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Mission to Lebanon and Syria

February 2017

From the moment we had announced that Vassula was coming to Lebanon, all hell-broke-loose to forbid the messages of Jesus from being transmitted.

A Greek Orthodox priest, who is considered, by the followers of his church, to be a fanatic, started   publishing calumnies on his Facebook page against Vassula. He also used mobile phone messages to put fear in the hearts of many, while spreading lies about Vassula. He accused her of being the daughter of the devil and indicated that we should not listen to her. With his offensive fervor, we could say that he managed to get the phone numbers of all the Lebanese people.

The TLIG group in Lebanon was distraught, since the lies were being spread onto all mobile phones.  Consequently, we asked for prayers from the TLIG groups in France and elsewhere. We sadly thought that all our efforts would go in-vain.   However, Vassula with all confidence knew that no one could stop the Lord’s Word from being spread because it was Jesus’ will to send her to our country, so as to spread the TLIG Messages in Lebanon and Syria.   She only said "Yes" to His will.

This priest and his followers had contacted every clergyman who had invited Vassula to speak, asking them to cancel her talk. He even went as far as to ask a prominent sheikh who had prepared a big interfaith meeting for February 10th with Vassula as the keynote speaker, to cancel the event. We learned about this when this sheikh called to inform us that a priest called to tell him many negative stories about Vassula. Therefore, to off-set his reserve, we sent him the true official position of the Vatican towards Vassula, confirmed by His Beatitude Patriarch Sfeir, along with other proofs from cardinals who declared that the CDF allowed the propagation of the True Life in God Messages after having received clarifications from Vassula. Since this truth had been clarified to the sheikh, he received Vassula at the meeting, defended her and rejected all the false declarations the priest had been feeding him.

February 10, 2017 - Lebanon

So Vassula arrived in Beirut on Feb 10, 2017 accompanied by Fr. Rolf Schönenberger from Switzerland.  On this same day, they had the inter-religious meeting mentioned above.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al Hajj invited Fr. Rolf, Vassula and many participants from different denominations to the interfaith meeting.

Vassula offers the HIR book to Al Sayed Ibrahim Srour (in the middle) and Sheikh Muhammad Kazem Ayad.

“UNITY BY DIVERSITY” Vassula is in attendance with different church and religious representatives: Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and Muslims.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al Hajj introduced Vassula and her worldwide mission, as well as the mission of the Beth Myriams. He mentioned that Westerners have an elevated spiritual and humanitarian mind that pushes them to help those in the East.

In her speech Vassula used this verse from the Koran: “Allah chooses from the angels messengers and from the people. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Seeing." (Surat 22 Al-Hajj, verse 75)

The following is part of what she said: "God has always manifested Himself to humanity; not to give us anything new, but rather to remind us of all that He has given us in His Word.  I was called by God in 1985. God gave me a particular grace, without any merits, to dictate His Messages for our times, because He said: through your wretchedness I will show the world My Mercy.  

In response to this world-wide apostasy from God, we notice that for many years now the Creator has been manifesting Himself as well as Jesus and the Virgin Mary, who appear in various places, to remind us of the Word of God. When the Virgin Mary appeared in Cairo, Zeitoun, on the top of a church, She projected Her Light on everyone; all saw Her, even president Abdel Nasser, and all the sick were healed. So God, through Her, has not made any distinction between Christians and Muslims.”

God tells us: live as though it is your last day on earth... because on Judgment Day you will be judged according to the measure of love you have had on earth.

The Virgin Mary: "I have asked you for prayers; many of you pray, but without love; many of you fast, but without love; so many of you speak of My messages, but very few follow them because love is missing in your hearts; ... if you practise all that I have been asking you without love, you are still in the dark;" (December 6, 1993)

One of the participants said that this meeting was the first stone in the mission of the Assembly, due to the diversity of the denominations that were present.  He also said that such meetings need to be done in Europe because Europe is suffering today from a misunderstanding of Theology.  Vassula responded with this sentence from Jesus: "the only theology, and I would strongly add, the only true theology is the contemplation of Me, your God." (February 12, 2000). She added that it is not the technical theology that is of concern, but rather the contemplation of God.

One of the priests in attendance thanked Vassula for her speech and said that when our Lady appeared in Egypt, she not only appeared to Christians, but also to Muslims.  Even the Muslim president of Egypt, back then, declared her apparition authentic.  This priest said that their assembly together at this meeting is a sign of brotherhood and love. He continued by saying that "If there was no love between us, we would not have assembled for this meeting.  Without love we would have probably been carrying swords and rifles.  Our presence in the East is a medicine for the East.  If the billions that are being spent on wars were spent on the needy, we would not find any poor person on Earth.  What brings us joy is that in Lebanon, Egypt and within the region we still have brotherhood, love, encounters with one another, and we still live together."

Another attendee said that he was very happy to be at this meeting and that this assembly is a ‘ray of light’ in the darkness that we live in, an imprint and an encounter with a smile of love. He also said that when he was first invited, he found the mixture of denominations unusual, so he was determined to attend.  In his opinion, it is not enough to speak; we need to transmit the values shared at this meeting to our societies. He said that politics divide the citizens of one country, even those who belong to the same religion, leading sometimes to division in the same family. He insisted on bringing the message shared at this meeting to today's youth in order to diminish hatred, grudge and separation. He said to Vassula and Fr. Rolf that "we, in Lebanon, wish that these values to be instilled in us." 

Reverend Nicolas AYOUB said that after reading nine chapters from Vassula's book "Heaven is Real but so is Hell", which she had offered him in Paris earlier in the year, he did not find anything opposing the Holy Scriptures. He feels that God’s role in what is happening with Vassula is large, unlike what happens to other people who pretend to encounter such experiences, but when their values, actions and perceptions are tested in reference to Holy Scriptures, they prove invalid. Her true authenticity was the reason he had the courage to attend this meeting. He then asked Vassula to tell the assembly what is her message to the people of this world, and whether she considers herself a prophetess, a saint or a messenger.  Vassula answered that she is a mother of two children.  God, in-spite of her wretchedness, with no merits, has given her this gift through His Mercy.  She doesn’t know the reason He gave it to her, but we cannot question God.  She never calls herself a prophetess or a messenger; she calls herself a housewife with a charisma.  The Lord formed her for three years in silence, without anyone knowing.  That's how God works: in silence and in peace.  After three years, He sent her out to the world.  He opened the doors.  She never seeks for an audience; for example, she never sought to be at this meeting.  God works with everyone and He has sent her to eighty-five countries.  She has been witnessing for thirty-one years.

A sheikh from among the group said that when he hears a Christian priest speak about love and morals, he feels as if a Muslim sheikh is speaking.  All clergymen of all religions agree that peace, love, beauty and goodness are from God.  He continued by saying that Vassula's message is a beautiful one of love which agrees with the Torah, the Gospel and the Koran.  He then asked Vassula if she has received something new, something other than the teachings found in the Divine Holy Books.  Vassula answered that God told her in a message that He comes to remind us of all that He has already given us. There is nothing new in the messages she received. God does not add new things.  What is added is the fact that He may give Vassula certain predictions as a prophecy; for example, the prediction of the tsunami of 2004.  Vassula explained how she had received messages about that event three times, and that she had even seen it in a vision.  She said that the tsunami devastation was used to explain how God cannot bear the world’s apostasy.  Moreover, the message about the devastation of the Twin Towers of New York that God had given her ten years prior to the date of the event was a warning to the world and a sign that God was not pleased with us.  The crumbling down of the Twin Towers was a sign of our own sins and our lack of repentance. 

One of the priests asked Vassula whether the tsunami and the Twin Towers was a sign of God's anger towards the human race. Vassula said "no, of course God is sad, but He says in the Messages that our rebellion, our apostasy and our atheism draws God's justice on us. His severity is as great as His mercy.  He does not like to punish us.  We attract evil upon us.  God says in His messages that whatever [evil] comes out of the earth returns back to earth...(May 21, 1994) If we do good, we receive good things, but through our sins we attract evil.  That was said twice; once by our Lady and once by the Lord.” 

Another sheikh wished that meetings such as this one to be fruitful.  He said the East has always and will always be the beacon for the West.  He called Vassula a Messenger of Peace.  He asked her about the apostasy in the West.  Vassula answered that it is true that in the West the churches are being sold because few people today are committed to their faith.  She also strongly emphasized that what is being said and shared in the meeting room should not remain within its four walls, but it has to be spread.

Another participant said that he was touched by the Coptic priest's intervention, as well as by Vassula’s remark that it was not enough to live our faith by fasting and praying in an outward appearance of religion; our faith should be apparent in our daily life through our love, our forgiveness and our peace.  He said that as an Alawite Muslim, he has to love Christ and our Lady who are mentioned in the Koran; the same thing applies to his brothers the Shiites, the Sunnis and the Druze.  He said to Fr. Rolf that we should not allow the brambles to kill or overcome the flowers because we need to teach the coming generations: to implant, in their minds and hearts, love, peace and forgiveness between the children of one nation and those of the whole world.

Yet another sheikh spoke about love.  He said that scientists say "I think, so I am" but Sufis say "I Love God, so I am a believer."  He asked Vassula about the methods TLIG as an association uses to consolidate the elements of faith.  Vassula answered that faith without works is dead.  She spoke about the thirty-three TLIG sponsored Beth Myriams that exist in the world, saying that we have to practice charity as well as faith.   On the Day of Judgment we shall all be judged according to the measure of the love we have bestowed here on earth.

Fr. Emile Abou Mrad, a respected priest from the Greek Orthodox Church said that he has been involved in the ecumenical field for thirty-five years, even before he became a priest and studied Theology.  He has also worked with movements that deal with unity between Christians and Muslims. However, although he has been preaching intensively about unity for twenty years in his parishes, he has noticed that people, after one month, forget about what he had taught them and they allow themselves to be affected by the ‘cheap’ news.  One of the main things he said is that in today’s world, although we are facing Islamist fanaticism, we have discovered through our inviting Vassula to Lebanon that we also have Christian fanatics who call people ‘infidels.’ He was referring to the persecution Vassula received from a Greek Orthodox priest who was also violently persecuting another priest.

Fr. Fadi Khawand, a priest in attendance from the Maronite Church, asked Vassula about the Catholic Church’s position in relation to her books.  Vassula answered that there are churches that have a positive regard, churches that have a negative regard and churches that are prudent.  When she lived in Rome, Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI, did a study of TLIG for two and a half years.  He had the entire TLIG message collection and the videos.  He gave all the books in the original language to three theologians to read.  If they were valid, then he would watch the videos.  If the videos were valid, he would ask Vassula some questions to completely clarify any respective issues.  And so, after the theologians read the Messages and he watched the videos, he asked her five questions and told her to take her time in answering.  She answered the five questions and waited.  Cardinal Ratzinger told her that if her answers were acceptable, he would meet with her.  A few months later he told her that her answers were acceptable and she met with him for thirty minutes.  He gave her a letter and asked her to give it to those who persecute her.  He also asked her to put the respective questions and answers in her books.  That was the only thorough study of the True Life in God Messages undertook at the Vatican.

Vassula also said that the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria, Theodoros, welcomed her.   He was positive and happy about the work and he read all her Messages.  Other clergymen, however, say that the Messages are not valid, even without having read them.  They persecute her and say calumnies against her.  That's how it is; the way of God is never easy.

Then, one of the meeting participants said that the diversity present here cannot be seen by society unless it is also included in political life.  He mentioned St. John Paul II's letter to Lebanon.  Vassula replied that if politics was honest, incorrupt, following God's laws and commandments, we would all be friends.

It is a benefit to be aware that Noursat TV (Télé Lumière) filmed this important event and it was covered by many local news agencies.  We think the Lord was glorified.

It is also noteworthy to mention that after the meeting one of the sheikhs asked Vassula this question: "In our faith we believe, that at the end, a person will come to save the world.  Who is that person in your opinion?"

Vassula answered that a grace is coming upon the world.  Everyone will see themselves through the eyes of God, regardless of one’s religion.  It is at that point when the world will experience a fundamental change.  All who were present loved her answer and agreed with her. 

February 11, 2017 - Lebanon

The next morning Vassula and Fr. Rolf were interviewed on a Lebanese morning show on the television channel OTV.

Fr. Rolf and Vassula spoke as usual about unity in diversity, repentance, love, intimacy and the new book Heaven is Real but so is Hell.  Fr. Rolf read some TLIG Messages from our Lady because it was the Feast day of our Lady of Lourdes, reminding us that unity will come on us suddenly like the fall of Communism.  Vassula ended the interview with a TLIG Message that Jesus has given to everybody: "lower even more now your voice so you may hear only Mine; lower your head, so that Mine would be seen; lower yourself so that I can lift you up to Me;" (September 26, 1991) 

You may watch the interview in both English and Arabic at the YouTube TLIG Lebanon Channel here.

Vassula and Fr. Rolf from Switzerland are interviewed on OTV.

In the afternoon, we attended a ceremony with TLIG Lebanon to honor His Eminence Bishop Simon Atallah who is our good friend.

Vassula congratulates Bishop Simon Atallah at his honor ceremony.

February 12, 2017 - Lebanon and Syria

The day started with a Mass shared with the Carmelite nuns at the Carmel of Unity and the Theotokos in Harissa.  Fr. Rolf concelebrated this Mass with a bishop from the Greek Catholic Church.

Vassula visited with the nuns and told them that she was going to Syria.  They remarked by saying "we need to snatch souls from Satan back to God.”  The nuns were so happy to see her that they invited her to speak to them privately on the 17th of February.  This scheduled meeting, however, was canceled, even though Vassula was as excited as the nuns were for its occurrence.  Later in the report, we will explain why.

After this visit, Vassula and Fr. Rolf left for Syria, accompanied by Fr. Emil Abou Mrad, after he took the benediction from his bishop: Metropolitan Georges KHODOR.

To our surprise, although we had previously announced Vassula’s upcoming tour in Syria and underwent attacks in Lebanon, the events in Syria transpired in peace, with no issues.  The Hand of the Lord was with us. 

After an eight hour drive, we arrived.  Vassula had been invited to speak in Damascus, in the Jarmana area, at the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Yacoub Baradii.  There were around two hundred fifty persons at this event.  They gave Vassula a very warm welcome and they all listened carefully to her testimony.  Vassula spoke about God the Father and His love for each one of us.  She also spoke about the importance of repentance, and intimacy with God and the Holy Spirit.  As an extension to the talk, two local priests celebrated Mass.   Among those in the audience there was a Druze delegation that came to hear Vassula, headed by a local prominent figure.  Also present was a person considered to be another instrument of God whose mission is to promote the unity of the Feast of Easter.  Towards the end of the event, an important figure delivered a short talk saying that the minute his right foot touched the first step of this church's stairs, he felt faith and love clothe him and go through his body and spirit. That was the love of Christ, and the Druze believe that Christ is the Christ of all nations.  Druze also say that He has anointed the world with love and goodness.  Druze say that Christ is ‘our Lord the Mind’ and the disciples are the limits of righteousness.  The practices and behaviour of Christians and Druze are similar.  Christ did not commit vices and did not come with swords.  He brought love and peace.  He is truly the King of Kings.  He taught us how to forgive those who want to kill us and wish us evil.

Before Vassula's talk the priest apologized for the existing power-cut and said that "maybe the Lord wants us to have Mass and spirituality with less technology."  He continued by saying that without Jesus there is no life.  Christian life means having a personal, true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The meeting in Damascus with the Syrian Orthodox community

Vassula with Judge Rabih Zahr Al Din and Fr. Jacques Yaacoub. Judge Rabih Zahr Al Din ‘DRUZE’ witnessed that the minute his right foot touched the first step of this church's stairs, he felt faith and love clothe him and go through his body and spirit. That was the love of Christ.

February 13, 2017 - Syria

By the grace of God, the day began with another episode of the Interreligious program that we had started in Beirut: How to Bridge our Divisions.  The aim of the program is to answer questions such as: What are the responsibilities of Christians in the midst of wars and crises? How do we reach each other?  How do we overcome divisions?  What is the way that leads us to a humility that can help us be detached from our passions and from material things?  How can we, Christians and Muslims, bend in humility in order to see the light?

This program focuses therefore, on a true dialogue to consolidate love and virtues.  It exists so as to teach the generations about how to reconcile and meet.

The meeting was held at the Greek Catholic Church of Saint Hananiya (Ananias) which is believed to be the historic house of St. Ananias.  

At the Church of Saint Hananiya. From right to left: Bishop Tobbi, Yolla, Vassula, Lea Maamari

How to Bridge our Divisions: Vassula at the inter-religious meeting with Catholic, Orthodox, Syrian-Catholic, Druze, Shiite and Sunnite.

Later on that day, Vassula and Fr. Rolf visited his Eminence Cardinal Mario Zenari, the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria, to congratulate him for being named cardinal.  Vassula spoke to him about the aim of her visit; its goal is to reinforce brotherhood and love between the various religions and denominations, and to find common ground in order to achieve unity in the Church on one hand, and unity among Christians and Muslims on the other hand.  She explained that TLIG is not only about dialogues, but about the striving to serve the poor, the refugees, the sick, etc., through thirty-two Beth Myriams around the globe that don't differentiate between the religions of those whom they serve.

The cardinal thanked the TLIG members for their visit and said that terrorism has nothing to do with religion.   It affects everyone and we should all work together for the good of humanity.

The most powerful moment at the meeting was when all the participants stood up and prayed the Lord’s Prayer together, in unity. 

Cardinal Mario Zenari, the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria receives Vassula, Fr. Rolf and TLIG Syria.

Praying the Lord's Prayer in Unity

After the meeting at the Apostolic Nunciature, Vassula and Fr. Rolf visited Mirna Al Akhrass.

Vassula offers the TLIG Arabic version of the Messages to Mirna Al Akhrass.

February 14, 2017 - Syria

On this day, Vassula and the group who accompanied her left Damascus for Homs with Fr. ASAAD, the coordinator of Beth Myriam Homs, who was driving them.  We saw God's Hand present when the car’s fuel tank was on empty.  The priest’s friend found enough fuel for us to arrive in Homs after a five hour drive, even though thousands of cars were waiting hours for fuel.

We visited Beth Myriam in Homs; spoke with families, witnessed the suffering of the people with no electricity, water and demolished homes.  Vassula decided to increase the help provided to this Beth Myriam in Syria in order to help these families.

Fr. Rolf, Vassula & Dany Nayef at Beth Myriam Syria

And, as soon as Vassula returned to her home in Rhodes, she requested the TLIG Association to send enough money to feed one hundred fifty families monthly in Homs.

At the culmination of a long day, Vassula’s mission in Homs was still not complete; towards the end of the day, she gave a talk at the Archangel Michael Syrian Catholic Church.

Three hundred persons where waiting to hear Jesus’ message, in spite of the extreme cold.  Due to the cold, we could not remove our coats, as you can see in the pictures.  We bore this cold for a few hours, yet the citizens of this area have been living like this for the past four years without electricity and water. 

Vassula speaks in Homs. After the talk, young women approached Vassula to take a picture with her.  Among them was a young Muslim woman who said that she loved Jesus very much and would love to take a picture with Vassula.

Vassula with the people of Homs

Part of the audience in Homs with Fr. Rolf and Fr. Abou Mrad from the Greek Orthodox Church in Lebanon

Our day ended at 8:00pm.  Throughout this journey, I sometimes felt very tired and I wanted to say that I have pain; I was tired, but when I, at any time, saw Vassula standing up to accomplish her mission without any complaints, I understood that I should not say anything negative.

February 15, 2017 - Syria

The trip to Aleppo was long; it took place on the national road, which was full of holes and danger. The ride lasted more than six hours, incorporating possible snipers on some roads.  As an aftermath caused by the war, we saw a bus completely destroyed.   

The destruction caused by the war in Aleppo

Our first stop was at the Carmelite nuns’ convent.  The nuns were so happy to see Vassula and wanted her to speak to them about the messages, asking her a lot of questions.

Vassula visits with Carmelite sisters 

In the evening, Vassula spoke at St. Georges Greek Catholic Church in Aleppo in front of seven hundred and fifty persons. 

Vassula at St Georges Church meeting in Aleppo

Vassula talking to 750 people in Aleppo

February 16, 2017 - Syria

While in Aleppo, we furthermore witnessed the suffering of the people who had no electricity, no water and demolished homes.

On this day, February 16, a meeting was prepared for Vassula at the Syrian Catholic Eparchy. 

Vassula with TLIG friends in Aleppo

The persons present talked about church issues: mainly the unifying of the dates of Easter and how to live true repentance, reconciliation and unceasing prayer. 

Vassula with Clergy in Aleppo: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant were invited by Bishop CHAHDA to listen to Vassula’s testimony and note the fruits of the TLIG Association.

Later during the day, the third inter-religious meeting of this mission took place in the Salesians' St. George Salem Roman Catholic Parish in Aleppo.

What kind of seeds would we like to sow on Earth?  What kind of harvest do we want at the end?  How do we live repentance and reconciliation in order to remain as one hand and one heart?  How can we live together in the wake of the dangers in the Middle East?  How should we act in the face of problems?  What is the importance of meditating on our behaviour and our relationship with God?  All these questions were asked by Tele-Lumiere who filmed another episode of How to bridge our divisions that focused mainly on the relationship between Christians and Muslims in the East. 

The meeting started with a talk by Eminence Sheikh Mahmoud Akkam Mufti of Aleppo.

All those who took part in the meeting agreed that national unity between all denominations cannot be achieved unless each person repents and reconciles with God and oneself in order to serve humanity.  The spiritual development of the human being is the aim of this unity.  Every person must work in order to achieve these goals.  We are thirsty to live according to them. 

Interreligious meeting in Aleppo with clergy and sheikhs

In like-manner, the participants also insisted on the need for spiritual renewal and unceasing prayer so that each person can reach inner peace.  In reference to the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Syria, they agreed that there is no fear of losing the historic good relationship that presently exists.  However, prudence is required in these difficult times.  Those in attendance gave testimonies showing that the war within the country did not kill the faith and the harmonious spirit that exists with those living together in one location. 

Vassula with the clergy and sheikhs at the interreligious program

February 18, 2017 - Lebanon

Vassula and Fr. Rolf came back to Lebanon on February 17th.   It was a long and tiring trip, more than ten hours long.  They arrived late in the evening, and unfortunately, couldn't arrive on time to go and speak to the Carmelite Sisters in Harissa.  They had to call so as to apologize for not visiting them.  The sisters told us that they will stay united with us in prayer.

The day began with the fourth inter-religious episode.  The meeting focused on how to stand in unity against what is happening today: divisions, terrorism, acts against human rights, etc... The participants also spoke about the importance of repentance, reconciliation and wisdom when responding to today's events.

From Left to Right: Lea Meamari-the interviewer, Bishop Simon Atallah-Maronite, Sheikh Muhammad Kazem Ayad-Shiite, Sheikh Daneel Abdel Khaleq-Druze, Rev. Nicolas Ayoub- Baptist, Vassula-Greek Orthodox, Yolla Bechara and Fr. Rolf Schönenberger-Roman Catholic.  

Bishop Simon Atallah began by saying that the monastery of St. Elias, where the meeting occurred, is historically famous for similar meetings between the various Lebanese denominations.  He said the problem lies in the fact that human beings do not accept each other, even though all the religions in Lebanon call for acceptance.  He mentioned that the will of God for humanity is for humans to be one.  It is a sacred mission entrusted to us by Christ who through His incarnation wanted to make every person happy.  He wanted salvation to reach everyone.  We are called to accept our brothers and sisters with love, not with a forced acceptance.  We need to obey the will of God.  The bishop saluted Vassula for spreading this message among all religions, all over the world.  God had already built the bridge of unity because He created man as one.  He wants us to walk on this bridge so that every person is saved and lives joyfully and peacefully.  The method that the Lord has given us to reach this outcome is dialogue.  Through dialogues we can penetrate into the depth of each community so as to feel this unity that God has created in us.

Sheikh Ayad said that what unites Muslims and Christians is the message from Heaven; the Word of God is the bridge that makes us walk on this unified path.  The Word of God calls us to imitate God.  In order to walk together, we need to focus on morals.   Religion, according to Islam, denotes morals.  Prayer, pilgrimages and adoration are all morals.  Hence, we need to get rid of selfishness, hatred and separation or differences.  We already exist and we live together, as Muslims and Christians.  The most important thing is to not go beyond love; meaning, we are called not to behave selfishly and abandon our souls.  Our being must be noble and decent.  We need to be attached to the Word of God that unites everyone.  This bridge can become a passage for all people and to all religions since all (monotheistic) religions come from Heaven.  God gave them to us so that we can have His morals.  We need to understand each other.  We should not be disposed to distance ourselves from one another.  Only through the Word and morals of God can we keep building our country, our families and ourselves.

Reverend Ayoub said that we are called to repent for the Kingdom of God is near; however, the dilemma lies within the human being.  Man does not believe that he is sinning; therefore, he does not repent.  People ask us always: "What have we done so that you keep asking us to repent?"  When a person knows oneself and examines his/her conscience, he/she will see how dark he/she is in the face of God.  Then one will realize one’s need for repentance.   With and through attaining repentance, we can say one begins a relationship with God.  Once one ‘opens’ this relationship with God, he/she ‘opens’ one’s relationship with others because the Lord wants us all as one.  The story of Adam and Eve tells us that.  On the other hand, we have Abel and Cain whose story represents the first religious act of terrorism.   After that incident, we see how humans separated, each clinging to one’s opinions.  God is perfect and makes everything perfect.  We know that only one blood type can be given to all humans, but it cannot take from other blood types.  Let’s call this blood type: love.  Love is given to everyone, but it cannot take from anyone because love is God.  The Apostle John says, "Whoever fails to love does not know God, because God is love." (1 John 4:8)

Vassula said the following: "Our generation has been putting bad grains in the soil: grains of hate, grains of prejudice, grains of vanity, grains of division and the greatest are the grains of apostasy.  So this is what we are collecting today.  God will always intervene.  He will not let us destroy ourselves.  He will use any means to wake us up and bring us back to the law of God."

Then Vassula read the message from December 7, 1992, "tell them that I am the Most Tender Father; tell them how I lean to reach them, now; Love and Loyalty now descend to embrace all of you, to renew you, to revive you and lift you up from the lethargy that covers this earth; do not say I am too far to reach, unmoved by your misery and unresponsive to your calls; if the flames lick up your countries and fires devour the people of the earth it is all due to the great apostasy that seized nation after nation infiltrating in the heart of My Law; this apostasy beggared you and made you believe you are fatherless .... how I pity you! O generation, for how long must I wait? My warnings and My calls echo the earth and though My grief is acute and My Justice now brimming over I can still relent and I can accept the homage you would offer Me; I am ready to forgive you..." 

She continued, "So, here we are and I say ‘Glory to God’ that this gathering is happening to glorify Him because there are people like us who want peace, who want a renewal in our hearts and Unity in Diversity. This is so important."

Bishop Atallah also added that the gospel reading of that day was in line with what was being said.  All we have to do is to obey God and to tell people what God is telling us.  We don't force anything on anyone because God wants and respects the freedom of each person.  However, God has given us a responsibility.  The Lord says in Matthew, "You have heard that it was said: ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I say this to you: offer not resistance to the wicked. On the contrary, If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, offer him the other as well; if someone wishes to go to law with you to get your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. And if anyone requires you to go one mile, go two miles with him. Give to anyone who asks you, and if anyone wants to borrow, do not turn away. You have heard how it was said, ‘You will love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say this to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you; [The bishop said here that through prayers, hearts will soften; otherwise they won't soften.] so that you may be children of your Father in heaven, for He causes His sun to rise on the bad as well as the good, and sends down rain to fall on the upright and the wicked alike. For if you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Doe not even the tax collectors do as much? And if you save your greetings for your brothers, are you doing anything exceptional? Do not even gentiles do as much? You much therefore be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:38-48)

Fr. Rolf read the following Messages,

"I repeat, that My Holy Spirit of Grace is being sent out to the four corners of the earth to teach you to be holy and raise you up again into divine beings; the earth shall turn into a copy of heaven and thus My Will will be done," (April 22, 1990)

"tell them that “once more there will be poured on you My Spirit from above; then shall your wilderness be fertile land; integrity will bring peace,” a peace the world had never known before; “My people will live in a peaceful Home, ..., but before this desert turns into a fertile land and into fine vineyards, My Breath shall come and blow in this dark world, like a stream of brimstone which will set on fire everywhere, to purify this era and renovate her entirely, uniting her into One Holy People; your renegades I shall turn into holy people and their apathy into fervour for Me your God; I shall make you holy as I am Holy;" (June 27, 1990)

Sheikh Ayad then spoke saying that those who kill in the name of Islam are not true Muslims. They don't only kill Christians, they also kill Muslims.  He said that Muslims are against those fanatics. He added that schools should teach the children how to live with each other and with those who are different, belonging to another denomination.  He emphasized that concrete acts of unity are required between Christians and Muslims, not only dialogues.  Christians must come to the Muslim regions and vice versa, and they should have conferences. In some places, Christians and Muslims share their fasting habits.  So, in essence, it's up to us; we must reject divisions.  He said that Vassula's mission is at a level above love and has high morals.  He thinks that this is a great thing.

Sheikh Daneel then said that we can read the Holy Books and apply them the way we want.  If we want peace in them, we will find peace.  If we want war, we will find in them what we may construe as war.  Our actions are determined by our will.  In the Koran, we speak about love and mercy.  Mercy is the highest level of love.  Mercy is the foundation.  Our will then must be to offer love and mercy.  Finally, he also highlighted that diversity comes from God.

Reverend Ayoub added that God did not intend circumstances to go towards evil.  God gave us the Holy Books because we need them.  In the Garden of Eden, He did not give any books.  Once man grew apart from his humanity, God gave us the Holy Books.  He mentioned St. Paul's passage about love to the Corinthians. He spoke about the message of love entrusted to us by Christ.

Vassula then proclaimed in Arabic, "God is Love."  She continued by saying, "I would like to share with you a message of hope.  When God speaks, He reprimands us with love and with mercy.  We will always recognize God because He lifts the soul and gives us hope.  Here is one message of hope: "your Creator tells you this, so that you go and tell My Own: “Yahweh, my Lord and most gracious Father, will adorn us with His Imperial Vestments, and the earth will be adorned with the hidden treasures He so kindly kept for our times;” [This is about the renewal of creation.] I will adorn this earth in Spring; [meaning with Himself] My Spring; what is the Spring of Yahweh? My Spring, My beloved ones, will be when the whole of My creation will be shining with a brilliant light; in the baptism of the Purification you will be reformed into your first image;  [The first image was the pure image, before the fall of Adam and Eve.] in this Purification everyone will aspire for a closer union of love with Me, and in ardour your hearts will search for the Truth, the Way and the Life; and in the Truth, where intoxicating savours will be tasted, your soul, endowed with My Spirit of Grace will be perfected; your image of the dark would be no more, for I, your Bridegroom and the kindest of fathers, will be shining on you; Love is on the way of return to restore His Kingdom; this will be the reign of My Kingdom on earth and My Will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven; so now is the time of repentance; this is a wicked age but your lives should redeem it; renounce your will and find favour with Me by recognising what is My Will;" (February 25, 1998) So we have to die to ourselves and let God be everything.  We have to die to our ego and will so that His Will is accomplished in us.  So True Life in God is a message of hope, bringing everybody together to understand each other, to forgive each other and to love each other.

At the end bishop Atallah claimed, "We are all equal in the eyes of God, but each of us has his/her mission.  We all have to learn from each other and be witnesses of God's love.  In the Bible, God always invites us to ‘tend’ towards what is good, and He would give us His grace and strength to overcome evil.  Therefore, God wants us to love any person regardless of his/her works.  Today we all judge the members of ISIS.  Although we condemn their acts, we need to love them as persons.  By loving them, God can work in them."

This episode of inter-faith dialogue is part of the series How to Bridge Our Divisions on Noursat TV presented by Lea Maamari. 

The young Druze Sheikh Daneel so very much liked the messages which Vassula shared at the meeting that she offered him the HIR book.

Vassula offers the HIR book to Sheikh Daneel Abdel Khaleq from the Druze denomination.

In addition to our varied and respected guests, we had invited a Sunni sheikh, Walid Alama, to our meeting.   Unfortunately, he fell ill on this day so he sent us a nice prayer, written as a poem, referring to the verse that Vassula had used from the Koran at the first meeting in Lebanon. The following is the translation of the prayer in English:

May God the All-Hearing and the All-Seeing

‎Make you come back to Him with every breath, look and heartbeat

‎And through the path of Love for Him and Mercy from Him make your tears fall

‎And accompany your prayers to Him with peace of mind and humility

‎And heal all your sick and aching persons

‎And quench your thirst and satiate your hunger

‎And shelter you in a strong fort from the most powerful armor

‎And keep you rooted in the truth and produce out of you the best branches

Sheikh Walid Alama

It is noteworthy to mention that Vassula had been invited by a Maronite priest to speak in his church on this same day, February 18th.  However, the priest who has been attacking TLIG also contacted the bishop of the priest who invited Vassula, scaring him with lies.  The bishop, ignoring the official position of the Vatican, did not allow his priest to host Vassula.

Nonetheless, God's Hand is always here and it is powerful, since the Baptist Church invited Vassula on this same day to speak to them.

So, later that night Vassula spoke at the Baptist Church in Beirut. The hall was full; people were standing because there were no more places to sit. Vassula spoke about the unceasing prayer, and about how she saw her soul through the eyes of God.  She spoke, giving them the background of her calling and the message of God.  People were happy, and at the end of her talk, they rushed to buy the books of True Life in God.

Vassula talks at the Baptist Church

Vassula and Fr. Rolf left Lebanon the following day, Sunday February 19th, after attending Mass and visiting one of the natural jewels of Lebanon, the Jeita Grotto.

To watch the various events of this mission, please go to the "TLIG Lebanon Channel" on YouTube.

Praise be to God!

By TLIG Lebanon

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