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How the Beth Myriam project started

In 1998, Vassula was inspired, through a vision, to initiate a project to feed the poor in the Holy Land. In the vision, she was shown a 'narrow' doorway in which our Blessed Mother was standing, holding the baby Jesus. A short time later, a series of seemingly independent happenings came together to help this project to begin.

Still Vassula sought confirmation of the Lord's will, through opening randomly the scriptures. She and a friend fell upon passages pertinent to Vassula's discernment, including "Come to Mary's house."

Vassula had foretold to the people around her that she would receive an Icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary and exactly as she saw it in her vision, and this eventually happened. Vassula received through the post a print of an icon painted by a Romanian lady living in Canada. A friend of the artist had sent the picture to Vassula. When Vassula received the icon, she was astonished to recognise in the icon the same image of Mary and Jesus as in her vision.

Vassula also had a thought, perhaps inspired by the Holy Spirit, that after Jesus' birth in the stable, the Holy Family needed a place to stay. The meaning of the vision of Jesus and Mary in the doorway could be that this had been their home before they fled into Egypt. Mary's appearance and the inspiration to feed the hungry might well come from Our Lady's desire to return the charity extended to the Holy Family when they were given shelter after leaving the manger.

Now many 'Beth Myriams' have opened around the world in several countries. The main thing that the people will be served in these Beth Myriams will be Love .... the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ as we endeavour to serve Him by serving one another.... but also a warm dinner and sometimes clothing., sometimes medical treatment and sometimes schooling. Not all are called to work in these projects, but Jesus does teach us to be generous with our love in other ways. On May 23, 1986, Vassula's Angel, Daniel, said to her: "collect money and give it to the poor needy souls; ... be generous."

To the question "Who is giving this food?", Vassula, inspired, tells helpers to reply: "Jesus and Mary, His Mother, are giving you this food!"

The Beth Myriams rely on donations to be able to continue their work and details of how to contribute can be found here.

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