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Creating Regional Chapters to Help Evangelization and Prayer Groups

More in Depth - Cont'd

4. Contacted them to see if they were up for the job.

Now that we had the list of responsibilities, it was time to ask the "candidates", one by one, if they wanted the "job". They were all encouraged to pray about it and discern if this was indeed a calling for them. For some it took a few days, others a week or so, but in the end we had all the regional volunteers. Also worth noting is that each of the people were called on the telephone and not send a simple email. For such an important purpose, it was better to make more personal contact. Then, a follow up email summarizing the responsibilities so that they could refer back to them in their reflection time.

5. Created method of accountability

In addition to giving monthly reports to Bro Otfried who coordinates, in part, all the worldwide reports, the regions also share all their reports with one another. In this way there is a means of helping each other by sharing experiences and knowledge, but also generates a natural way of encouraging each other to persevere and continue to work hard.

Download the actual Regional Breakdown in USA to view more information.