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Beth Myriam of Egypt


Cairo Cairo


This Beth Myriam is located in the city of Cairo. Two cooks help Sr. Carina prepare the meals for 165 poor people, twice a week. True Life in God volunteers also assure the basics to the poor families. A TLIG Prayer Meeting is held once a week, families come to eat and to pray, sharing many spirit-filled moments.


Testimony by the Beth Myriam Caregiver:

The system in Egypt is different from the other Beth Myriams because of the size of the population and the religious differences. This Beth Myriam in Cairo has been in existance for 5 years. We have just changed apartment, to one that is small and modest but is where much service and discreet activities take place. At least we will be at peace for 5 yrs., because before, we would change place every year, and no one wanted to accept us. We live in the area of Daher, a very poor district of Cairo. Some from the neighboring districts come to us. We serve meals twice a week to more than 165 very poor and hungry people. 2 cooks prepare the meals and I, Sr. Carina supply what is needed and am present to oversee and serve the meals.

The families are happy to come, they know they are welcome and that they are at home, feeling free to talk about their problems which are enormous. Every so often, I invite them for an afternoon of relaxation to pray together, read the Holy Scriptures and the Messages of True Life in God. I explain to them, ask them questions, deepening our spiritual knowledge together. Most of them are Orthodox and we pray together. At the end of the day, I prepare a raffle for the children, or sometimes a competition based on questions from Vassula’s books and the Messages. I spoil them with biscuits, cool drinks and chocolate and other things they could never afford. I also distribute some clothes donated by some friends, making them so happy and grateful to the donors.

Once a week, we use the house for a TLIG Prayer meeting with some families who want to deepen their knowledge of Holy Scripture and the Messages. We use the TLIG Prayer Book in Arabic and pray the rosary, and end with a warm cup of tea. This unites us more and more, and get to know each other better. We are not too many because there are so many christian activities around that people have a difficult time deciding where to go, who to follow, to know what is more important.

I do not have much support in this project, and encounter a few problems with the people around me, but with your help and your prayers, I feel relieved, helped and understood. This gives me courage. If you come by Egypt one day, come and see us or contact me. I would be very happy to meet you and explain our problems to you. A thousand thanks for all the service and prayers, may Christ our Redeemer give each one courage and perseverance, to you and to your families for all the work in this mission.

Sa servante Soeur Carina Maria
Religieuse Notre Dame de Sion P.O Box 12 Daher
Post office 11563
Le Caire Egypte R.A.U

Contact information

Address: Cairo, Egypt
Responsible: Sr. Carina