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Venezuela Beth Myriams

Casa de Maria de San Cristóbal


This Beth Myriam is situated far from the capital, Caracas, and is geographically located close to the border with Colombia. It was started 3 yrs. ago and helps mostly elderly poor people. Rosario de Mexeira, the BM responsible, is a 65 yr. old widow who is full of love for God. She has been a TLIG reader for a long time and has made her way to attend all 5 of Vassula’s meetings in Caracas.

With the help of TLIG volunteers, 25 full meals are served every Monday and Wednesday. They shelter 5-10 poor and homeless people, some staying for just one day, and others for up to a week. They gather and recycle used clothing which are distributed to the needy in the cold mountainous areas and also to those in warmer zones.

Contact information

Address: San Cristóbal, Estado Táchira, Venezuela
Responsible: Rosario Amaya de Meixeira, Dr. Pablo Jose Vivas
Email: c/o Dr. Pablo Jose Vivas -