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Beth Myriams of Mexico


Beth Myriam Mexico City


Beth Myriam Mexico City, is located in “Zona Rosa” neighborhood, an area where a big number of homeless of all ages and conditions live, old men and women, children, pregnant women who don’t have a place to live, food to eat and least of all love to receive. What´s more, in “Zona Rosa” there are a lot of bars, nightclubs and many other places where much sin is committed, for this reason we can observe that The Word of God : “Where sin abounded, Grace did much more abound” (Rom. 5, 20) becomes true in this place.

This BM started in the spring of 2010 when TLIG volunteers went out to find and invite the homeless to come to the BM. Currently, they serve between 50 and 65 full meals every Tuesday and Thursday. Poor people attending the BM need to talk but above all they need to know that someone is willing to listen patiently and understand them, and that is exactly what BM volunteers do during the meal. Most of them are truly destitutes and have lived in the streets for long, but Love heals and little by little they are becoming more open and friendly. They are taught to pray and many who ignored all about Our Lady have come to know and love Our Blessed Mother and now pray to Her!

Also, donations from generous people wanting to help are distributed among these poor people, who thus receive clothes and shoes, and even medical care when it is required.

Volunteers from Mexico City Beth Myriam plan to improve and expand this work of charity in the future. They would like to be able to provide the needy with a bathroom, a prayer corner and medical and dental care.

Contact information

Address: Mexico City
Responsibles: María del Carmen Viñas, Rocío Landeros Viñas, Martha Castellanos