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The True Life in God Magazine

Current Issue:

In addition to specially selected prayers and messages, this current issue, July 2008, contains:
Easter in Alexandria
by Fr. John Abberton
An Interview with Bishop Toppo
The Call and the Desert Part 2 by Vassula Ryden
A Letter from Roswitha
The Holy Lands by Talbot Shaw Lindstrom
Signs and Wonders by Fr. John Abberton
Prophets in the Church's Past by Fr. Edward O'Connor
Ancient of Days by Fr. William Doyle
Two Meetings in England and Publication Guidelines
Pilgrimage in Biblical Greece

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The True Life in God magazine is available on subscription.
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Launched in September 2006

There were many people requesting for the TLIG magazine to be reprinted. With this request we have decided to launch one that will contain a good amount of our activities, color photos and as well a great deal of spiritual teachings. This magazine can have a powerful impact if you offer it to people who have not yet read the messages. You can subscribe them as well and offer this magazine as a gift to your loved ones, to friends, to priests etc.

Our intention is that this magazine becomes similar to the "Acts of the Apostles," evangelizing the Word of God and expanding the Kingdom of God to this world that does not know the love of God. It will reflect our apostolic work and God's great gift of True Life in God for our generation.

In Christ,