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Beth Myriams of India


Beth Myriam Mumbai


After many trials and attempts by the TLIG Prayer Group of Mumbai to have a committed Beth Myriam, we were finally blessed to have one of our very devoted TLIG families to come forward to start a BM in Mumbai on 15th of August 2007 the Feast of The Assumption Of Our Blessed Virgin Mary.


Reggie Pereira and his wife Sally assisted by our Prayer Group members Maria Martins, Maria D’Souza, Tutsie D’sa, and Janet Misquita run this Beth Myriam feeding children in the slum area of Versova.


Food is prepared by Sally Pereira at her residence in Andheri and is transported by Reggie in their vehicle about 5 kms towards the sea at Versova and served to very impoverished children and some elders approximately 250 children and about twenty elders. They are assisted by those mentioned above. These are children of laborers who are mainly exploited and poorly paid and live in real dire conditions. In spite of living in these situations the children are joyful and friendly and they look forward with hope to the arrival of the food van.

This activity is carried out practically every Wednesday. Every Christmas special food is prepared for these kids and Christmas gifts and sweets are also distributed.


Reggie and his family testify to the innumerable graces they have received ever since they began this initiative. They are truly blessed and our TLIG Prayer Group Mumbai is fortunate to have such a wonderful family in our midst. Financial assistance is from our TLIG members. No external assistance from other sources is solicited at this time.

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Contact information

Address: Versova, North Mumbai
Responsible:Reggie and Sally Pereira