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Nepal Beth Myriam

Beth Myriam Nepal - Kathmandu


A new BM Kathmandu opened on the 2nd of November 2009.

Before the official opening, we had a prayer in the kitchen, consecrating "Beth Myriam" to Our Dearest Mother Mary.

All the parents were there, the Committee of the slum, the owner of the school, the teachers, all our volunteers and the reporter Mr Ashish from Asia News. Some Pastors were also there, giving their full support. One of the pastors gave a speech, and they asked me also to say something. I have thanked God for the grace that we could open Beth Myriam, all the Committee for their lovely support, the volunteers saying that without them it would have been impossible. I also thanked the parents that they entrusted their beloved children in our hands. I have spoken about the many Beth Myriam houses worldwide and how, since Vassula had told me about it, when she visited Nepal last year, that every time I crossed the bridge there, I was hoping that, when we would open one, it had to be there.

To the children we have given their normal menu, to all the others, we had ordered some 75 boxes with snacks and tea. Seeing the crowd, Dilip went to order another 50 boxes and still it was not enough. Some old people were there too. At least 135 (if not more) adults and 36 children from the school were present. It was so beautiful to see all the happy faces, sitting in a big circle, eating the meal with such a good appetite.

Our Lady has blessed us with another bigger and lighter room, just opposite the school, which makes it more easier to bring the food. There was also a pump near the school, but it was not working. We have given money to repair the pump and make a cement floor around it.

We were all so very happy! I feel at home in the slum, like I always felt one, with the leper patients in the leprosies where I have worked. It brings all my deepest feelings up and all the best in me.

Again, it was amazing to see how Our Lord guides and protects his people.

In The Two Hearts,

Photo gallery of the Opening Day at the Beth Miriam Kathmandu, Nepal 2009

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