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Beth Myriams of Uganda

Beth Myriam Bundibugyo, Uganda


Bundibugyo is a district in western Uganda situated in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, some 400 kms. from Uganda's capital, Kampala. It has borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and north. Bundibugyo has been exposed to much violence and upheavals for many years. Tens of thousands of civilians were displaced during the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) war that struck the district in 1997-2000. This work of charity ran for two years assisting displaced families in their resettlement. The program was terminated when the families were allowed to relocate to their homesteads in 1998.

Resettling the families was a great challenge, they had problems feeding all their family members, and as always, the children suffered the most for lack of a balanced diet. The war had devastated the region and left the families with no employment, no basic income, and no financial support from any where. The communities along the border are, to this day, subjected to occasional raids and skirmishes between the rebel faction and the army. Bundibugyo Town was also the epicenter of the Ebola Outbreak in 2007.

Playing outside the Beth Myriam

The children being fed inside the Beth Myriam

Managing the stocks

TLIG Beth Myriam volunteers cooking

Within the Beth Myriam grounds

Three years ago, some fervent TLIG readers from Europe ventured to bring the TLIG books to Uganda, there are now 6 TLIG Prayer Groups in Bundibugyo alone. Bugombwa's TLIG group arranged for the re-establishment of the feeding of the children of Bugombwa Parish and are now responsible for the TLIG Beth Myriam, offering meals 5 days a week. Their work has saved the lives of 150 starving and dying malnourished children. The people of Bugombwa are grateful for their generosity and humanitarian care.

Contact information

Address: Bugombwa Beth Myriam Project
P.O. Box 1131, Bundibugyo, Uganda
Responsible: Anne Amanya, Leocardia Byenke, Jane Nyanzi
Email:Jane Nyanzi -
Email: Leocardia Byenke -