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Vassula writes on various subjects
Heaven is Real But So is Hell
A message from Vassula about the launch of her NEW BOOK, "Heaven is Real, But So is Hell"
Iceland Volcano, Prophecy Update and Explanation From Vassula
Vassula Ryden, April 24, 2010
Vassula writes on prophecies after the Tsunami disaster in SE Asia, December 2004
Beware the Jezebel Spirit
by Vassula Ryden, December 2004
September 11th Prophecy
by Vassula, Rome, January 10, 2002
Discerning Obedience
Vassula writes on the need to discern whether what is being asked or demanded of us is in accordance with God's Will, October 2001
The Blasphemy to the Holy Spirit
A reminder to all those who fearlessly persecute the merciful call of God
15th Anniversary of TRUE LIFE IN GOD
Vassula writes a letter to readers and workers in the True Life in God Apostolate on 28th November, 2000
The Real Message of True Life in God
Written by Vassula in May 1997