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Jan 31 2019Il Giorno del Mio Ritorno è più vicino di quanto pensi
Dec 29 2018I, Yahweh, your Father, will continue to speak through you
Dec 14 2018I look sadly at My Church today
Dec 10 2018I am the Key to Paradise
Sep 07 2018I made a New Song for them to be played on the strings of Love
Aug 21 2018My Voice will be heard even by the coarsest of people
Jun 18 2018Perfidious generation! you have banished Us from your life
May 31 2018I descend in your times to put aflame this generation
Apr 27 2018My Love will be displayed in music, in poetry and virtue
Jan 16 2018I Am your Spiritual Guide and Counsellor
Dec 11 2017Happy the man who meditates on My Words and opens his heart to receive Me
Nov 29 2017I am displaying the riches and splendor of My Kingdom and the Glory of My Majesty
Sep 25 2017The man who trusts in Me, and in My Law, will be watched by Me
Sep 24 2017I live in the silence of your heart
Sep 18 2017My Spirit of Counsel will be counselling you
Aug 31 2017My Royal Plan
Jul 26 2017My plea is to bring everyone to conversion and be saved!
May 30 2017I said I will be your guide and adviser
May 09 2017I Am always near you in your missions
Nov 28 2016King of kings, robed in Majesty, Master of all power
Nov 04 2016I am the Maker of all things
Sep 22 2016The Lord's Encouragement for Readers (with Vassula's Commentary)
Sep 05 2016I form those that I love by giving them trials
Aug 03 2016Loving Me brings you to pray without ceasing
Jul 08 2016My Word says that My Mystical Body is One!
Jul 01 2016Sing to the world My Hymn of Love!
May 30 2016I have brought people who did not know Me to get to know Me and love Me
Feb 13 2016The day and hour belong to Me, your God
Feb 12 2016Blessed is the soul that has come to love Me
Feb 09 2016I will bring the House of the East together with the House of the West
Feb 03 2016Every good and generous act of love counts in My Eyes
Dec 13 2015I have come to you to express My desires I have for My Church
Nov 30 2015I am known to be the Teacher of mankind
Nov 28 2015I have asked that this generation repents
Aug 10 2015The Lord wants us to be intimate with Him
Jun 22 2015I have carved every word of Mine on your heart
Jun 02 2015God’s favour will be shown soon
Apr 10 2015Holy Friday
Feb 04 2015These are the Times that your thoughtless generation needed food from above
Dec 08 2014This is My last warning
Nov 25 2014My Spirit like a Sun will strike many souls
Nov 17 2014I want them to know Me as their God and Father
Sep 09 2014My Love was revealed from the very Beginning
Aug 04 2014This Hymn of Love given to you all will lead everyone to repentance
Jul 29 2014In every square there will be lamentations
Apr 27 2014This Message that will become wider than the sea is a gift from Wisdom
Apr 08 2014I will show My Glory through the Eastern House
Feb 17 2014When you speak My Word, speak without fear
Jan 14 2014You are the heiress of these Messages
Dec 11 2013I rule with Majesty with Authority, intrusively and with Mercy
Dec 06 2013All is night for those who do not want to see
Nov 05 2013Tell them that they are the Joy of My Heart
Sep 23 2013Promoting My Message in this way as well glorifies Me
Sep 17 2013I will continue to pour out water from the Spring of Life
May 18 2013Have you forgotten that both mercy and wrath come also from the Father?
May 15 2013I will give a new splendour to My Church
Feb 21 2013I am by your side determined to protect you, to encourage you
Jan 11 2013The path I laid out for you has no blemishes
May 22 2012I am the Gateway of Hope
Feb 03 2012I will purge this earth by flame and sorrow
Dec 27 2011Trust Me, stand your ground and hope in Me; you are not alone
Dec 08 2011A soul that has surrendered his will to God's Will does not worry
Jun 24 2011I have been giving ample teachings to you and to this generation about the Holy Spirit
May 18 2011Do not curse your King! Do not provoke His Justice
May 16 2011My Justice is provoked and challenged
May 09 2011My Heart is lamenting like the sound of a flute
May 05 2011Tell My people and remind them ...
Apr 29 2011I have revealed to you the condition of My Church
Apr 27 2011I am in control of every situation
Apr 14 2011It is I who stir the winds and stir the seas
Jun 22 2010True Life in God is My Message
Jun 17 2010Enable us to see our sins with Your Eyes
Mar 01 2010Charity is holy, it is the symbol of My Image
Dec 14 2009Jahvè è vicino, arriva a gran velocità
Nov 28 2009Il Mio Cuore si spezza nel guardare questa generazione collassare
Aug 27 2009Vi sto portando ad abbellire la mia Chiesa
Oct 05 2008Rifletti la Mia Gloria attraverso i tuoi atti di amore
Jun 19 2008Io ho dato loro la vita per testimoniare la Mia Resurrezione
Feb 15 2008La Mia Presenza è perennemente con te
Jan 07 2008Messaggio della Nostra Santa Madre
Feb 08 2007Chiunque vive in Me fa parte della Mia Chiesa
Nov 13 2006Preghiera di pentimento e di liberazione
May 31 2006Rovescerò ogni opposizione con il Mio Amore e la Mia Misericordia
Apr 24 2006Colui che ti canta inni è proprio Colui che ha creato tutte le cose
Feb 28 2006Le Mie Parole donate sono un riflesso delle Scritture
Feb 13 2006My Heart had been touched by your so impoverished soul
Jan 06 2006Portare la Mia Croce è una benedizione
Jan 05 2006Io sono stato e sono ancora il Tuo Maestro
Jan 03 2006Tu sei stata autorizzata da Me a parlare nel Mio Nome
Sep 23 2005Essi hanno letto le Scritture con occhi di non vedenti
Apr 26 2005Cercate di piacerMi poiché è questo che Io desidero
Aug 20 2004L’Aurora verrà dall’Est
Apr 12 2004Io ho piantato questa Vigna e l’ho nominata: la vera vita in Dio
Apr 09 2004La Mia teologia è basata sulla Verità e sul divino Amore
Mar 02 2004Cos’è la chiave della conoscenza?
Feb 05 2004Io ti ho dato lezioni di spiritualità Bizantina
Dec 15 2003Colui che vive nella Luce diventa parte della Luce
Oct 30 2003Lavorate in armonia nel Mio Nome
May 31 2003Il Mistero Stupefacente