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My Return will come and My Footsteps are being heard

September 14, 2023

My daughter! this is My Battle, and you, you are only a participant in it; fade away and allow Me to shepherd you; amongst many, My flame in you will never diminish;

My God, Lover of mankind, You are my God. I praise Your Holy Name and I extol You for You have carried out on me and on others, that You have chosen, all Your designs long planned before we were born. Now the gates of hell are open, and the foundations of the earth will shake! We have long been a people living without Your Holy Name and for many You have become but a myth...

ah!! with all that is to come, the earth in its spiritual drought will split into fragments; it will be riven and rent by its weight of sin, and by its refusal to break with sin and repent from the filth that has accumulated in its entrails weighing so heavily on it; the earth must be purged and cleansed; it will be unable to carry still all the weight of its sin and filth and so in a blink of an eye the earth will shiver and shake, throwing most of its inhabitants off the ground never to rise again; the merry sound of the lyre and the birds will be silenced, Justice's Face is about to be revealed... all of this will come to pass when My Father in Heaven will be heard saying "enough! enough now!"

tell Me, Vassula, what could I have done more that I have not done?

ah! Lord! what can I say? I know that Your Sacred Law is not kept, and the hearts of this generation are far from You; Your Property1 is being turned into ashes; the people of the Church too are still throwing venomous arrows on one another, but...2

I know what you want to say, so say it!

Your Mercy is great, spare us!

no! you are not saying it...

all right then, here it is, purge this earth no matter what it takes to clean this filth...

I am glad you have said what you had in mind; 3 ah, now you have sensed My pain... Vassula, My beloved one, do you understand now why I have been delaying My Return? My Return will come and My Footsteps are being heard, they are echoing through ravines, through valleys, through mountains, and among all nations, with a train of heavenly hosts4 following Me, will I return; and My angels will hoist the signal for the peoples, proclaiming My Majestic Presence to the ends of the earth; and all those who love Me will cry out triumphantly: "the Holy One! the Redeemer! He is back!" all nations will see My Glory and My Integrity; and as it is written in Scriptures it will come to pass: "when a new wine is found in a bunch of grapes, people say, do not destroy it, it contains a blessing;' I shall do the same for the sake of those who love Me and serve Me; I refuse to destroy the whole;" 5

So Vassula, do not say, 'I have been abandoned, do not let Me hear this again...6 I am your Shepherd; tell Me who of the shepherds do not keep watch over their flock? and who is the potter who throws away the work of his hands? hear Me: My Spirit is resting on you, guiding you to keep your ardour alive and have the inmost of your heart yearn for Me with passion, praying for mercy, mercy for all the inhabitants of the earth so that they too may be saved... come now, allow Me to rest in the silence of your heart, My hiding place; Love loves you, ic I Am

1 The earth

2 I hesitated to say the rest...

3 I immediately sensed how Jesus hurts in punishing us, He suffers great distress, as His Love is so great even on the worst sinner on this earth and it reminded me of Jonas who was displeased that God spared the city of Nineveh when they repented...

4 Angels

5 Isaiah 65:8

6 My friends and I were out having coffee and they were with enthusiasm discussing of how they are 'lifted' when they talk to me on the phone giving them joy even when they would be 'down' just before; that it is like a remedy. My thoughts went to say to myself, why don't such a thing happen to me, someone to lift me morally when I'm down... and immediately I heard Christ's Voice telling me in Greek: και εμένα θεν με λογαριάζης And I, am I not counted?


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