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Holy Land Pilgrimage 2000
A Divine Bridal Call for Reconciliation and Unity
March 14th - 26th 2000
A Personal Experience of our Holy Land Pilgrimage in 2000
by Vassula
Vassula's Welcome Address
Vassula addresses the participants of the 2nd Ecumenical TLIG Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in March 2000
The Nobility of the Cross
by Vassula
Let us be One in the Divine Trinity
by Vassula
We are called to become gods by participation
by Vassula
Take Up the Sickle and Reap
by Vassula
The Trinity
by Fr. Rene Laurentin (Roman Catholic)
Unity and Reconciliation
by Fr. Vasile Axinia (Orthodox)
The Announcement of the Kingdom
by Fr. Francisco Eloy (Syrian Orthodox)
A Prayer for Unity
by Mons. Paolo Maria Hnilica S.J., Bishop of Rusado (Roman Catholic)
The Necessity of Unity
by Archbishop Milingo (Roman Catholic)
The Third Epoch
by Archimandrite Eugene Nicolau (Greek Orthodox)
Be One in the Divine Trinity
by Fr. Stephen Raphael (Roman Catholic)
Reconciliation: the Trinitarian Approach
by Father Vladimir Zielinski (Russian Orthodox)
Passion for Unity
by Fr. Teofilo Cristobal (Roman Catholic)