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Dr. Pranab Kumar Baruya

Extract from a speech given at ...

The most Reverend Christian Priests of the world, brothers and sisters, I am just an uncommon guest among you, because I am a Buddhist social administrative worker, therefore you can imagine My position over here, but we have been associated with the Christian world since a long time.

In Bangladesh we have a good friendship and relation ship with Christian Churches, and we have got so many friends. I had the opportunity to visit the Holy Vatican and also the opportunity to greet the Holiness the Pope. He blessed me and I was very charmed with his most elevated speeches, during the conference of World Religion and Peace held in Rome.

Cardinal Ratzinger visited our monastery in Dhaka, so you can imagine though I am a Buddhist I have a relationship with the Christian world.

Now Peace. What is Peace Let me quote one saying of the Buddha He said everybody loves his life, Life is dear to everybody, and everybody fears punishment, being examples to others put yourself in Others imagination, don't kill, or don't hit any creature. If we follow this path, if we go in this way Peace is not an unreasonable thing.

Whenever someone slaps you in the face you give the other cheek. How greater a confession, how great an image we all Religious Leaders of the world irrespective of Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Or Islam, let all the religious leaders come together, sit together, think together, eat together, and work together. Peace is here, Peace is here.

Let me say one more thing, Peace is not in the world, Peace is within your pocket, peace is in captive with yourself. Peace will be there. In final let express our gratitude especially to Vassula, one day a fine morning in Bangladesh at that time there was our Religious festival Lord Buddhas Birthday which is called Buddha Purnima, we found her at our Monastery. Vassula accompanied by Catarina and her husband Duleep they went to us and we talked together and we were charmed by her mission, and the mission what is it, it is a mission of Peace and mission of Inter - Religious harmony, therefore that was what impressed us and through her we have come here and got to know Everybody this is the friendship the fellowship we must know each other, we must know the religious thought of other religion, in this way we could be a good man, we can be a perfect man.

In final let me say let us live with those people in grief happily. Let us live with those people who are not in a good condition who are not in a perfect condition.

Let us live with them with Peace and happiness, let there be Peace, let all living beings be Obedient.

Principal Dr. Pranab Kumar Baruya
Secretary General
Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha
Dhammarajika Buddhist Monastery