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Vassula Visits South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho

Manzini - Swaziland

Swaziland is a developing nation and may be amongst the smallest countries on the continent with a population of 1.1 million. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is the highest in the world at 38.8%. Christianity is the main religion.

A meeting with the clergy took place in the conference hall in Manzini at 10 am on Saturday, 1st November. Vassula's talk was attended by 15 clerics and monks of different confessions including Catholic, Salesian, Methodist, Pentecostal and nuns of the "Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry". Vassula thanked everyone for coming and, as most of the attendees did not know much about her and the charism God has given her, she provided some background information to her ministry and then talked about the unity of the church. She then answered questions and handed out the Messages, the book about unity and some booklets with extracts from the Messages, all of which were received with much joy.

Vassula's talk was attended by 15 clerics and monks of different confessions
Vassula's talk was attended by 15 clerics and monks of different confessions

At noon on the same day, a second talk took place at the conference hall which was attended by 70 people, the majority of whom were young and sang hymns of praise to the Lord before the talk. Octavia welcomed Vassula saying: "We are very grateful to have you a second time in Swaziland to hear what Jesus has to say to us today" and introduced her to the audience. Vassula thanked everyone for coming and read a prayer from the Messages. She then requested they recite the Our Father together, after which she spoke of her supernatural experience with God from 1985 till the present. At the end of her talk, she asked everyone to stand and she read the prayer for Healing and Repentance. They then made a line and waited for her to pray over them individually and then sign their books.

Vassula praying over the people in Swaziland
Vassula praying over the people in Swaziland

After the talk, Octavia gave us a guided tour of the city by car, showing us the royal palace, the national stadium where the King and the people together celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday, and the cathedral. Finally, we set out for the convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Help of Christians, where nuns and organisers were waiting to have lunch with us.

The nuns - who came originally from India - came out into the garden to welcome us, excited at the presence of Vassula at their convent. They hugged her and offered her flowers from their garden. I followed trying to capture these moments with my camera. They enjoyed every moment of her visit and were eager to know about the Messages and her mission from the source, given the scarcity of books, information and other communications. They had only a few books which they shared, reading them again and again. They were especially glad when Vassula offered them the messages and TLIG material and DVDs. They are disciples of Christ in this small country and aflame with the TLIG Messages; they need help and support. The sisters take care in the Hopehouse of the HIV AIDS and terminally ill cases, many are dying daily and so many children are turned to be orphans. We promised they would receive the TLIG Magazine every three months and would also receive the worldwide monthly newsletter by email.

An afternoon with the Sisters of Mercy, Help of Christians in Swaziland
An afternoon with the Sisters of Mercy, Help of Christians in Swaziland

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