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The Approach of My Angel (cont'd)

Do You Want To Serve Me?

The next thing I noticed was that Jesus was taking more and more the place of my angel. He came as the Sacred Heart. One day He surprised me by His question. He asked me if I wanted to serve Him, (for this mission). Fear overtook me and I hesitated. I did not allow this to be written like the rest of the other things. I was afraid that He might tell me to pack and leave my house to join a convent and become a nun. I was not ready and did not wish to do so either. My distrust disappointed Him, and His sadness did not escape me, since it was so obvious in the tone of His voice when He said these words, "I can abide in you in spite of your awesome weakness." I was very unhappy, because I had disappointed Him; on the other hand I was afraid of the unknown. These are the exact words:

..."were you to serve Me, I would reveal in you nothing but passion." I repeated, "passion," without understanding, and He said, "yes, passion. Will..." I lifted my hand not to write it, but I heard it all.

The whole night I spent time thinking of this; then I decided to plunge into the unknown and surrender to His Will. So I came back to Him with His question. I asked Him, "Do you want me to serve You?"

I immediately felt His joy and He said,

"I do. I want it very much, Vassula. Come, I will show you how and where you can serve Me...work and serve Me as now, be as you are. I need servants who are able to serve Me where love is needed most. Work hard though, for where you are, you are among evil, unbelievers. You are in the vile depths of sin. You are going to serve your God where darkness prevails; you will have no rest. You will serve Me where every good is deformed into evil. Yes, serve Me among wretchedness, among wickedness and the iniquities of the world. Serve Me among Godless people, among those that mock Me, among those that pierce My Heart. Serve Me among My scourgers, among My condemners. Serve Me among those that recrucify Me and spit on Me. O Vassula, how I suffer! Come and console Me!...strive and suffer with Me, share My Cross..." (24th May 1987).

The teachings with God continued, and His communications were daily and to this day that I am writing, they are going on, for He said that His charism will stay with me up to my last day on earth.