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A NEW project undertaken in Nov 2006. Collection of recorded miracles associated with Vassula and TLIG
Miracle in Los Angeles (2009)
Blessed Virgin Mary Appears Enshrouded in Light in Front of Vassula Ryden during a Talk She Gave in January 2009
The Miracle of the Face of Jesus in Canada (2006)
Jesus manifests His Power and Annointing on the Mission of Vassula by supernaturally appearing in photographs taken on her Candanian Mission in 2006. These were taken in Edmonton, Alberta.
Jesus Appears Miraculously on Vassula's Head (2005)
Video clip of Christ's Face appearing on Vassula's head at a meeting in Lipa, Philippines with Archbishop Arguelles present.
Weeping statue of the Immaculate Conception (2001 to Present)
The True Life in God Prayer Group in Australia has been experiencing various signs and miracles over the years. This is one.
Statue of the Sacred Heart Oozing Oil and Blood (2003 to Present)
Jesus, through the Sacred Heart statue at the True Life in God Prayer Group in Gold Coast Australia, continues to give powerful, miraculous signs.