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Fr Emiliano Tardif speaks of Vassula

"It is certainly the Lord who speaks to her"

Father Emiliano Tardif is one of the most important and powerful contemporary charismatic personalities. A Canadian (1928 - 1999), he was ordained in 1955 as Missionary of the Sacred Heart. He dedicated himself to humanitarian work with the poor till 1973, when he became seriously ill. However, through the prayers of a charismatic group he was instantly healed. He thus became interested in the Charismatic Movement and soon after discovered this extraordinary healing charism with which he is endowed. Since then he has been travelling all over the world to announce to everyone that 'Jesus is alive and still today accomplishes miracles and wonders just the way he did 2000 years ago': his healing Masses are extraordinarily overcrowded. Father Tardif is considered one of the greatest healers of all times. Hundred of thousands of healings are attributed to him, many of which are carefully documented. Among those healings are many cases of people who had terminal cancer and AIDS.

In an interview in October 1996 with Italian journalist, Marino Parodi, Fr Tardif made clear his position on Vassula and True Life in God.

Asked what he thought about Vassula Ryden, he replied:

"I think she is an authentic and sincere mystic. It is certainly the Lord who speaks to her. True Life in God is full of treasures. How could this woman possibly have done it herself? I find the recent intervention of Cardinal Ratzinger very positive where, besides recognising the numerous evident and very positive fruits of Vassula's mission, he fully authorised the faithful the right to continue to diffuse the messages. Finally, the document issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Morals was absurd; without any signature, inspired by a total absence of knowledge of the message and the mission of this mystic."

In 1980 Father Tardif founded a new charismatic community, Servants of Living Christ, which spread all over the world very quickly. The mother house of the community has its seat in Santo Domingo, where Father Tardif has been living for several years. However, he spends eight months a year travelling around the world, as already mentioned. Father Tardif is also endowed with a very strong 'knowledge charism' and just as strong 'discernment charism'. He is considered to be one of the leaders of the Charismatic World Movement. He is also the author of successful books; among them Jesus is the Messiah, In the Fire of Love, and The New Pentecost.