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The Approach of My Angel (cont'd)

Satan Continues with Different Attacks

The devil knew what a horror I have for cockroaches. I hate to write this, but I feel I must, to show how the devil fought me. One day while going out of a room, I shut the door. I suddenly felt on my face a wet liquid that was sprinkled on me. I could not understand where it came from. I heard suddenly Satan laughing and he mockingly said to me: "This is the way I baptize. This is the kind of holy water you deserve!" Then I saw what had happened. I had squashed at the frame of the door a big cockroach...I could have died there and then from my disgust! I do not like writing so much about Satan's attacks, but I would like to show how much he fought me to prevent this message from coming out and prevent me from the mission the Lord was preparing for me.

One day he decided again to change strategy. To deceive me, he took the exact image of my deceased father. Even the manner he spoke to me was the same. A perfect imitation. He spoke to me in French as my father now and then did and said: "My dear, look...God, out of pity is sending me to you to tell you that you are wrong. How could you believe that He communicates with you in this way? These things are, as you know, impossible, and you are only offending and angering God. Think...God speaking to you? Where did you ever hear of such a thing before? Only madness can lead you to believe such a thing!" I asked, "Well what about my angel, with angels is it possible?" When he said, "Oh that one..." his voice was filled with hatred and I recognized Satan once more.