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He who truly loves Jesus is interested to know what Jesus is saying

Father Petr's Šimara Testimony in Dublin 2019

My name is Petr Šimara and I am a Catholic priest from Czech Republic.  I am a diocesan priest, and I look after three parishes.  Czech republic is one of the most atheistic countries in the world.  This practically means that in a town of 7000 citizens 100 of them come to church on Sunday, most of them seniors. This situation has made me think, and continues to make me think about what to do and how to achieve a change so that as many souls as possible can be saved.

In April 2019, Vassula Rydén invited me to accompany her on her mission to Dublin in Ireland. Vassula Rydén is used by our Lord to spread His messages of True life in God, so as to draw as many people as possible into His Sacred Heart. During her missions,Vassula meets a lot of people and passes God’s message onto them in a very simple fashion.

I became acquainted with the True life in God Messages shortly after my ordination to the priesthood.  After some years of pastoral striving in my parish, in which I assisted many people, I found myself in an urgent need for God’s help. In my desperate situation, I noticed a man who was very joyful and had this constant desire to know God and to share this knowledge with others. I was interested in finding out where is this desire to be with God came from. He was just overflowing with energy and strength to witness. This man gave me the True life in God Messages and told me that all his strength comes out of these words. I started to read the messages, and then decided to participate in an international ecumenical pilgrimage which Vassula organises every second year. There, for the first time, I met Vassula and the True life in God family. I was completely taken by the beauty and power of the Holy Spirit who makes all things new and renews the Church.

I understood and saw with my own eyes how God’s strength and power surfaces from the True life in God Messages to save His people. I saw that God’s plan is to draw people back to His Sacred Heart by singing them a love song, which then fills them with His sweetness more beautiful and more powerful than anything this world can offer them; and so they return to Him.  Step by step, I started to follow  this song and started to see its fruits appearing.  People are returning to church, to the sacraments, to God.  Even children to whom I told about the messages in catechism started a mission among their friends.

In Dublin, I witnessed exactly the same kind of zeal I had encountered in my parish.  I saw people touched by the True life in God Messages, who, by eagerly using all their strength, organised a meeting for approximately 400 people; they collaborated with God in His work towards drawing people back to Church.  Vassula’s words created a lovely atmosphere of unity, mutual love and trust, indicating that God accepts everyone without any exceptions, and gives Himself completely and with no reserve. The closeness of God penetrated the hearts of all those present.  Immersed in the sweetness of God’s Spirit, they once again understood a bit more of God’s plan through Christ to unite and save not only the Church, but also the whole world.  In the end, Vassula recommended all to consecrate their whole life and their families to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and so be safely led in this world towards to God.

I understood the truthfulness of Vassula’s words; that he who truly loves Jesus is interested to know what Jesus is saying.  In Dublin, I saw the same enthusiasm which I first encountered in my parish; the True life in God Messages are filling people with zeal and a desire for God.  I experienced this same fervor when I met Vassula and the True life in God family for the first time at the international pilgrimage in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.  True life in God Messages are drawing people to God and to the fellowship of the church.  I am very grateful to Our Lord for the opportunity to participate on such a mission and to witness this kind of evangelising that is so important and necessary in our times; at this time when human mankind has abandoned God, and is in its apostasy, is preparing for itself a great fall.