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Longer Talks and Interviews

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BBC Radio 4 Broadcasts Program about Vassula
(6 min.)

Trevor Barnes from BBC Radio 4 interviews Vassula on her visit there in September 2005 and broadcasts a piece on their Sunday show.

World Council of Churches, January 23, 1992
(30 min.)

Vassula speaks at a WCC Ecumenical Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Read the transcript

Canadian TV interviews, April 2002

First Interview Part 1 (11 min)

First Interview Part 2 (26 min)

First Interview Part 3 (19 min)

Second Interview Part 1 (20 min)

Second Interview Part 2 (23 min)

Second Interview Part 3 (6 min)

UK radio interview, June 2001 (22 min)
Vassula is questioned by a critical interviewer