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The Rt. Rev. Riah Abu El-Assal, Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem

Bishop Riah came to London in Septemeber 2005 to accompany Vassula during her evangelisation meeting. This testimony is in reference to that.

The event in London was most encouraging. Vassula’s Testimony, the gracious way of sharing her life and experience with God and with the Lord Jesus Christ, was most inspiring. I continue to believe that the age of seeing visions is not over. Jesus in His Beatitudes did say that the pure in heart will see God. And as long as people have a pure heart, and a pure mind, God will open their eyes and they will see Him face to face - not as someone up there in heaven, but active in our midst, in our world. This is what True Life in God endeavors to present. I pray God’s blessing upon all who are committed to the cause of life which is Christ’s major concern for the human race. May God continue to bless Vassula and use her and her testimony to bring hope and promote the Gospel of Christ.