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Beth Myriams of Mexico

Beth Miriam, La Casa de Maria, Monterrey


Monterrey is located in the northeast of Mexico, 200 kms. from the United States border. It is the 3rd largest city in Mexico with a population of 4 million. There are 5 very active True Life in God Prayer Groups in this region.

In 2006, Lupita and her companions felt very strongly the need to serve Our Lord and Our Lady. Inspired by the Messages of True Life in God, they started offering breakfast to around 250 patients and their visiting relatives at the largest public hospital in the city, also sharing prayers and comfort with them, and the poor in the surrounding neighborhood.

The volunteers from the Prayer Groups found a 60 sq. m. location close to the hospital, and in December 15, 2006, the first Beth Myriam in Monterrey was inaugurated and blessed by Fr. Carlos Cancelado. 200-250 breakfasts are now being served every Friday to the poor. A True Life in God Prayer Meeting is held every Thursday in the Beth Myriam premises, and every 3rd Saturday of the month, all the TLIG Prayer Groups gather there to pray together.

Contact information

Address: Monterrey, Mexico
Responsible: Lupita Magaña de Duran, Jessica Ruiz, Irma Vidrio de Jauregui
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