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Rhodes 2012
Inner Healing and Deliverance
Vassula’s Opening Speech for the Retreat in Rhodes
Transformation of One’s Spirit Through Repentance and Love
Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao, Archbishop of Delhi, speech while at the TLIG Retreat in Rhodes. September 2012
Jesus is THE Exorcist
by Father John Abberton, September 2012, Rhodes, Greece
Pray to the Lord and He Will Heal You
The power of prayer and its healing effects by Father Vincent Cosatti
Mortal Sins and Deliverance
Mortal sins, naming them and their effect on us, then how to set free from them, by Father Gavin Ashenden at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September 2012
Exorcisms, Possessions and Deliverance
Exorcism , Possessions and Deliverance : "What is it? How is it performed?", by Father Joseph Iannuzzi at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September
The power of the Holy Spirit that transforms evil to good
How the Holy Spirit has transformed evil to good through time, by Father Jacek Norkowski at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September
What is the difference between deliverance prayer and exorcism?
Deliverance prayer and exorcism in what cases are they used and how does a priest evaluate when to use either one of the two, by Father Jean Regis Fropo at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September