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Beth Myriams of Brazil

Beth Myriam Brasília

Some of the families in front of the Beth Myriam in Recanto das Emas, Brasilia.


This Beth Myriam is located 40 kms. from downtown Brasilia, Brazil's capital city, in the neighborhood of Recanto das Emas. Ma. Laire and the TLIG-BM volunteers help 60 families and 200 children of all ages, with food, clothing and school material. The majority of the needy who frequent the Beth Myriam are poor single mothers and their children, sometimes numbering 10 or 11 per family. Many young children and teenagers are left in the Beth Myriam while their mothers work, 3 of these teenagers are mentally handicapped.

Poor people eating and being served

The TLIG volunteers hold classes every Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays to teach the youth to crochet, do patchwork, jewellry-making, and painting on T-shirts. Free medical assistance is given once a month, including distribution of medecines. The adults and children are taught about God and have become part of the TLIG Prayer Group which meets at the Beth Myriam every Wednesday and Saturday. During all these activities, the poor people are served warm meals and snacks.

Before renovation...
..and after renovation, with roof repaired thanks to donations.

Thanks to donations given through the Beth Myriam International Fund, the roof over the patio of the house has been repaired. Presently, the 200 children and 60 mothers are safely sheltered from the sun or heavy tropical rain, and enjoy chatting or playing since they feel so much protected and loved in this Beth Myriam. One room in the house has been refurbished and is now a Clinic used by the doctor and nurse who give free medical assistance and medicines once a month. Furthermore, thanks also to donations, this Beth Myriam now has the means to serve nutritious meals. Currently, the needy are given a good breakfast and a complete hot meal for lunch, three times a week. In addition, many take food in lunchpacks for the elderly or the sick at home, and many others take baskets with basic groceries home for the remaining days of the week. Ma. Laire and the other TLIG BM volunteers are grateful for the financial help they receive, and continue their work of love within their Beth Myriam family.

Children during lessons

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Contact information

Address: Recanto das Emas, Brasília - DF
Responsible: Maria Laire de Fatima Ferreira Lima Rolim