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Beth Myriams of Brazil

Beth Myriam Belo Horizonte II

BM Belo Horizonte II
Vila Nossa Senhora de Fatima viewed from the Beth Myriam's roof


Like any other capital or big city in Brazil, a huge part of Belo Horizonte’s population lives in very poor areas called « favelas ». This Beth Myriam is situated in one of the poor districts of Greater Belo Horizonte : Vila Nossa Senhora de Fatima, in the Aglomerado da Serra. Sanitary conditions are basic, clean running water is not available to many, paved roads and sidewalks are few. Problems in urbanization, health and security are far from being solved, subjecting the community to much drug-related violence. In the rainy season, the population lives under constant threats of mudslides and floods.

TLIG Brazil Association members visit the Beth Myriam

The TLIG Prayer Groups of Belo Horizonte were called to open a second Beth Myriam in their region, for there is a great need to help the poor. This BM started attending to the needy on the 3rd of September 2007, welcoming close to 400 poor people daily, from Monday to Friday. 800 bowls of nutritious soup and bread are served to the poor, many are thankful to take soup home for their children and sick members of their family.

Catholic and Protestant BM Volunteers work together, thankful to serve the Lord and their poor brothers and sisters of the Villa Nossa Senhora de Fatima community. A TLIG Prayer Group has been formed within the BM, 12-15 people come to pray regularly on Thursday mornings.

Contact information

Address: Vila Nossa Senhora de Fatima, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
Responsible: Altino Mota dos Santos, Nilza Soares, Antonio Malta, Maria dos Santos, Jose Hipolito Faria