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The Approach of My Angel (Cont'd)

The Our Father Taught by Our Creator

After this experience that had left me shattered, God our Eternal Father revealed Himself to me. I did not see Him with the eyes of my soul, as I used to see my angel, but I knew it was Him and heard Him. I remember that my reaction was one like, "Ah, it is God and He can help us now!" This is why He asked me, "Do you really believe I can help you?" And I answered Him, "Yes!" then I remember going near the window saying to Him, "Look! Look how the world has become!" I wanted to show Him how the world had become. God did not comment but asked me to pray to Him the Our Father. I prayed to Him the Our Father while He was with me, listening, and when I finished He said that He was not pleased with the way I said it because I prayed it too fast. So I repeated it all over again to Him but slower. Again He told me that He was not pleased because I was moving. He asked me to pray it again. I prayed it again and in the end God said that it was not satisfying Him still. I prayed it several times but every time He said He was not pleased. I started to wonder, I started to wonder whether He was making me pray all the Our Fathers that I had not been praying all these years in one single day! I had started in the morning and now it was night. Suddenly He was satisfied, for every sentence I pronounced, He said, "Good!", with delight. I will try to give an example to explain what really happened:

If you were visited one day by a relative you had never met before because he lived in another country; in the beginning of your encounter you might tend to feel distant to him and maybe formal. But the more time would go by during that day you would seem to feel closer to him than in the very beginning, and so by the end of that day you would notice that a sympathy developed in you that was not there before.

And this is how it was with my first encounter with God. When I was praying the Our Father, to God, in the beginning I was distant, but His visit which lasted the whole day changed me because when I was saying this prayer to Him, I was enjoying His presence and the words I was telling Him took some meaning. He was so fatherly, very tender and very warm. The intonation of His Voice was making me feel so much at ease, that somehow, during that day, instead of responding, "Yes Lord," I found myself saying, "Yes, Dad." I had later on apologized to God for saying, "Dad," but He said that He had taken that word like a jewel. He seemed so very pleased. And that is how finally I realized that God had feelings and that He wanted me to tell Him this prayer with MY HEART.