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Archbishop David Sahagian

Dear Ms Ryden,

It is an occasion of great pleasure and personal satisfaction for us to recognize in you a new catalyst of spiritual rejuvenation who can talk to our present generation in a most persuasive language, through the books you are publishing. Your inspired mission of bringing the message of Christ to others is a source of profound joy to the Church. And your indefatigable zeal of drawing strength from and seeking regeneration and reinforcement in your Greek roots, should set an enviable example of dedicated fidelity, to our tortured youth.

In our days, at time when crass materialism has taken such a deep root in the hearts of men, it is refreshing to know that all is not lost, that there still are among us people like yourself who are in communion with the Creator, and able to transmit to us the benefit of your inspiration.

We take pride in encouraging your ecumenical mission and pray for your success.

We look forward to reading your next book. Meanwhile, we send you our blessings from the Holy City of God and ask the Lord to keep you and guard you.

Archbishop David Sahagian
Chancellor & Grand Sacristan