’ whispering in my ears, Come as you are. Sometimes, when I fall into sin, I remember this phrase, ‘Come as you are’. Never surrender, never give in, and never give up. After my eldest daughter was born in 2006, I named her ‘Faustina – Vassula’. The Catholic priest who baptized her had never before heard this name and he asked me about it. I explained to him that Vassula is the name of a mystic! I thank God so much for the grace of the Lord!”
    • Beatriz from the Philippines said: “A friend and I were talking about the Blessed Virgin Mary, thinking that is such a pity that our Protestant brothers and sisters do not appreciate our Mother.  My friend then told me: ‘you know there is a woman who believes in Mama Mary who is Protestant and she has written a book’. I said, ‘really, who is she and what is her name?’ However, she had forgotten her name… In the Philippines, we later found out, they were selling the book Vassula of the Sacred Heart's Passion, written by Fr. O’ Carol, and so my friend said: ‘this is the book, this is the woman’. I bought the book and started reading it until the following day at six o’clock in the afternoon.  I was continuously reading it all the night and crying. The book I was reading mentioned other TLIG books, so, I started looking for them. In the meantime, I immigrated to the USA and the first thought I had after moving there was to contact Trinitas. I finally bought more books and videos.  Since I was coordinating with the TLIG association in the Philippines, I sent them some videos.  In sum, this is a synopsis of how I was introduced to the messages. Right now, I am trying to introduce the messages to the El Shadai group. Some bishops of the El Shadai group have already read the Messages of TLIG, so this is what I am doing now.”

    The following morning, March 19, we departed from Jakarta, heading for Singapore, the 4rth and last country of Vassula’s Mission in Asia.

    In Christ

    Gethsemane Vlaserou

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