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Beth Myriams of Brazil

Beth Myriam Brasília


Brasília BM is located at Itapoã, a very poor village close to the capital. Before that, the BM used to be located at another needy location, Recanto das Emas. Itapoã BM was opened three years ago. Three days a week 600 people get soup there and also take it to their homes. Ten volunteers prepare the soup and three volunteer teams take turns to coordinate work on the weekdays the soup is served.

Nowadays a gynecologist gives medical care for the community’s ladies at Brasília BM and a pediatrician takes care of the babies. Needy mothers and their babies receive a kit with clothes and nursing stuff at the BM. Volunteers also evangelize the kids.

A TLIG Prayer Group meets weekly at Brasília BM. People who attend the group read the Bible, pray and meditate on the Messages from TLIG books. Many of them testify the changes that are occurring in their lives as a consequence of going to the BM.

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Address: Itapoã, Brasília
Responsible: Veronica, Carlúcio and Maristela
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