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Worldwide Suppliers of True Life in God Books and Other Items

There are a few ways you can purchase books, videos and other materials.

First, Vassula's new book, Heaven is Real, but so is Hell, can be purchased through various retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and others.

Next, you can purchase the single typeset volume of the True Life in God Messages as well as other books, videos and materials online in English by visiting the TLIG Buckingham, England shopping cart

TLIG (Buckingham)

Alternatively, you can contact your local supplier directly. See list below. All suppliers carry different inventory. For a general idea of the various books, videos and materials in True Life in God, please click on any of the links to the right.

Suppliers, please send corrections or updates to:

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Pablo Cuomo
C.C. Nº 111 (1427), Buenos Aires, Argentina
( Tel: (0054) 11 4683 2374 / Fax: (0054) 11 4683 2374 )