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True Life in God Supports the Dhammarajika Orphanage

Vassula was personally invited by the Venerable Suddhananda Mahathero, President of the Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha, to receive the "Atisha Dipankar & Visuddhananda Peace Gold Award" this year, 2003, on the occasion of the 94th birthday of the late President and founder of the Buddhist Monastery. The Peace Gold Award 2003 ceremony was held on Sunday 23rd February at the Buddhist Monastery. The Buddhist monks nominated her for this Peace Award as a distinguished personality in recognition of her great contribution and her efforts for establishing inter-religious harmony and promoting world Peace among all peoples and faiths.

On the 26th Vassula was invited to visit the Orphanage the Buddhist monks are keeping for 31 years now. Since 1972 this Orphanage has been providing food, medical attention to thousands of orphan and destitute children. Right now 600 children are depending on the generosity and love of their fellow people, and on the charity of individual donors, as many aid organizations have discontinued their donations.

Vassula was asked to say some words to everyone present. All the children were there and many distinguished members of the Dhammarajika Buddhist Monastery. Everyone was touched deeply by her words of encouragement and support.

Two months after Vassula' visit at the Dhammarajika Orphanage, in April 2003, TLIG started to support this Orphanage - to help these helpless children so that they will be able to grow into able-bodied persons in the years to come.

The address of the Monastery is:

Dhammarajika Orphanage
Dhammarajika Buddhist Monastery
Atisa Dipankar Road
Kamalapur, Dhaka - 1214